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Please post your Liquid and AJAX API questions in the Design forum

Please post your Liquid, AJAX, and all theme-related questions in the Design forum: http://forums.shopify.com/categories/2

Sep 18 2014 by priyagupta
New: Embed your app inside of Shopify!

Embedded Apps are the future of Shopify AppsOur new Embedded App Software Development Kit allows you to improve your app's user experience by embedding it directly inside the Shopify admin.The SDK enables simple and powerful communication between your app and Shopify.Access and customize many native GUI features, and create powerful integrations previously impossible on the platform.Learn m...

Aug 13 2014 by Cédric Hauvuy
New API Announcements Forum

We have created a separate forum where we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Things like new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app.Go check it out! https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/api-announcementsWe recommend subscribing to that forum to make sure you...

Apr 7 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
Please read before posting!

Hello developers! Before posting to the Shopify API forums, please take a moment to consider your question. First, read over our API troubleshooting guide and see if your question can be answered with some exploration. Be sure to explain what you've already tried. Are there solutions online that you've already found, which haven't worked? Include enough detail so that answers provided w...

Nov 20 2013 by James Dowling
Remove limit of orders for dev shop

Hello,I'm currently writing an integration app that automatically creates orders in the shopify admin.However, I noticed that theres a limit to the number of orders I can create in my dev shop for testing. (ie. "You have 8 orders left in your trial account.")Is there a way to disable this somehow? 

Today by Maarten van Grootel
server internal error

HiI have developed an API  in PHP to upload our orders from a system outside of Shopify to eventually fully migrate and start using Shopify 100% in the future. The API was creating orders successfully and when an error showed up, it was very specific. Example:{errors:{billing_address:"Zip code is invalid"}} However, now every time I am trying to send a JSON API call, the server r...

Today by Gio OJEDA
Getting products list, excluding hidden products

Hello,Is it possible to get a products list from the products API, excluding hidden products?Looks like the only possible filters are collection_id and since_id.Thanks!

Yesterday by Marius Andreiana
One click payments

Hi,I’m working on a store that sells one product from a dedicated website.We’re finding that a percentage of orders are being lost as the process from clicking ‘purchase’ is too long.Is there any way to work to a one-click payment system using Shopify?The ideal would be how Stripe does it - user clicks “Buy Now” and a pop-up appears on the page telling the pr...

Yesterday by Mathematics
What is the exact nature of API call limits?

Still trying to get my custom developed product and customer integration apps to play nicely. Long story short is I have three Shopify stores. Each of them has roughly 1,700 products with at least one product variant associated with it. Each store has around 15,000 customers. I am looking to refresh product counts, prices, etc. and update customer records on a regular, automated basis.So from w...

Yesterday by HunkyBill
Log-in via external account (not social network)

I am evaluating using Shopify for a client's commerce website. One of the requirements is that customers be able to log in to the website using the account they have created for the client's other mobile application. Customers would then be able to get product recommendations based on data available from this other application. I realize that much of this would need to be built custom, ...

Sep 20 2014 by Adam Housman
Product Modify Ignoring Images??

With the new product_image stuff, does passing the array of image data in the product/modify call no longer work? Here is the JSON I'm passing. Note the "images" element. The variant data is updating properly, but the images data is being ignored. Is this just a problem with multi-variant products maybe??Array ( [title] => Single Sleeve Set [handle] => single-sleeve-set [bod...

Sep 20 2014 by Jonathan Schwartz
Webhook on COD order?

Hi, What is the difference between Order Creation and Order Payment in the webhooks? I need a webhook such that everytime an order is made using Cash On Delivery (COD) option, I need a notification to the provided callback URL. Which event should I use?I guess, it is not possible to get the notification only for COD orders but instead we ge...

Sep 20 2014 by Surya Sharma
Unique Identifier for App Event History Export

Would it be possible to get a unique shop identifier added to the App Event History export available from the Shopify Partner account?  Currently there is really only shop name and shop email, and both of those can lead to false positives if you're trying to match to the shop event history to another source.  Having either shop id or myshopify domain would be awesome.Thanks!

Sep 19 2014 by Justin Stern
How to test app as if I were store owner

I have set up my app and my test store. The API calls all appear to work. Is there any way to view my app on the site as if this were a real situation, so I can test it? I need to be able to test it all the way through as if it were a real situation.I found this article, which looks outdated: http://www.shopify.com/technology/3671962-developing-shopify-apps-part-1-the-setupI have tested everyth...

Sep 19 2014 by Shayne
Undocumented change to API?

We are an integrator who syncs data for other shops to and from their POS system.In the past hour, we've noticed that some shops are receiving responses that vary from what is in the API documentation.  The most alarming is that when we create a new variant by posting:{"variant":{... (variant json)In the past, we'd receive a similar response back that matches the api docu...

Sep 19 2014 by Adeel Ahmad
Dashboard endpoints failing (link lists, shipping, files, etc)

Simple question - have we lost the ability to make calls to previously existing endpoints via the dashboard?/admin/weight_based_shipping_rates/#{id}.json/admin/price_based_shipping_rates/#{id}.json/admin/link_lists/#{id}.jsonetcIt worked before, but now not. What's changed? Some seriously useful features that ShopifyFD offered are now dead in the water -- kind of stuff that saved developers...

Sep 19 2014 by Jason
How can I perform payment transactions through the API?

Hi,I would like to know if I create an Order through the Shopify API, and then create a Transaction through the API specifying the Order ID, will a payment actually be processed through the gateway configured for the shop? I did some testing with the APIs, and it looks to me as if creating a transaction doesn't actually perform the transaction, but only records the transaction as havin...

Sep 19 2014 by Alex
What's the best way to store images that are not product images?

I need a way to store images for products that won't show up as "Product Images". Is there any way to store "Meta Images"? I was thinking maybe storing them as assets would work, but they are not specific to a theme. Is there some way to do global assets or something like that?

Sep 19 2014 by Halley Carleton
Mimic unlimited variants, or product add-ons that affect price

With the current features available in the API, If I wanted to have a product that allowed options that would affect price, I can only think of a couple really odd techniques that might work:"1. Tie my "options" to other products. For example, Product ID 12345 is the "standard" option and 12346 is the "extended" option, with different price.I was hoping I coul...

Sep 19 2014 by Shayne
[API] Is there any filters which will list all the products based on key...

I am using this api /admin/products.json?Please let me know if any filters are available?

Sep 19 2014 by Shayne