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Google Shopping App questions

Hi, so far I only have experience with creating a shopping feed from a magento store. However I've been trying to do the same with Shopify, but running into some issues: After manually sending a product to the merchant center, does it automatically update if the quantity changes or the price changes? What if I add a new product, do I have to add it again manually or will it be autom...

Yesterday by Philip K
Encouraging customer reviews

Hello, "I need a app" to send email out after customerreceiving orderand encourge to review all products he/she received? I dont know how to do this with mailchimp?

Yesterday by Alex
Party Plan Direct Sales

Hello community, We are a party plan direct sales company looking to modify our Shopify site to reflect our business model. We would need our consultants to each have a virtual storefront where the commission from the sales made there are distributed to them and their up-lines. I've looked at the BrightPearl, Transparent Kitty, and Vendor Payout addons but was wondering if anyone else ha...

Yesterday by Austin Norris
How to display recalculated price on the Collection and Product Page thr...

How to display recalculated price on the Collection and Product Page through our App using Shopify APIs ? We are trying to create an APP that can be installed by shopify users , which will display a recalculated price based on certain calculations instead of the actual price of the product in the Collection Page and Product Page. We would want to do this using the Shopify APIs and not by mo...

Yesterday by brijesh
Do you know any Shopify stores using JSON-LD technology?

I've heard that using JSON-LD allows you toincrease your conversions from Google. Although I didn't find any example. Do you know any Shopify stores using this technology?

Apr 28 2016 by Paul L. Newton
Oauth error invalid_request: The redirect_uri is missing or not whitelisted

I have installed CakePHP plugin from here. Oninstall page, I have entered store url and it redirect to this page giving error of Oauth error invalid_request: The redirect_uri is missing or not whitelisted Any suggestion? What am I missing to oAuth the app? Thanks in advance.

Apr 28 2016 by HunkyBill
Which App is Better for My Business: Recurring Billing or Recurring Orders?

I am starting a subscription box service where subscribers will sign up to receive a monthly box containing a children's book and a craft to go with it. I will not be telling the subscribers beforehand what book or craft it is-it will be a surprise when they open the box. I need an app that will set up the automatic monthly billing and take care of that process automatically. Which app woul...

Apr 28 2016 by Shelley Moore
Getting risk value in Shopify Order Printer Template

Hi there, I am working on a very simple template for my Order Printer app. We just added a couple warnings basically if the shipping address does not match billing and if an order is from Quebec. The main thing we would like to add to it now is if the order is high or medium risk. I know that there is the {% if has_high_risks? %} Conditional statementfor the email templates, but is t...

Apr 27 2016 by Clay LCC
Sizing Charts

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good ap to add sizing charts or color charts ??

Apr 27 2016 by Jennifer D
Pinterest not updating to inventory and product status.

I've found some traction beginning with the Pinterestchannel, except that customers are pinning products that are no longer available. I sell vintage Jeep products, most items have a quantity of 1 and are unique. Once they have sold, and I remove their visibility from shopify,pinterest and other channels, but I've found they remain 'pinned' on Pinterest. Talk about setting up fo...

Apr 27 2016 by Patricia Girard
Flash Sale App - Selling the codebase

I developed Droparoo, a flash sale app, and now I'm looking to sell it. I don't have the time to keep it up and running anymore and don't want to see it die either. If anyone is interested in obtaining it, I am willing to sell for a reasonable price. Let me know your thoughts. Albert

Apr 27 2016 by Blake Enloe
[NEW] Product Reviews App by Shopify

The free Product Reviews app lets customers write reviews of your products, then posts the reviews on your website for potential customers to see.With the Product Reviews app, you can:Increase your sales. Positive reviews can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales.Customize the design and layout of your reviews. The app automatically matches your store's look and feel.Display review...

Apr 27 2016 by Martha Phillips
App for creating and updating products

Dear all, I'm working on a new shop and I have a CSV from a distributor that I can use. I would like to update/create new products from that spreadsheet by mapping those. Unfortunately the app I did hope that would do the job (Stock sync) does only for existing/created products. I'm looking for a tool where I would map the columns to the respective places. Also the Body would need...

Apr 26 2016 by Serge Dehon
New abandoned cart app

I'm posting this on behalf of my husband: Hi, I'm a PM at Samsung's advanced analytics team. And we've built an app to test our machine learning algorithms out on abandoned carts - how do we most effectively recover abandoned checkouts. The app is currently under review by shopify: apps.shopify.com/cartback A couple Shopify stores have beta-tested it with some very...

Apr 26 2016 by Carol Yeh
How do I get people to review my app?

I'm looking for app developers / businesses who have apps in theShopify App Store and are getting reviews.What are you doing to get these reviews? We have had nearly 100 installs (Market Insights) for our appbut noreviews - good or bad. Any insights into a strategy to get more reviews would be highly welcomed. Thx

Apr 26 2016 by Hivewyre_Dave
woocommerce to shopify migration

Hi there! I am looking for some good migration tool from woocommerce to shopify. Is it possible to get all accounts, email database, orders etc from woocommerce and move it to shopify? It will be nice if it will be free or at least not very expensive. Cheers!

Apr 26 2016 by John Ahya
Content Management for Product Page -- CMS for SEO?

We'd like too add more editorial content to our product pages for customer engagement and SEO value. Our site: thejimmyCASE.com We don't want to push all the content into the product description area. We'd like to be able to lay out this material in a visually pleasing way. Does anyone know of an app that integrates editorial content into product pages in a visual andSEO-fr...

Apr 25 2016 by Mircea Piturca
Looking for an App which applies an automatic discount on checkout when ...

I am looking for an App where for example: Customer (C) buys product (P) and gets no discount C buys 10P and gets 10% discount C buys 20P and gets 15% discount So basically depending on how many of the item are in their basket, they get a set rate of discount. Is there an app for that?

Apr 24 2016 by Erika Phillips
Mailchimp - not receiving confirmation email

I think i have set up the mailchimplink code at the footer of my shopify store correctly to enable visitors to sign up for the newsletter . When I do a test email I get the confirmation message (almost finished...We need to confirm your email address.To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you). However that confirmation email doesn&#3...

Apr 23 2016 by Justin L
App to export orders and import inventory quantity - auto, not manual t...

I currently have my inventory exported from my order mangement system formatted to my sites liking, and then put to an FTP server which gets picked up and uploaded to my former website. Similarly my orders get exported from my website, formatted and put to a server where my order manager grabs them and imports them. This all happens automatically with no manual involvement. I'm look...

Mar 29 2016 by Casey Whitcher