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Support Tickets Plus || Returns & Exchanges

Support Tickets Plus is the successor to Shopify RMA. I invite everyone from Shopify RMA to head over to https://apps.shopify.com/support-tickets-plus for more details.Shopify RMA Lifetime Licenses were sold as non-transferrable however for a limited time I will allow Lifetime License transfers from Shopify RMA to Support Tickets Plus. This offer is validMay 25thto June 10th.Your license will b...

Jan 25 2015 by jhonparker
Best Fraud Protection App/Service?

Hey all, I just recently got into the whole ecommerce business and have a site up and running. What I currently sell is virtual goods, or services for online games to be more precise. My question is: What does everyone recommend service or app wise to prevent chargebacks/fraudulent activity? I get a lot of PayPal users and in the business i'm in tends to have a lot of fraudulent users...

Yesterday by Yasmin Mansourian
Best landing page app?

Hello there, What is your preferred shopify app for landing pages? I.e. an application that allows easy creation of marketing content and signup forms that integrate with Shopify. Many thanks in advance!

Yesterday by cyberchick
Print of orders per day

We use Shopify in our physical store. For my administration I would like to have a printed version of all orders PER DAY. So around 30 sheets per month with the daily total and order numbers. My payment provider also transfers the daily turnover to my bank account. I would like to see in a glance if this is correct, and from there connect my bank and administration more easily. Is there ...

Yesterday by Guru
App ideas/requests

Hi everyone, There used to be an app wishlist from Shopify with app ideas that had been requested by customers and partners, but unfortunately it's gone now (support told me they still have the list, but it's internal now) http://www.shopify.com/technology/3489172-shopify-s-app-wishlist I'm a developer and I would love to get some ideas about new apps and functionalities th...

Yesterday by SocialShopWave
SocialShopWave app for Shopify

Socialshopwave is a social commerce platform which provides social login & sharing, own community, reviews, faves, feed, personalized widgets and more! SocialShopWave aims to socialize your online shop and to provide wide range of tools that help shop owners to get engagement with their customers, create their own unique community of users. I’m excited to share with you our new ...

Yesterday by SocialShopWave
App to email customers that they left

What are the best apps? Free please

Yesterday by Katherine Flanagan
A/B Testing on Shopify: what is the simplest solution?

Hello to the all Shopify Community.I want to make basic A/B testing on the landing page of my Shopify store, with the following changes between the 2 versions:-> Logo-> Photos on the welcome carrousel-> Product LayoutWhat is the best way to do it within Shopify constrains, without having to spend hours doing lines of code in the theme?I would want to use a service that ask me to load t...

Mar 25 2015 by gina3five
Helpdesks Apps - Any Good?

I have a small business with around 8 orders a day. I usually get around 1-4 emails a day from customers. I have my personal gmail set up to recieve emails sent to my shop's email address. What I do is put a star on the emails until I've dealt with the enquiry, then move it into an Order Queries folder once it's been dealt with. However I think it might be better if I had a se...

Mar 25 2015 by Kabuki Apps
[NEW] Gmail Integration for Shopify

Hi Everyone, We are very excited to release our very first app for Shopify: Storakle integrates your Gmail inbox with your Shopify store and letsyou view customer, order and checkout information for your email contacts directly in Gmail. Just hover over an email address,open a conversation, or start writing a new email message and Storakle will show all the information you need to ...

Mar 25 2015 by Kabuki Apps
How to Reach $10k Revenue with just 1 Shopify app

Hey everyone, I love to share with you the tips how we help online seller increase their reveue with only one app. Really want to know what you think about our app as well as our blog post. If you find this blog could help you, please subscribe us to recieve more great tips go directly to your inbox. Thank you. http://blog.beeketing.com/how-to-reach-10k-revenue-with-just-1-shopify-a...

Mar 25 2015 by Katherine Flanagan
McAfee Secure (FREE version)

Hi All, I installed the McAfee secure shopify app in an attempt to make the site more trustworthy to new user whilst we try and buld up a reputation. The Free version natrually because I would need to be statisfied of its value before throwing money at it. My current issue with it is that it floats in the bottom corner and just feels in the way. Is it possible to move it down into the ...

Mar 25 2015 by Ricky Cannon
Is there an app that pops up a 'login or signup' requirement?

Hello World, We want a signup popup to show up whenever a user who has not yet logged in arrives at the site. Wherever she or he lands on the site. The popup would essentially act as a gate that can only be bypassed with a login or a signip. I cannot seem to find such an app in the appstore but I was hoping that somebody did. Your advice is much appreciated.

Mar 24 2015 by JM
Social Sharing @ Checkout

Hey! I had a Shopify store for a business I used to run a few years back. I sold it off and have since started a new venture, and am looking for an app I used to use. I don't remember what it's called! There was an app that made it so when customers checkout on the site, a thing pops up that lets them share it on their facebook/twitter/etc. page. Like an "I just bought X from Y!...

Mar 24 2015 by cyberchick
[NEW APP] Facebook Image Gallery

Hello, we are happy to announce the beta of our new application Facebook Image Gallery. There are a lot of image galleries available. The key difference of Facebook Image Gallery is that you can set it up in one minute. No need to choose images, edit them, upload to the server... No coding required at all. Try it for free at https://apps.shopify.com/facebook-image-gallery Kind r...

Mar 24 2015 by Code Black Belt
Update data in the store

Hi all, Please, who can help me.. I changed the values Metafields through the App for shop (for example - my app or metafields2) - how to update data in the store without restarting page? Is it possible to do this from the store? or need to do the callback from the application? I can not find the instructions to create an application - about how to do the callback

Mar 24 2015 by Maria Pushkina
Barcode printing address labels

Hi Is there an App or any way of sending the name, address as text AND FULFILMENT ID as a barcode to a label printer? We are using the Fulfilment ID as a unique reference for each package and our distributor needs this as a barcode. As far as I can tell the only way to do this is to copy/paste from Shopify into a Dymo label printer. Thanks Dan

Mar 24 2015 by Ship Hero
[NEW APP] Video Background Beta

Hello, we are happy to announce the beta of the new application Video Background for Shopify. You can choose any YouTube video and set it as the background of an element of your home page. It features a super-easy installation and configuration process, with a 100% visual interface. Please tell us if you encounter any issue with the process. We are happy to help. You can try it for ...

Mar 18 2015 by Code Black Belt
[NEW] Product Reviews App by Shopify

The free Product Reviews app lets customers write reviews of your products, then posts the reviews on your website for potential customers to see.With the Product Reviews app, you can:Increase your sales. Positive reviews can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales.Customize the design and layout of your reviews. The app automatically matches your store's look and feel.Display review...

Mar 23 2015 by United Tees
Reamaze Customer Support + Live Chat for Shopify

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Customer support redefined. Reamaze - now withLive Chat! -http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We here at Reamaze believe that customer support extends beyond ticket numbers and thatawesome customer service is an extensi...

Dec 29 2014 by Reamaze