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New: Embed your app inside of Shopify!

Embedded Apps are the future of Shopify AppsOur new Embedded App Software Development Kit allows you to improve your app's user experience by embedding it directly inside the Shopify admin.The SDK enables simple and powerful communication between your app and Shopify.Access and customize many native GUI features, and create powerful integrations previously impossible on the platform.Learn m...

Oct 4 2014 by Unai
Please post your Liquid and AJAX API questions in the Design forum

Please post your Liquid, AJAX, and all theme-related questions in the Design forum:http://forums.shopify.com/categories/2

Sep 18 2014 by priyagupta
New API Announcements Forum

We have created a separateforum wherewe will postall official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Things likenewfeatures and endpoints, upcomingdeprecations and changes orplanned maintenance that might affect your app.Go check it out!https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/api-announcementsWe recommend subscribing to that forumto make sure you are always hear aboutthe changes that might affect yo...

Apr 7 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
Please read before posting!

Hello developers! Before posting to the Shopify API forums, please take a moment to consider your question. First, read over our API troubleshooting guideand see if your question can be answered with some exploration. Be sure to explain what you've already tried. Are there solutions online that you've already found, which haven't worked? Include enough detail so that answers provided will be...

Nov 20 2013 by James Dowling
Past Orders import via Shopify API

Hi guys, I am currently working on transfer one store from osCommerce to Shopify. I have a goal to import existing orders from osCommerce, which were created in the past. I'd like to see those orders as past orders in Shopify admin panel (not recently created) to use statistics reports and so on.But I have faced with an issue during Orders import. When I send POST request to create an...

Today by ihnat kuk
How do I get my app to show in the product page navigation?

Since picture's worth a thousand words, let me explain like this: http://cl.ly/image/3n1j1w2q3X3W I found nothing in API documentation on how to get my app listed here?

Today by Boris Krstovic
Meta Fields included in new Order Webhook

Scenario I am building a fulfillment service integration and am using the new order webhook to capture orders and pass them through our process. Unfortunately the orders only include a limited number of fields in the "line items" response and I need to capture one additional unique id to identify which supplier, on our fulfillment side, that the sale tracks against for each prod...

Yesterday by HunkyBill
How to send logged in customer's email address to my app?

Hi, I'm trying to send the current logged in customer's email to my app securely. My app allows logged in customers to upload photos so I will be using their email as a unique ID. Sorry if I've asked this before but the answer that I got was to look into Application Proxy. Turns out this is not my solution I believe, unless there is somewayto use it that I have not considered....

Yesterday by Nicholas Lim
Webhooks not working.

Does webhooks work on the test stores in the Partner account? The webhooks is configured and I can see that through API but when I update the product in Shopidy admin the webhook does not get triggered. Any clue here?

Yesterday by Rob Curry
How to update ScriptTag

Hi Team, I am adding a script.js file to the Shopify Thanks you page by using the folowing code. script = ShopifyAPI::ScriptTag.create(:event => "onload", :src => "https://mydomain.com/folder/script.js") everything is working fine and I am able to see that script.js file at Shopify Thanks you page. but I am stuck with the following points. Q1. - Is there a...

Yesterday by mo zap
HTTP Basic Auth in Webhook callback url?

As far as I can tell I can't put a url with login details; something like: http://user:pass@mydomain.com/webhook Is there way around it? I've disabled basic auth for that specific URL for now, but I'd like to keep my entire domain behind basic auth.

Yesterday by Shaz Amjad
422 Unprocessable Entity when updating existing order resource

Hey guys, was there a change to the API on Shopify's side sometime around March 18 that could account for us getting "422 Unprocessable Entity" responses when attempting to update existing orders? Prior to that date we did not seem to get this response, or at least our appcustomers started reporting issues with our app on that date. Basically, we're trying to add an entry to n...

Yesterday by Justin Stern
Getting product image alt descriptions from ajax api

Hello everyone, I'm trying get the alt tags for product images using the ajax api. https://docs.shopify.com/support/your-website/themes/can-i-use-ajax-api#get-product It doesn't look like it returns the alt for images. Is this correct? It looks like I can only get the image paths. What is the best way to get the alt descriptions as well? Many thanks, -Tim

Yesterday by nickmealey
Collections update/delete webhooks are not sent

I've tested this with RequestBin (saving with updated title, description and conditions) and collections/create is sent through just fine, however neither update nor delete come through at all (unless by the "send test notification" button). This follows the experience I've had with our app for months as every other webhook comes through as expected, but have never seen a coll...

Mar 26 2015 by nickmealey
Postmates integration with Shopify Shipping/Carrier services

Guys, so we are looking to integrate this application: https://postmates.com/developer/docs into our Shopify platform. For how it works please check: http://blog.postmates.com/post/104856343907/a-technical-perspective-on-the-postmates-api . So we are looking for add a Carrier Service to our store. And As Postmates provides services to few regions as follows we will add other mutiple shippi...

Feb 8 2015 by sid sodha
iOS Shopping App w/ API only

I'm hoping to make a native iOS shopping experience --browse products, add to cart, and checkout --for multiple Shopify stores. Does the API support all of this functionality? I'm not looking to add any of the admin-side functionality, and I don't want to use webviews for cart/checkout. Is this sort of API functionality currently supported?

Mar 25 2015 by Mitch
Tracking Pixel not working

Hi, I made mhy own tracking Pixel in PHP and I see this works fine. I tried adding it to the Thank You page in the Checkout >Additional content & scripts and the code stays. BUT, when I'm in the thank you page the pixel: Doesn't who up Doesn't work With this I mean, I see the pixel borders (increased at 10x10 pixels while testing) like here: But the...

Mar 25 2015 by Andrea Lombardi
Google Analytics and Event Tracking

Hello all, This is a general question about tracking (specifically events like dropdowns, checkboxes, forms, etc.) and the google analtyics setup on Shopify. I have universal analtyics with enhanced ecommerce tracking setup and everything is working fine.I just added a dropdown currency switcher and would like to track its usage. By default do thing like this get tracked in Google on Shop...

Mar 25 2015 by Karen
product updated webhook is sent before all variants are updated on shopify

This is easily reproducible with a product with 4-5 or so variants. If you update the quantity of all variants at the same time, the payload on the resulting product updated webhook has the old quantities for most of the variants. Usually only the first one or two of the variants have the new quantity. We are able to work around this by making a Get Product API call instead of relying on the...

Mar 25 2015 by Sheryl Iverson
Custom product fields

I need the following: Custom fields attached to products which are editable in the product screen AND which transfer through via the online shipping calculator API. Reason is that I haveto add height, length and width to each product so that I can getfreight calculated correctly. Cannot find any reference to custom product fields in API documentation. Metafields willnot work, as far a...

Mar 25 2015 by TheCompetition