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google merchants question

Hi, I entered a product (Book) for google shopping with it's ISBN, but I am getting following message:GTINis not valid. Depending on your product, you'll need a valid MPN or variant Barcode. Any idea what's the problem? Thanks Zin

Today by zin
How to create a Shopify app?

What is the programming languauge that one should learn if we will like to create shopify apps? Also are there any good resources on how to get started creating apps and learning that process? Thanks in advance

Today by Vince
facebook shop/collections not syncing correctly

My collections show up fine in the shopify facebook preview screen but not when viewing on facebook. All the text appears to be from edits I made a few days ago. Have tried disconnecting/resyncing etc and waiting 2-4 hrs but it's still showing old product text and incomplete collections (but all product is at the bottom of the page) My shopify/FB pages aren't live so I can't post...

Yesterday by Andrew Williams
Add Multiple Items to Cart in One Click or Product Bundle

I'm aware of Bold's bunde app....Bold's app only allows yo to offer bundles within the footer of every item in the bundle. It doesn't allow you to create a unique item in your store that customers can add to their cart. I'm looking for an app that will allow us to sell packages or bundles that contain multiple products from our store. A customer would add one product or c...

Yesterday by Chris Reed
Canada Post APP

I went to link my Canada post account that I have with shopify andwhen I click on Link account, it brings me to Canada Post but what looks suspicious is the line that suppose to say : This credit card will be used for automated transactions by Canada Post on behalf ofSHOPIFY INC. it has This credit card will be used for automated transactions by Canada Post on behalf ofnull. I s...

Yesterday by Alex
App link display on front store page (App proxy )

hello..... can any one please help me how to make visible our app on the store page . Actually i developed one app and installed on my store but its visible in admin panel only but i want to make visible on ths store page.how can i do this. I mean when customer can installed my app on their store its should be visible automatically on their store page.

Yesterday by Mohan Jadhav
Recco on a shirt printer/dropshipper that does flock printing?

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum area. Does anyone know of a Shopify-compatible shirt printer/dropshipper that will do "flock" printing? It's a retro style, soft, velvet-y feeling print. Thanks!

Yesterday by Thunder and Laundry
Facebook sales channel - can I promote this?

I set up the Facebook sales channel through Shopify and it works fine and was easy to set up. However, how do I send traffic to it? Can I run an ad sending people with Facebook payments enabled to this tab? I can't seem to find an advertising option that lets me do this. Without the ability to send targeted traffic to this tab, I don't think I'm going to generate many sales with thi...

Nov 23 2015 by Matthew Coughlin
Shopify Wordpress Importer - Missing Images, Authors, Dates

For anyone importing a Wordpress blog to Shopify using the Wordpress Importer by Shopify app I wanted to share a few issues I ran into and potential work arounds. Caution: Make sure you backup your Wordpress database before attempting any of this, or even better clone your entire Wordpress site onto a temporary domain name and import from there instead of importing directly from a production...

Nov 22 2015 by Leantu
Bold Apps Ruined My Store - Help!

Hi guys, I recently started using Bold Apps as they have what seems like some great tools to increase sales. I chose 2 of their apps and had them install it for me by given them access to the store. After installing there were all sorts of issues such as prices showing up wrong on my product pages, incorrect fonts, error messages and visible code in some places. I mentioned this to the guys at...

Nov 21 2015 by Scott Fellows
ISRC Code reporting for music sales

Hello, This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for a way to report music sales with the ISRC codes assigned to each track. Is anyone familiar with an app, or even a process that would allow either myself or the bands I work with to report their sales into the billboard charts? I'd like to find a way to add a custom field to each track where I can input the ISRC cod...

Nov 21 2015 by Jason
What is the best app you have and what cant you lvie without?

Hi everyone I have just started my website and I was wondering: What is the best app you have? What app cant you be without? I also wanted some opinions on a pop-up ad. I was wanting to offer first time customers a percentage off their first order if they spend a certain amount? Has anyone tired this - does it work? Thanks Rachel

Nov 20 2015 by Tejaswi @Pipemonk
App to find price of product from database of options

We make custom furniture and can make tables/legs etc in a variety of sizes and finsihes. I have an spreadsheet with approx 400 price options. The price is determined by (for example) product range, size, colour, style. My spreadsheet searches all the lines to match the exact combination of the 4 options and then outputs a price. If it cannot find the exact option it then defaults to the ...

Nov 20 2015 by Adam Lambert
Which anti-fraud app?

Hi, We are just about to launch our store but are rather concerned about fraud and chargebacks. I know this is going to be "how long is a piece of string" question but, I find the amount of apps available difficult to get to grips with as to which one to go for. Reading the reviews doesn't fill me with confidence as many of them seem too "over the top" in praising ...

Nov 20 2015 by Shauna M
My shop on Facebook it's only showed to certain users

My Store on Facebook is only showingto certain users, other not. I installed my store on Facebook and everything has been easy, but it is only visible for facebook page administrators and editors, other users can not see it. Does anyone else have this problem? Any solution? Thanks

Nov 18 2015 by Ignacio Baixauli
Compare at Price Discount shown on invoice

We have discounted products for our wholsellers and show the retail price with the "Compare at" vaule. What we would like to show on the Order Printer invoice is the value difference between the order at full retail and what the wholeseller paid. For example if We has a product at $20 for the "Compare at" price and $10for the wholeseller. If they bought Qty 5 we would like t...

Nov 18 2015 by Keith Aasen
Collect or Delivery based on weight

Hi, I know this is specific, but becuase of the weight of our products we would like to specify whether an order will collected from one of our dealer networks or delivered. i.e small order can be delivered but crate sized orders must be collected from the customers closest dealer. Is there by any chancean app that allows us to do this? Thanks

Nov 18 2015 by Brian D
Uploading to Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more at once

Hi Guys, you may have been looking for a way to have your items both on Shopify and other marketplaces at the same time (eBay, Amazon, Etsy to name a few), without risking to double sales and possibly listing only once. We are a San Franciscobased startup and we just released Nembol:https://apps.shopify.com/nembol It's completely free, give it a try and let me know your thoughts. ...

Nov 18 2015 by Simona Casolari
Simple Event List

Does anyone know of a very simple app that I can install for someonewho just wants to add list of events? I know there are event managers, but I'm just looking for something very simple that will display a table of dates/descriptions. I know it's easy to create a page for this, but I'd like an app so my client can use a simple interface to manage list without editing a page. I'm...

Nov 18 2015 by Ruairi H
Data feed for Google Merchant Centre

I have linked Google Shopping by Shopify app to my Google Merchant Centre account, my understanding is that the merchant centre feed must then be automatic and updated whenever there is change in stock. But situation is there is no feed produced. Has anyone experieced the issue and what is the solution? I have also noted there is no Dashboard API which is said to be where I am supposed to fi...

Nov 18 2015 by gaolatlhe