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Looking for an App to Import from Amazon into Shopify without losing the... g5

Hello, I am trying to import our inventory/products from amazon.ca to shopify. I can do this manually via extracting the csv from Amazon and then modifying it to upload it to shopify. However, as Amazon does not export images/image links in their csv, I cannot import the products to shopify with pictures intact. I have to add them manually, which is no small task when there are over 900 item...

Yesterday by Todd Trimakas
facebook app not syncing properly

hi there a really simple problem. i want to have only two products visible on facebook (the ones we produce ourselves) not our full catalog. All products except those two are hidden. In the FB-App Preview on shopify everything looks as it should, on facebook i'll get 8 products, 6 of them are sett hidden in shopify. I tried to resync, bulk publiksh and unpblish facebook visibility, en...

Yesterday by Marc Widmer
Modifying the Order Printer App Template by Shopify

I am just looking to remove pricing and creat a "Work Order" template basically from the Invoice Template....and probably pull in the margins a little as well since they are getting cut off a bit... So here is the original code for the template...what do I remove or modify to remove the prices and bring in the left and right margins so everything prints properly...dont want my ...

Yesterday by Robert Masse
Google product listing Error

I am experiencing unusualerrors when listing my products to google shopping inshopify ap.Specifically two errors that i just dont understand. - variants need a Color option (i have most products with no color variantions) - unknown cant be blank (What does this mean?) Did anyone had the same issue and how did you fixit? I havent been able to list any product since they all get that...

Yesterday by Genevieve Shanahan
Creating webhook in app

I am working on creating app and needs the webhook to get the notification on new oder creation, user account creation etc.I have used the following code <?php if(!session_id()) session_start(); require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php' ; use phpish\shopify; require __DIR__.'/conf.php'; isset($_REQUEST['shop']) or die ('Query parameter "shop" ...

Feb 3 2016 by boski mehta
Email Auto Response that answers customer's questions and declutters my ...

It'd be great if an email auto response app could address "frequently asked questions. When a person sends anemail, they'd get an auto response with different menus that addresses things like shipping, returns and product questions. The customer would click a drop down menu that offered answers. Eventually, they'd get a message asking, "did we answer your questions?&quo...

Feb 7 2016 by nnenna stella
Does an app like this exist? Or would someone be interested in developin...

Hello all! I need a way to tell at a glance which orders have certain features... like, which orders need a free gift included, or which orders must be shipped expedited, and which ones to delay. Maybe color coding so that you could tell which orders were in which categories without have to open them all up? I could tag them so I could sort them, BUT that still requires me to sort... and I'...

Feb 7 2016 by Tommy Ong
Merchants, please share your best suggestions/apps to install for 'follo...

Hi fellow merchants, Please share your suggestions of apps which you use to send automated follow up e mails to customers once they have received their order. I was using Mailchimp, but Mailchimp is only able to send to your signed up subscribers. I am looking for an automated e mail service which will be sent to all customers whether they havesubscribedor not. Thanks.

Feb 7 2016 by Tommy Ong
Shopify Reviews App

Hi all, We have the shopify product reviews app installed but I wanted to check, what is the best way to encourage customers to leave product reviews? Also, we sell on other channels such as Amazon so could I copy and paste feedback, customer name and just use our own email address to publish the review? Although we would be writing our own product reviews on our shopify store it is genui...

Feb 7 2016 by Tommy Ong
Can anyone recommend a good app for pricing and or bar code printing?

We are in the process of changing our POS to Shopify and are used to using a program that auto produces price tags that include barcodes ... does anyone have a suggestion as to how we can do that in shopify? Free apps are always appreciated, but will consider any! Cheri

Feb 6 2016 by Cheri Schappert
I am looking for product image slider on product pages

I sell mixed wholesale lots and some listings have many images and right now customers have to click on each image on the page and then scroll back to top to see that image in the "zoom image" main box at the top. I am looking for an app that will enable all images loaded into a listing become visible inside of a pop-up slideshow box with arrows to left and right for next & previo...

Feb 6 2016 by My Paintagram Inc.
New Barcode Printer App

Since the Dymo Barcode Printing App stopped working I programmed a tool for a client for them to be able to generate barcodes and print labels again. I was wondering if other people are interested in this tool as well - then I would make an app out of it. But I only want to make this step if there are actually people interested in this app and be willing to pay about $10 - $20 per year. M...

Feb 5 2016 by Cindy Johnson
Refuse to open ` X-Frame`

Hi I have created an Embded SDK app (WowPurchaseNotification) and install it to my development store (https://maddevelopers.myshopify.com/admin/). When i click to open this app and do some GUI, it shows me errors and nothing happening Errors:- Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://maddevelopers.myshopify.com/admin/apps?hmac=e5c35b475fcbc77ba5034b53f7c4cf28051ced90a984bd593f22b68...

Feb 5 2016 by developer
Best Sales reporting app for profit?

What app do you guys use where you can see cost of goods sold, total sales, discounts, shipping costs. And finally get to a flat profit per transaction/day/week etc? I use Deep mine which is never accurate when you build reports, and the main functionality of deep mine doesnt take in discounts and shipping into the profit. It just seems buggy, and also profiteer has too much work on the back en...

Feb 5 2016 by Ernests Štāls
Contact Form that allows replies from the site itself.

Hi, I'm looking for a contact form that lets me answer a customer question directly from my site instead of having to send a reply from my personal email. Thanks a lot.

Feb 5 2016 by Omar Elbaga
Bundle / "Ingredient SKU" app with bulk upload functionality?

I sell t-shirts for kids and I print them on demand. I offer a few different color t-shirts. I keep blank t-shirts in inventory, and print differentdesigns on them when customers order. I need an app that will: Debit one "ingredient SKU" (the blank shirt) on the back endwhen I sell a product Show a productas out of stock when the "ingredient SKU" is out of stock (...

Feb 4 2016 by Courtney Hartman
No shopping cart on Facebook App!

Hi, I'm an admin for the following page - https://www.facebook.com/MyMelts/shop?rid=114806332042727&rt=9 When buying products, the only option available is to go straight to checkout - no cart available! Please help! Customers are contacting saying they cannot buy. Thanks

Feb 4 2016 by Stacey Abela
We are looking for Retailers to try out our new app

Unbeatable Live Chat is a brand new app that allows you to see what your customers have in their shopping baskets. You can then proactively start chats and increase conversion. With Unbeatable youcan have unlimited chats, unlimited seats for free. No catch!

Feb 4 2016 by Callum Mckeefery
Signup and get a custom coupon code emailed to you - App

I'm looking for an email acquisition app that will show a popup or tab that allows customers to enter their email and have a custom discount code (one time use) emailed to them. Is there an app (preferablyfree - very inexpensive) that will allow me to do this?

Feb 4 2016 by Omar Elbaga
Facebook Store App not Connecting or allowing to "Reconnect Account"

I'm having issues enabling the Facebook Store app. I had this installed recently and it worked perfectly. Today I noticed it was not active. I tried uninstalling and reinstaling the app. The app menu reads "Your Facebook account is not connected. Connect your account to organize your Facebook Shop. " When I click the reconnect button I get zero responce. Any...

Feb 4 2016 by Wesley Almond