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Support Tickets Plus || Returns & Exchanges

Support Tickets Plus is the successor to Shopify RMA. I invite everyone from Shopify RMA to head over to https://apps.shopify.com/support-tickets-plus for more details.Shopify RMA Lifetime Licenses were sold as non-transferrable however for a limited time I will allow Lifetime License transfers from Shopify RMA to Support Tickets Plus. This offer is validMay 25thto June 10th.Your license will b...

Jan 25 2015 by jhonparker
App to Edit meta Description on Tagged pages ?

Hi Does anyone know of an app that will allow you to edit the meta description on tagged pages. ie domain/collection/brand/jeans domain/collection/brand/t-shirts domain/collection/brand/jackets .... etc Two reasons for this would help by allowing you to target those pages for optimal SEO and also reduce duplicate meta descriptions in google webmaster tools. I have noticed the mor...

Today by HunkyBill
Inventory message

Hello! My problem lies with Inventory. In our shop we're selling let's say 9 designs of t-shirts, 2 sexes and 5 size variants for each sex. Since we don't have all of those always available (we try to keep a small stock) I checked the "Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock " button. What I'm looking for is that when customers buy the...

Today by KristianG

I am new to Shopify but the business I just joined is not. I am from an inventory background. I want to be able to see what stock is in what shop and/or if it is in the warehouse as a bare minimum from any POS program, however I am hoping for more than that. I would like to run reports. I believe my boss can see who sold what amount of money ... but not stock? What store sold what...

Today by Jessica
Order Printer - Flag orders already printed?

So I'm using the Order Printer appto handle printing our batches every day, and it gets the job done. But one thing we've run into is making sure we don't print out duplicate orders. We get ~50 orders a day, so that's 50 being printed at any given time. And the time between the order being printed and the order being shipped can cause some overlap. What we're looking for ...

Yesterday by Jelle D
Barcode Printer App

Hi The Barcode Printer App has been working great for us. But I went in as usual today and got a screen saying; Using Chrome? Plugin support has been disabled by default. Enable support by followingthis guide. You haven't installed Dymo label software yet I have the correct version on the label printer software installed and I have checken my Chrome settings as listed in the gui...

Yesterday by Jelle D
Suggestion for App store sorting: Newest/Hotest

As a devoted Shopify developer, I love researching the App Market for the newest and greatest apps. As a shop owner, I'm looking for the "hottest" and most popular apps. Woudn't it be wonderful if we could sort apps not just by newest, but also the "hottest" (based on installs & positive reviews since launch)? John G https://apps.shopify.com/image-waterm...

Yesterday by Jelle D
App to email customers that they left

What are the best apps? Free please

Yesterday by SocialShopWave
Multi-store customer support helpdesk and live chat

Hello all, If you own multiple storefronts on Shopify, handling customer questions, support and chat for each of them can get out of hand. Fortunately,Reamaze now allows you to manage all of your Shopify stores' customer support and live chat all in oneplace. How does it work? Each Reamaze account can have multiple brands, with each brand associated with a Shopify store. Whenever a cu...

Yesterday by Reamaze
Wanelo Review

Hi there, Has anyone used the Wanelo app? If so what are the cons and pros that you may see? How do you feel about there customer service? I ask because I had posted a topic in another forum and one of the team members reached out to me and so after a few days I decided to install the app. Well I was told that everything would be complete in about 3-5 business days...well its a little l...

Apr 26 2015 by FinditQuick
[NEW] Product Reviews App by Shopify

The free Product Reviews app lets customers write reviews of your products, then posts the reviews on your website for potential customers to see.With the Product Reviews app, you can:Increase your sales. Positive reviews can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales.Customize the design and layout of your reviews. The app automatically matches your store's look and feel.Display review...

Apr 25 2015 by Andrea Stewart
Need help dealing with exchanges

We don't have any problems with returns, its simple enough. But I'd really like a better way to handle exchanges. Right now, we get an exchange and in order to fullful it we have to create a new order from scratch. In a perfect world, we would like to be able to open the original order for the exchange and "duplicate" it with the revised product (different size). Any hel...

Feb 24 2015 by Lucas Christman
Recurring Plan Upgrade/Downgrade Cycle ?

I have a question regarding the downgrade/upgrade of plan. If a recurring charge is downgraded/upgraded, will it reflect on the current billing cycle or the next one. Here's the scenario : Day 0 : Store signs up on Shopify. Day 10 : Application is installed with a recurring charge of $20. Day 30 : Store is billed with an extra $20 for our app. This is the point when we will get this a...

Apr 24 2015 by Evulse
Shopify 'Product Reviews' App

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I can't find it in this category.I'm no App developer but I know something is wrong when I see it. Why is there not an auto-email function where the customer is reminded to leave a review for the product they purchased?

Apr 24 2015 by Dries Pieters
Out of the Sandbox theme - editing Instagram link

I'm editing a website that was set up by someone else. We're using the Out of the Sandbox theme and I can't find anywhere to edit the Instagram link that was set up. The Facebook link is working fine, but when you click on the Instagram icon it takes you to this "Collecto/Followgrammer" page and you have to register with your email address...way too complicated! I want our...

Apr 23 2015 by Shannon arm
New App- NeowaukEvents -Engage your customers while shopping

All , We are launching a new App - Neowauk Events -https://apps.shopify.com/neowauk-eventswhere you can let the customer 1. Like your fb page and win a coupon 2. Subscribe to your mailing listand win a coupon 3. Participate in a click and win event and win a instant coupon 4. Participate in a Fun Quiz event and win a instant coupon 5. Participate in a Picture recogonition even...

Apr 23 2015 by JACOB MENACHERY
Shipping App that works at variant level?

I have a client who is looking for an app to handle their complex shipping options. They have products set up with multiple variants. They might want rules such as: Buy 10variant1and get free shippingor Get any number of variant1 free, if you have a variant4 in the basket They may also want to automatically add products to the basket that cant be removed if X number of something...

Apr 10 2015 by Rich Barter
Instant mobile application for your store

Hi everyone, I am building a service on top of Shopify that offer instant and customizable mobile application for your store. I'm looking to get store ownersinput to better identify their needs. What would you like to see in such service? You can take a look at our website at http://www.getdrafter.com. Every question is welcome so don't hesitate!

Mar 13 2015 by Frank Marceau
Feedback on updated 'Checkout Donations' app

We recently updated our 'Checkout Donations' to work with .liquid and the new shopping cart capabilities. Our app inserts a round-up/ add $1 donations or a percentage of sales into the checkout form. We're looking for feedback regarding ways to improve both the set up and the UI on the checkout form/ cart. https://apps.shopify.com/checkout-donations Any and all suggestions ...

Apr 22 2015 by Daniel Hayes
[NEW APP] The Magic Mirror - Fashion, optics, jewelry by Virtooal

HelloEveryone, we are happy to announce oursecond Shopify app, The Magic Mirror - Fashion, Optics, Jewelry. WOULD YOU LIKE TO INCREASE YOUR TURNOVER BY UP TO 160% AND DOUBLE YOUR SHOPS TRAFFIC? The Magic Mirror add-ons from Virtooal allow your customers to try products using their own photo. Your conversions will grow and the number of complaints and returns will be effectively re...

Mar 11 2015 by Virtooal