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Does anyone use Better Coupon Box by Beeketing?

I setup Better Coupon Box by Beeketing to collect customer email addresses, but I'm not sure how to access the email addresses I'm collecting unless I sign up for their email automation app (which I don''t want to do). Does anyone know how to do this? I've tried emailing their customer support, but so far I haven't gotten any response.

Today by Stephanie Miles
Looking for an App to Import from Amazon into Shopify without losing the...

Hello, I am trying to import our inventory/products from amazon.ca to shopify. I can do this manually via extracting the csv from Amazon and then modifying it to upload it to shopify. However, as Amazon does not export images/image links in their csv, I cannot import the products to shopify with pictures intact. I have to add them manually, which is no small task when there are over 900 item...

Today by Rosangela Rezende
So calledfree apps

I find it so annoying apps advertised as FREE but when you click the get the only thing free is the trial period only!! time this was sorted Shopify.

Today by stevectaylor
[New App Update] Holiday Season! More Templates Available to Match Holid...

Hi Everyone, Holiday season is coming, we have updatedour App, Last Second Coupon,with more templates for your holiday season promotions includingThanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. Now, before your site visitors try to leave your website, your coupon or promotioncan be displayed in popup that match the holiday theme. We believe the presentation of the holiday mood will convert more s...

Yesterday by WarnerLiu
Populate product list via ftp access?

Hi, I have a catalogue of products i would like to list on shopify, I would need to do this by logging into my clients server using filezilla. Then i would like to update this catalogue every 1 hour to reflect current stock levels. and then attach a cart. There are about 1700 products in total. Is it possible on shopify and if not is thier an app creator who can make it possible?

Yesterday by SmartFeed
Exporting orders to multiple Xero accounts

We are trying the new Shopify Xero integration app. The app places all Shopify orders into a single account, but we would like it to place orders into different accounts depending on product type or sales channel We have also tried the CarryTheOne solution and it doesnt seem to do it either. Are there any Shopify integration apps that allow filtering of orders as they are imported?

Yesterday by Paul Cechner
Best Sales reporting app for profit?

What app do you guys use where you can see cost of goods sold, total sales, discounts, shipping costs. And finally get to a flat profit per transaction/day/week etc? I use Deep mine which is never accurate when you build reports, and the main functionality of deep mine doesnt take in discounts and shipping into the profit. It just seems buggy, and also profiteer has too much work on the back en...

Yesterday by Matt From Veeqo
The newest Shopify apps delivered to your inbox every Tuesday

Every month the ShopifyApp Store adds ~100 new apps. With that volume we were finding it a challenge to stay up-to-date on the latest & greatest.So, we started collecting the best new apps and put them into a newsletter that we send out every Tuesday. No spam, just the newest apps packaged up and delivered to your inbox once a week: Sign Up Here

Oct 7 2015 by Aaron
App to Show All Instagram Mentions?

Is there an app I can add to my "As Seen On Page" that will show everytime someone does a @NeverForgottenDesigns or #NeverForgottenDesigns? http://www.neverforgottendesigns.com/pages/as-seen-at Trying to not have to screen shot and upload all the mentions (not that there are a ton, lol). Kindly, Pege Y.

Oct 7 2015 by Pege Y
Best free photo gallery solution?

I'm currently just embedding aCincopa gallery into a page. They've been greatbut they have bandwidth limitations on their free plans. Are there any decent and free photo gallery solutions? I don't mind hosting the photos on my own server.

Oct 6 2015 by KFE
[NEW APP] Halloween

Hi all, we are happy to announce our new app Halloween for Shopify, featuring Halloween decoration and music for your store. Try it at https://apps.shopify.com/halloween Regards, The Code Black Belt Team

Oct 6 2015 by Code Black Belt
App in beta - tawk.to Live Chat on steroids

Hi everyone, We have released a new app in beta: tawk.to Live Chat. What does this app do? Fully automatic installation of the tawk.to widgetin your Shopify webshop. Current shopping cart contents will be shown in the tawk.to dashboard. This way you can focus your sales effort and increase conversion. See the screenshot below. If a user is logged in, his name and emailaddress will ...

Oct 6 2015 by Bas ter Brugge
New Barcode Printer App

Since the Dymo Barcode Printing App stopped working I programmed a tool for a client for them to be able to generate barcodes and print labels again. I was wondering if other people are interested in this tool as well - then I would make an app out of it. But I only want to make this step if there are actually people interested in this app and be willing to pay about $10 - $20 per year. M...

Oct 6 2015 by A.Anis
Count Inventory with Barcode Scanner

I need a way to count our inventory quickly and efficiently using a barcode scanner. I don't even care if the results integrate with Shopify; I can compare the results to our Shopify stock with my eyes, if necessary. I just need an easy way to count what we actually have so that we can ensure our online inventory is correct. We often only have a few of each item by size and color, so we hav...

Oct 5 2015 by Leslie Gaschler
Facebook Shop / password removal

Found it! Thanks crew!

Oct 5 2015 by Stephan Trimbos
Embedded App pagination buttons have no margin?

Something has recently happened to the styling on the buttons for the embedded SDK and there's no margin next to the pagination button group. They work fine, it's just really annoying to look at! I've confirmed it's consistant accross all browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Safari) Is anybody else experiencing this?

Oct 5 2015 by Dmitriy Nevzorov
Subscription App paired with Shipping App

Hey Guys We're having some issues with finding a recurring orders app that is able to draw info from our shipping app at checkout. Our postage costs depend on our customers' postcode, so we use Better Shipping to generate them, however we can't seem to find a subscription app that is able to draw give this info to the customer at the cart. Instead, when they put their postc...

Oct 4 2015 by Nicole Barnes
Looking for a subscription app that works with 3rd party shipping (ships...

We're using shipstation, and love the flexibility it gives us. We're currently trying out a subscription app, but found out it doesn't work well with 3rd party shipping apps. Can anyone reccomend a good subscription app that works with 3rd party shipping apps?

Oct 4 2015 by Nicole Barnes
Facebook share images

Hi, Whenever I try to share an image on my facebook store all I end up getting is just my stores banner. Is this normal or is there something I need to fix? https://www.facebook.com/ClassyChassisClothing/app_410312912374011 Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Oct 3 2015 by Ben Revell
can i create this APP ?

Hello. I need create APP. App need work how view my image. What i need do for this ?

Oct 3 2015 by slavbed