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Shopify Webhook Requests Swamped My App

Earlier today we were receiving upwards of 500rpm that were webhook requests, coming from one store and I assume coming from one installed app making sweeping changes to variants. This effectively DOS'd our app, taking it offline for a period of time. This is frustrating, but I don't really have a good idea about how I can handle this. Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, what did you do ab...

Yesterday by Zac
HMAC verification issues

I'm trying to validate the requests coming from Shopify but I'm unable to do so. Here's the code I'm using to get the hmac hash from the request (from here): A protocol=http:// or https:// needs to be added to the message $params = $request; unset($params['signature']); unset($params['hmac']); $collected = array_map(function($key, $value) { return $key . "=" . $value;...

Jun 13 2016 by Gaurav Jain
Product Visibility on Extra Sales Channels

I've been working on loading some products into Shopify using the API. I'm having a hard time setting the product data so that items are visible on the online store, POS, and Pinterest. Setting a published_scope of 'global' sets it visible on the online store and POS, but not Pinterest. I've also tried adding "pinterest" and similar values to the published_scope but that doesn't seem to help...

Jun 6 2016 by Matt H
Creating app

Hello, I am newcomer for create a shopify app as well as is there any one to make a knowledge there how to create an app even from the starting procedure and easy guide Thanks

Jun 3 2016 by Jamie D.
Please read before posting

Hello developers! Before posting on the forums, please make sure you do the following : First, read over our API Reference and see if your question can be answered with some exploration. Be sure to explain what you've already tried. Are there solutions online that you've already found, which haven't worked? Include enough detail so that answers provided will be helpful and relevant. ...

May 16 2016 by Shayne
API Announcements Forum

We have created a separate forum where we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Things like new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app. Go check it out! https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/api-announcements We recommend subscribing to that forum to make sure you are always hear about the changes th...

May 16 2016 by Shayne
Discounts - [API] That action is not currently supported

Whenever i am hitting "/admin/discounts.json" API , i am getting HTTP Response code "501" with response body {"errors":"[API] That action is not currently supported."} . Am i missing something? Also , is there any way to get discounts "count" from API ? 

Jun 6 2016 by Jamie D.
OAuth delegate token exposed client side?

I've initially posted this topic in the Shopify Apps forum but actually the API is more suited. Sorry for the duplicate. Hi, I've seen the new feature of delegate token for OAuth (https://help.shopify.com/api/guides/authentication/oauth#delegating-access-to-subsystems). I have a question regarding this: due to the fact that it's unable to retrieve products, collections, pages... in an ...

Yesterday by Michaël Gallego
Link PDF file to order / customer

Hi everyone, I have a delivery service provider which upload a PDF file (with tracking number, etc...) on a FTP server when the order has been shipped. I would like to be able to attached this PDF file to the fullfilment notificaiton email and / or just to upload it to my shopify shop to be able to get access to it with a link like http://myshop.com/file.pdf Is it possible to do it with t...

Yesterday by Michaël Gallego
Adding new data to Invoice layout

Hi, by a requirement of a client of mine. Is it posible to add a custom invoice number that is going to be with this format [4 letters] + [a sequence number]. this custom number has to be printed on the invoice. Note: this number is only going to be generated for a specific type of client (not all the clients). thanks J

Yesterday by btajorge
Creating New Custom APP

Hi, I am new to shopify, I want to know the process of creating new custom app that can be used into my store. I want to create app something like this app : https://app.backinstock.org/install-for-shopify and add to my store. How can i create apps ? Please let me know complete process of it.

Jun 25 2016 by Alex Richter
how to edit shopify fulfillment using python api

token = <token> session = shopify.Session("<shop-name>.myshopify.com", token) shopify.ShopifyResource.activate_session(session) a = shopify.Fulfillment.find(2642971265,order_id = 3386372225) a.tracking_url = "www.example.com/trackingid=123" a.tracking_number = "1234" shopify.Fulfillment.save(a) after that it return true but changes are not reflecting anywhere

Jun 25 2016 by harish bisht
Using the API without admin privileges?

Hey, I was just wondering if it is possible to use the API without being an admin on a store. For example, if I use the following code: shop_url = "{SHOP_NAME}.myshopify.com/" ShopifyAPI::Base.site = shop_url then I can view the endpoint and make calls using parameters like: products = ShopifyAPI::Product.find(:all, params: { limit: 250, page: 2 }) but other calls such as:...

Jun 24 2016 by Ian Fonberg
How to get the password from payment gateway?

 I am trying to create synchronization between Shopify and some payment system. I created a new payment gateway according Shopify instructions, And here merchants have to enter the some password that Shopify use to check the final signature after payment (pic. 1). To make successful payment I need to know this password To create the same signature (Shopify checks my signature with their). For...

Jun 24 2016 by Jordan
Can I filter products based on an Integer Meta Field?

Hi, I am looking for a solution to filter products based on a number Meta Field. The actual example is I am selling house plans each with a unique Square Footage. I want to provide users a filter with two text boxes for Min and Max Square Footage. When the user fills in Min and Max Square footage, I would like to show all house plans with in that range. Is this possible? I know this can be a...

Jun 24 2016 by Mircea Piturca
Handling bad shipping address

Hi, I'm working on a fulfillment app plugin and have come accross a use-case which i'm struggling to find a good solution for. We would like to handle a bad shipping address by notifying the shop owner that the order cannot be fulfilled until the it has been updated with a valid shipping address. Reading through the api docs I don't see any way to communicate this clearly with the shop owner...

Jun 15 2016 by jcrowe
invalid URI error on store auth

Hi, I am using the official RUBY GEM to build an private API connector app. It works just fine until I got  this new client today. When I set up the shopify base site: Shopify::Base.site = shop_url It returns URI error as below: URI::InvalidURIError: bad URI(is not URI?)  I paste the whole uri to postman, and it will be able the fetch the data I need. So how can I deal with this iss...

Jun 24 2016 by Jordan
Persistent log in with the new iOS SDK (2.0)

Hi, I hope I'm posting in the right forum. What's the best practice for persistent log in with the new iOS SDK. We don't want our customers to log in each time they open the app. Thanks, Nejc

Jun 24 2016 by Nejc Pintar
Remove 'Default Title' from drop down list

The forums are full of advice on how to get rid of the 'Default Title' from the variant list - unfortunately they all seem to be labelled 'Out of date'. Is there a way to get rid of via the API? I'm uploading a large number of products, so doing this manually is not an option. thanks!

Jun 24 2016 by William
Sorting Products in Products.json by price

Im using the /admin/products.json api call to get all products. Is there any option to get products sorted by price asc/desc or by title in alphabetically sorted asc/desc order ? Thanks !  

Jun 24 2016 by soumyaa ghosal