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Looking to have a custom app made.

I am looking to get a custom app made. Has anyone done this before? Where are some good places to hire coders? Freelancer.com oddly enough is not working very well so far.

Today by Aaron
Customer Support Helpdesk, Live Chat for Shopify

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk for Shopify. Reamaze - now withLive Chat! -http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple stores! Handle all your stores' support in one place via Reamaze. We here at Reama...

Jun 26 2015 by Reamaze
Is there a UK printing services app

Hi, I would like to add an app likePrintful but based in the UK. Is there one? can anyone recommend one please?

Yesterday by jamie Johannes
Plagiarism checker App

Hello, is there any plagiatrism checker plugin for Shopify? I wish to be able to monitor my product pages content (like this product does -http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/).

Yesterday by Olgaolga
New Retargetapp has arrived! Fully automated Facebook Dynamic Ads with R...

Hi there! Since our beta launch 2 month ago, effortless and quicker process of creating a retargeting campaign has been the#1feature request from our first clients, which makes me so excited to announce that… You can now start your Facebook Dynamic Advertising campaign on Facebook via just one click with Retargetapp! Start your Product Dynamic Ads with Retargetapp Now, everyo...

Jun 1 2015 by Pavlo Matviienko
Is there sellers who need Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising app (Reta...

Hi there, My name is Paul. I just started working on a Shopify application to automate retargeting with Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising SoI'm looking for up to 5 Shopify sellers to give it a try and share their feedback. In order for you to participate, your store needs to have at least 50 visitors per day. Some more details about the participation: During the test pe...

Mar 28 2015 by Pavlo Matviienko
App ideas/requests

Hi everyone, There used to be an app wishlist from Shopify with app ideas that had been requested by customers and partners, but unfortunately it's gone now (support told me they still have the list, but it's internal now) http://www.shopify.com/technology/3489172-shopify-s-app-wishlist I'm a developer and I would love to get some ideas about new apps and functionalities th...

Jul 5 2015 by username1212312312
Facebook App

I have two different Facebook accounts personal and a business. When I first opened up the Facebook Store it went to my personal facebook page. So I deleted the app and logged out of my personal facebook page and into my business page, I then proceded to re open the Facebook store app, press get and I get: The page you’re looking for could not be found Please make sure the web addre...

Jul 5 2015 by username1212312312
Shopify Apps Digital Download - how well does it handle large files and ...

We're considering the Digital Download app for delivering large zip or rar files (between 500 MB - 5GB). We currently have an external Amason s3 based delivery system that works well enough, but the idea of using an integrated tool with no added bandwidth or storage costs sounds very appealing to us. We're going to start testing it out soon. Has anyone used it recently with very larg...

Jul 5 2015 by username1212312312
Enabling Disabling/COD on product

Hi, I am trying to create an embedded app to provide an otpion to add a cechkbox in the product page so that on the basis of its status I can show and hide some information on product page. By looking at the video -https://vimeo.com/130247240 I am able to create an app, but now I am not sure about the following thing. 1) How to add check box in the product page https://mystore.mysho...

Jul 5 2015 by Aman Agarwal
Video Chat Service

Any interest in a video chat service for selling appointments? I can make, as I am a WebRTC developer, but I'm not sure how many shops will want such a thing. Why not, of course, just add a client on Skype. It is much easier and more convenient. To clarify, WebRTC video chat is in the browser, but requires a plugin on IE and Safari. Again, a system showing a availability looks useful, bu...

Jul 4 2015 by username1212312312
Desktop Theme Manager not synching

Hi there, Yesterday I downloaded DTM 1.0.6 to try it out. I am running OSX 10.10.3. I had some strange experiences and looked on the forums etc but couldn't find anything relevant. Here's what happened: 1.) Download, install and connect to shop OK. 2.) On downloading of theme, receieved a number oferrors of files failingto download due to 'connection error'. 3.) Advi...

Jul 3 2015 by Sam
[NEW] Manage your Orders inside Gmail

ShopMail lets you manage your Shopify orders within Gmail. With ShopMail you can: See and filter your orders from Gmail See all relevant order details Email customers with 1-click Archive and cancel orders Fulfill orders(coming soon) Capture payments(coming soon) It's a good alternative to having multiple tabs open at all times. A way to quickly get a glance at y...

Jul 2 2015 by Eduardo
What Should I Make?

Hello Shopify, I'm a full stack JS developer, and I'm ready to build some fckin' amazing applications. But, I don't know what to make. So, I'd like to propose a trade: You have an idea for an awesome embedded Shopify app, and I'll build it. The terms are that you're a Shopify store owner and will dramatically benefit from having this app personalized and fre...

Jul 2 2015 by Eduardo
App to send messages with photos to Australian customers?

Does anyone know of a Shopify app which allows you to text customers with a message and an image to Australian mobile phone numbers?

Jul 2 2015 by Elizabeth Hollingsworth
Wanted: Reporting app to separate out VAT on products

I have a slightly complicated set up, where each product is a profit share with a different supplier, so it's important that I can get good data on the products individually. I would like to be able to work out the VAT owed on each product. Essentially, I want to be able to sort the orders by product, and then by country (to eliminate non-EU orders) and then get the VAT from the total or...

Jul 2 2015 by Susi Weaser
Quickbooks App Connection To Shopify FLAW

I've downloaded the quickbooks app so that I can streamline purchase details from shopify directly into quickbooks to save time. I've noticed one huge flaw in the system which is unchangeable and quite a burden to deal with: When payments are received on Shopifyand amounts transferred over to QBooks Online, the Shopify Fee (3% or so)is not reflected in the Deposit amount. For exa...

Jul 2 2015 by Kimball
[NEW APP] Video Background Beta

Hello, we are happy to announce the beta of the new application Video Background for Shopify. You can choose any YouTube video and set it as the background of an element of your home page. It features a super-easy installation and configuration process, with a 100% visual interface. Please tell us if you encounter any issue with the process. We are happy to help. You can try it for ...

Jul 2 2015 by Code Black Belt
[NEW APP] Facebook Image Gallery

Hello, we are happy to announce the beta of our new application Facebook Image Gallery. There are a lot of image galleries available. The key difference of Facebook Image Gallery is that you can set it up in one minute. No need to choose images, edit them, upload to the server... No coding required at all. Try it for free at https://apps.shopify.com/facebook-image-gallery Kind r...

Jul 2 2015 by Code Black Belt

Does anyone have specific directions on how to add instafeed.js? I have tried following the directions on their website but am not sure where exactly to put everything... Thank you!

Jul 1 2015 by Kaitlin Robinson