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Looking for an App to Import from Amazon into Shopify without losing the... g5

Hello, I am trying to import our inventory/products from amazon.ca to shopify. I can do this manually via extracting the csv from Amazon and then modifying it to upload it to shopify. However, as Amazon does not export images/image links in their csv, I cannot import the products to shopify with pictures intact. I have to add them manually, which is no small task when there are over 900 item...

May 24 2016 by Simona Casolari
Creating Barcodes through Order Printer

Hi Guys, I am trying to add barcodes to our custom packing slip in Order Printer. However, I can't get it to create the actual barcode. Instead it prints the numbers as text. Does anyone know how to create an actual barcode, we can scan? /Alex

Today by Anne M
facebook shop/collections not syncing correctly

My collections show up fine in the shopify facebook preview screen but not when viewing on facebook. All the text appears to be from edits I made a few days ago. Have tried disconnecting/resyncing etc and waiting 2-4 hrs but it's still showing old product text and incomplete collections (but all product is at the bottom of the page) My shopify/FB pages aren't live so I can't post...

Today by Miguel Bonte
Looking for a Simpler Wordpress Plugin without the shopping cart

So Wordpress has a neat plugin that lets me show some eBay listings that match a keyword and even narrow by category if I want it to. I was hoping for something similar with Shopify. I see there IS a shopify plugin that will add items to my wordpress site but they aren't just simple links to my shopify store--it basically puts a mini store on my page where people can checkout from. I per...

Today by Anne M
Problem With Order Printer App

Is anyone elsehaving problems with the Order Printer app? When I click a selection of orders to print in bulk sometimes it just goes to the Order Printer install page. Then when I go back and do it again it loads the invoice for one order that isn't even part of the selection. Then when I do it again it finally works. This has been ongoing for a few weeks now. Anyone else experiencing...

Today by Forsberg+two
Customer Support Helpdesk Live Chat for Shopify

Customers don't like ticket numbers. Customers don't like robotic replies.Converse with them in a quick, meaningful, and natural way. Reamaze - Best Customer Support Helpdesk for Shopify. Reamaze - now withLive Chat! -http://reamaze.reamaze.com/kb/reamaze-livechat/getting-started-with-reamaze-livechat We now support multiple stores! Handle all your stores' support in o...

Today by Reamaze
Yotpo vs Kudobuzz-

Would appreciate any feedback from people who have tried both- in terms of features, ease of use, etc. Thanks in advance!

Today by rrg211
Feedback on my Metafields Manager App

Hi Shopify Community, I developed a metafields extension app that gives you the ability to add videos, images, and custom objects to your shopify store. I feel this is an incredibly useful tool for developers who need a bit of extra data hereand there (like product videos, homepage slides, and social media urls), but don't want to spin up another server just to host extra data. You can a...

Yesterday by Paul L. Newton
Shopify + Jet = Success

Of all of our marketplaces we work with, Jet.com is running a close second in business to Amazon. Amazon is king without a doubt however Jet is good for about 30% of the business you would normally get through Amazon... for some sellers the number can be very close. If you are selling on Shopify and need a boost in your sales, you should definitely consider Jet. It is still in the early sta...

Yesterday by Sam R.
An App That All Ecommerce Sites Should Have...No, Really!

Nearly 200 ecommerce companies have added our Free Market Insights App (a unique analytics dashboard) to their sites. Why? Because it’s allowing them to see more clearly how their online retail store compares to other similar sites in the same segment they inhabit. How? By leveraging second-party data. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase second-party data, it’s simp...

Yesterday by Hivewyre_Dave
T-shirt printing customisation app

Hello, We are looking foran app which could help the customer to place an order for custom printed garments (t-shirts, hoodies etc.) What we need is an app which can offer a customer these options: 1) Product choice, 2) Colour and size choice, 3) Adding items to the basket, 4) Customisation, printing placement (customers are able to see a preview of their printings) It should include...

Yesterday by Mircea Piturca
How to print data on shopify store from my server using shopify app?

Hello Friends, I have made an app in php to get data from shopify and store in my database. Now I want to use that data on shopify store. how can I do that? Thanks

Yesterday by Ram kumar
Add new settings using shopify theme API

Hello everybody, I need to add some settings dynamically using the shopify public app. App is on my own server. I want to add some settings in setting_data.json using the API. Can you please guide me? Thanks

Yesterday by Ram kumar
Giving to non-profits

Hi everyone, Supporting the less fortunate than ourselves both in our local communities and further afield is something that is becoming more important in the world we live in today. That responsibility falls on us as individuals as well as us as businesses. Today, businesses are beginning to do more to contribute to non-profit organisations and charities. The up-side for the business ext...

May 24 2016 by Diana S
Inventory app that also counts incoming inventory

Hi, I'm currently using stock alerts so that I am sent a daily email listing all my products that have a stock level lower than the threshold I've set for each one. I use these reports to know which products I need to re-order. It works pretty well, but what I'm looking for is an app that also takes into account the level on incoming stock from transfers. This would mean that ...

May 24 2016 by Shauna M
Bulk Upload App

Good Morning, Is there an app available for bulk uploading (easier than Shopify CSV). Say for example, I want to bulk update 30 product descriptions, I want to just select the products that need updating and then click a button. I have tried the bulk edit app, but it does not help me, as I find all items for example with ‘NEW IN’, but it wants to then edit them all, there i...

May 24 2016 by Shauna M
Google Shopping App - Custom Product ID

I have just recently switched to shopify and am using the Google Shopping App. This app creates generic product ID's for products. Is there a way to modify this to use a custom ID (preferably the item SKU) I have noticed a HUGE drop in traffic and increase in cost per click as I have a higher relevancy score with my original product ID's. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

May 24 2016 by Shauna M
Best live chat app?

As in topic. Which live chat you use and why? I want to make it on my website but I don't really know which one should I use. Any advices?

May 24 2016 by Sophie
We need to have an app developed for our Shopify POS

We are looking for a developer who can create an app that can be embedded into our Shopify POS app (or to our Shopify Admin) that will give us a report listing ALL TRANSACTIONS for a particular time period, sales person, terminal. Currently we cannot find any type of report that will show us all transactions including payments that are taken on "Open Orders" (lay a ways). This would b...

May 23 2016 by Lay-Buys
Looking for Beta Cusotmers - Instant Mobile - Prompt users to bookmark m...

Hello, I am looking for Beta Customers for Instant Mobile app. Instant Mobile prompt mobile customers to bookmark your store’s website as app icon. Mobile website opens up in app like interface when app icon is clicked. The app provides a affordable way to make more sales through mobile phones, without paying for expensive and lengthy mobile app development. For beta customers on...

May 22 2016 by Saurabh Saxena