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Count Inventory with Barcode Scanner

I need a way to count our inventory quickly and efficiently using a barcode scanner. I don't even care if the results integrate with Shopify; I can compare the results to our Shopify stock with my eyes, if necessary. I just need an easy way to count what we actually have so that we can ensure our online inventory is correct. We often only have a few of each item by size and color, so we hav...

Yesterday by Marine Solutions
Beta review time?

Hello, Does anyone know how many days an app could wait for beta publication review? I wasn't able to find any info regarding this matter. Thank you!

Yesterday by Ionel Crisu
Tax on Shipping

Does anyone know if there's a Shopify equivilent of this app which allows me to set the tax rate on shipping depending on the tax rate of the contents of a customer's order: http://webshopapps.com/uk/tax-on-shipping.html

Yesterday by Lee Mccoy
How to automatically add tags to orders?

Hello there In Shopify, it is really easy to add tags to orders manually. Because we now have a rather large amount of orders at a time, we want to automate that. Do you know of any possibility to automatically add tags to orders based on the delivery and payment type? I would really appreciate an answer. Cheers

Yesterday by Benjamin Hadad


Yesterday by Anthony Quinton
Customer Support Helpdesk Live Chat for Shopify

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies.Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk for Shopify. Reamaze - now withLive Chat! -http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple stores! Handle all your stores' support in o...

Jul 29 2015 by Reamaze
Review our app - Voxypad Beta version

Hi, Our app is in beta version. All review would be appreciated. Please, search for Voxypad. This is the chat/call free tool for your ecommerce site. Customer could contact (chat/call) with you on your mobile (iOS,android, PC)..while sharing data like photos, web and documents. Thanks Voxypad.

Aug 3 2015 by Quyen Vu
[NEW APP](free lifetime account for first 20 signups) GiveawayHero: Laun...

Hi there, we just release our app GiveawayHero as beta on the Shopify App Store: https://apps.shopify.com/giveawayhero Inspired by how Harrys, a men's grooming brand, collected 100,000 email addresses before they even launched their shop we build GiveawayHero a marketing app for Shopify. (Read their story here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2014/07/21/harrys-prelaunchr-email/) This i...

Aug 3 2015 by Wolfram Müller
Personalization app by bitREC is on shopify

Hi! bitREC develops context-aware personalized recommendation engines for eCommerce. Our technologies have been trusted by world's second retail chain. Unlike our competitors who base recommendations on clicks and purchase history only, we take hundreds of external factors influencing shopping decissions into account. We call them contexts. For example: is your visitor from New York o...

Aug 3 2015 by bitREC
Puctto virtual change room [New App]

Hi! We’re very happy to announce the launch of Puctto. Pucttois a virtual change room thatfits neatly within your existing fashion store. By simply adding thePucttoapp your customers will have access to a pop-up window where they can upload their own photo or use one of thePucttomodels;resize, rotate or adjust an item of clothing; save their most-loved items in the wish list;and sha...

Aug 2 2015 by Melanie
[NEW APP] Currency Converter+

Hello, we are happy to announce our new app Currency Converter+ We took a step forward implementing 191 different currencies and hourly updating of the conversion rates. We also deal with all the complex localization rules for formatting the prices. As a launch offer, for the first stores, the app is free for one year. After that, the monthly price is $9.99 per month, still much cheape...

Jul 29 2015 by Code Black Belt
Popup Coupons has been upgraded

Hi all, jus wanted to let everyone know that the Popup Coupons app has a totally new and upgraded backend, using the latest stable technology. Users should find the app faster more robust and secure. It is more something users will 'feel' rather than see so I thought I would highlight it here as a lot of work went into the upgrade to bring you the best shopify popup app.

Aug 3 2015 by Peter Devlin
Desktop Theme Manager not synching

Hi there, Yesterday I downloaded DTM 1.0.6 to try it out. I am running OSX 10.10.3. I had some strange experiences and looked on the forums etc but couldn't find anything relevant. Here's what happened: 1.) Download, install and connect to shop OK. 2.) On downloading of theme, receieved a number oferrors of files failingto download due to 'connection error'. 3.) Advi...

Aug 3 2015 by meeech
Embedding buy button into mail chimp emailer

Hi I'm cutting and pasting the code generated for a buy button into the mail chimp code block on their email design but nothing is showing Any thoughts?

Aug 2 2015 by Raul
App to email customers that they left

What are the best apps? Free please

May 14 2015 by Kevin Hook
Social Sharing @ Checkout

Hey! I had a Shopify store for a business I used to run a few years back. I sold it off and have since started a new venture, and am looking for an app I used to use. I don't remember what it's called! There was an app that made it so when customers checkout on the site, a thing pops up that lets them share it on their facebook/twitter/etc. page. Like an "I just bought X from Y!...

Mar 24 2015 by cyberchick
Shopify 'Product Reviews' App

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I can't find it in this category.I'm no App developer but I know something is wrong when I see it. Why is there not an auto-email function where the customer is reminded to leave a review for the product they purchased?

Apr 24 2015 by Dries Pieters
[New Marketing Automation App] Email Automation from Beeketing Developer

Hey guys, I am Daisy from Beeketing - the Developer of Better Coupon Box. You may have been accquainted with our marketing apps likeBetter Coupon Box, Boost Sales, Checkout Boost and Happy Email. Besides improvingthese apps, we are working on new Marketing Automation Apps to advance and automatemarketing strategies for Shopify stores. Today, on behalf of the whole team,I am pleased to ann...

Aug 1 2015 by Daisy Ng
Shopify Buy Box Problems?

Hi all, I'm looking at the Shopify Buy Box app and I see all these negative reviews at the top which makes me nervous about using it. Many of them refer to the previous version of the app which apparently had more features. I can't find a good description of what the old app did, what the gaps are with the new app, andwhat the real problems have been. Anyone have experience with t...

Jul 31 2015 by Steve S
Better invoice & packing slip designs for Order Printer

Hi All,Shopify's Order Printer app is a great app, but I got really tired of working with the dull default document designs, and messing around with HTML/CSS/Liquid to do simple things like adding a logo, product images etc. So I built an app for it, which you too can now enjoy.The Invoice & Packing Sliptemplates are easy for you to customize (no coding needed) and are a one time purcha...

Mar 19 2015 by Forsberg+two