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Free Google Shopping Beta g5

Install the free the Google Shopping Beta Shopify is getting ready to release it's official Google Shopping App. This app will sync your Shopify Store with Google Merchant Center giving your access to 2 of Google's paid features for getting more traffic to your store. Google Shopping - Google's own search engine especially for products. You are listed for free if you have an active AdWords ca...

Aug 25 2015 by SmartFeed
[NEW APP] Currency Converter+

Hello, we are happy to announce our new app Currency Converter+ We took a step forward implementing 191 different currencies and hourly updating of the conversion rates. We also deal with all the complex localization rules for formatting the prices. As a launch offer, for the first stores, the app is free for one year. After that, the monthly price is $9.99 per month, still much cheape...

Aug 24 2015 by Code Black Belt
The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relation...

Hi All, We have just released our newest app on the app store. I just linked the small "app" word so that you don't think this is a marketing attempt. We do have a strange problem and I would like to ask for advice. We are using the .NET Client API and on some shops only (the only pattern we can notice is that they are onProfessional Level) we get the following error when...

Jun 26 2015 by Kabuki Themes
Failing to get in touch with the store owners

Hello Everyone, A month ago we released our first app to the Shopify App store: https://apps.shopify.com/storakle And it got decent traction since it was featured in the New and Noteworthy section. Roughly 50 stores are using it. Maybe this is not decent, but how would we know :-), it is our first app. Anyway I wanted to ask this. We would like to further develop the app and a...

Aug 23 2015 by Kabuki Themes
Helpdesks Apps - Any Good?

I have a small business with around 8 orders a day. I usually get around 1-4 emails a day from customers. I have my personal gmail set up to recieve emails sent to my shop's email address. What I do is put a star on the emails until I've dealt with the enquiry, then move it into an Order Queries folder once it's been dealt with. However I think it might be better if I had a se...

Jun 1 2015 by Reamaze
Build Custom App

Hello, I need to implement email-pirate functionality with shopify application. May you please help me out there is any way and functinality to customize the shopify app and how can I integerate my (asp.net/mvc) code and UI with shopify app. Can I create my own custom shopify Api? and how can I publish my code with shopify api.

Yesterday by Arka
What Shopfy App Do you Want?

Dear users, I am a previous Shopify store owner from Norway. I am aware of all the tiny details that need to be addressed in an ecommerse business, and all those important accounting reports and numbers. I remember all those nights I stayed awake to record those PayPal orders in to my accounting software, and balance the sheets according to the bank statement. It shouldnt be so hard to ru...

Yesterday by Hubert Chen
Input Winning Code App??

Is there an app out there that randomly generates a code that I will include in my customers purchase; that they can later type into the website to see if they "won"? Similar tohttps://www.diamondcandles.com/reveal

Yesterday by Hubert Chen
Want to sell affiliate products

I m in process of shopify website. I want to sell other companies product. How to add affiliate link at the time of product adding thanks

Aug 26 2015 by Fauzia Habib Khan
Spreesy App - How does it work with Shopify?

Hi all, I've searched the help page at Spreesy but foundnothing that explains how this app intergrates with Shopify. (I did send a support email but have not heard back yet.) I posted a product on Instagram via Spreesy last night to try it out. It doesn't link at all with Shopify that I can see. Is there a trick to this that I'm not seeing or doing?

Aug 26 2015 by Julie Crawford

Does anyone know of an app that gives you a sound notification when someone enters your site?

Aug 26 2015 by Laura DelVecchio
App ideas/requests

Hi everyone, There used to be an app wishlist from Shopify with app ideas that had been requested by customers and partners, but unfortunately it's gone now (support told me they still have the list, but it's internal now) http://www.shopify.com/technology/3489172-shopify-s-app-wishlist I'm a developer and I would love to get some ideas about new apps and functionalities th...

Aug 26 2015 by ScruffyDog
Loox - Fashion Reviews [NEW APP]

Hey all! We've just laucnhed our new app: Loox - Fashion Reviews (https://apps.shopify.com/loox-fashion-reviews). If you're a fashion store owner and you'd like to increase salesand reduce returns - this app is for you! Loox is a visual reviews platform for fashion stores. Your visitors' primary concern is fit. The inability to touch and try an item before purchase leads t...

Aug 26 2015 by Yoni Elbaz
new website

I want to open a new store and transfer everithing form old one to a new one. Is there any app or is still exist the app shop transfer by shopify thanks

Aug 26 2015 by Decor
Shopify Product Review for dynamic loaded product

I am looking to load review for dynamic product which was loaded on user request.. I load product via ajax and need to show review section... but I didn't found any way to load review at later stage. Thanks, Lucent Innovation

Aug 25 2015 by Lucent Innovation
Google Shopping App and "missing microdata for condition"

I used the Shopify Google Shopping app and my merchant account has never been approved. Every one of my products has this error message 'missing microdata for condition" My account has been suspended twice now. I dont know how to get this approved and I get the same canned response email from Google support. Can anyone explain this error message? Thanks!!

Aug 25 2015 by SmartFeed
Custom Dimensions Quotes a Custom Price

I was wondering if there is an app that allows the user to enter custom dimensions for a product and the price would reflect the custom size. We're wanting to provide some sort of framing service on our website where customers can enter the exact size they want and a price will be produced upon what they enter. Thanks, Tom

Aug 25 2015 by Hugh Luong
[New App] Customer integration with Mad Mimi

I'm looking for feedback on an app Icreatedto automatekeeping your audiencelists in Mad Mimi up to date with the customer lists in Shopify. https://linklab.io/featured/shopify/mad-mimi/customer-audience_add Let me know what you think

Aug 25 2015 by Support LinkLab
Integration with Dear Inventory

First time Shopify user, first time forum poster :) We use Dear Inventory to manage all inventory items for our bricks & mortar store and want to use this also for our online store in Shopify. Integration wasn't too much of a headache thank goodness however Dear Inventory is very poor at formatting product descriptions and they are currently not consistent. You see, Dear Inventory do...

Aug 25 2015 by HelenR
How to add multiple line items to the cart?

I want to add multiple line items to the cart using Shopify Mobile iOS SDK and store locally. How can i do this any help will really appreciated.

Aug 24 2015 by Jullin Egbuji