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New: Embed your app inside of Shopify!

Embedded Apps are the future of Shopify AppsOur new Embedded App Software Development Kit allows you to improve your app's user experience by embedding it directly inside the Shopify admin.The SDK enables simple and powerful communication between your app and Shopify.Access and customize many native GUI features, and create powerful integrations previously impossible on the platform.Learn m...

Oct 4 2014 by Unai
Please post your Liquid and AJAX API questions in the Design forum

Please post your Liquid, AJAX, and all theme-related questions in the Design forum:http://forums.shopify.com/categories/2

Sep 18 2014 by priyagupta
New API Announcements Forum

We have created a separateforum wherewe will postall official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Things likenewfeatures and endpoints, upcomingdeprecations and changes orplanned maintenance that might affect your app.Go check it out!https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/api-announcementsWe recommend subscribing to that forumto make sure you are always hear aboutthe changes that might affect yo...

Apr 7 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
Please read before posting!

Hello developers! Before posting to the Shopify API forums, please take a moment to consider your question. First, read over our API troubleshooting guideand see if your question can be answered with some exploration. Be sure to explain what you've already tried. Are there solutions online that you've already found, which haven't worked? Include enough detail so that answers provided will be...

Nov 20 2013 by James Dowling
Embed html on product pages

Hi All I'm trying to write an app that embeds some HTML on a store's product pages. I currently have this working by getting the shop admin to embed a tag in the product.liquid where they want the HTML: this loads some javascript that makes a CORS request to my backend that returns an HTML fragment to embed. But I'm wondering whether this is the best approach. I'd like the...

Today by Phil Pearl
Visitor/Pagevews API access

Is there currently any way to access visitor counts that are on the dashboard via the API? Thanks!

Today by Garth
How do apps do more than the API suggests?

Hi guys, Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm a web developer who has worked with a few APIs and so on but new to Shopify. I've been looking at the API and it seems there are some limitations, such as not being able to add/edit gift cards or discounts. However you can install apps that can do such things (like discount manager or something). I'm wondering how they do that if...

Yesterday by HunkyBill
Loading empty page? Embedded SDK & Rails

Hi! I'm working on building my first Shopify app and obviously messed something simple up. Something so simple I can't seem to find any documenation on it. Hoping someone could help. Here's what I've done: - cloned theembedded-app-example - changed the local DB settings to postgres (I'm not running sqlite3) - updated the api info for my developer account - connected th...

Yesterday by awd

Hello, using the php adapter api im trying to get a smart collections products in the manual order that is set via shopify dashboard. But... The api only returns the products in alphabetical order, which is not what I want, can someone help me out with this and let me know what variables i need in my api call to achieve this?

Yesterday by Dave Shacket

Hi all, I'm wonderung how to edit a template for a shop just with the API. I already played around a bit and tried the themes and script tags API. GET /admin/themes/#{id}.json GET /admin/script_tags.json The themes API only gives me information about the theme, and with the script tags API I didn't got good results on all themes.But it seems that there is a way because some...

Yesterday by Shopifier
script tag is not created

Hello, I created an app through the partners dashboard and did not publish it yet (not even for beta). I installed the app on my test store (my-test-store-8) via API by browsing manually to the installation page and getting the returned code from the redirection response. after that I created an access key. When use the retrieved access key to call various APIs, I can see it working fo...

Yesterday by Nimi
Get local URL of Application Proxy, even if shop owner changes it

Hi, this question was asked before, but was never answered. I'm creating an app that uses an applicaiton proxy link. I need to be able to reference this link for AJAX calls, but I cannot rely on the link matching what I set up in my app settingssince store owners have the option to edit the url that they use. How can I access the url value that a store is using for my app? Store ow...

Yesterday by timd.mackey
Updating a product's variant inventory deletes the other variants

I am doing a PUT /admin/products/#{id}.json with the json data containing as an example below. {"product": {"id" : 138738376,{ "variants": [ { "id": 808950810, "inventory_quantity": 10}, {"id": 49148385, "inventory_quantity": 20 } ] } } After executing the PUT call, the variants in the data are updated, but all the oth...

Yesterday by Shayne
Filtering APIs based on sub-fields

Is there any way to filter the Shopify API response based on sub-fields? For instance, from the Order API, we can get only the "Customer" information by passing "fields=customer" as parameter. However, is there any way to get only the customer's firstname? Something like "fields=customer.first_name"? Thanks.

Yesterday by Sudharshan Ramakumar
Pre-Sales with BrainTree gateway

First I found this old posthttps://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-discussion/t/pre-orders-handling-and-gateway-extended-authorization-153778 but that lead me to other products.I have .NET C# programming abilities so I'm thinking I need to customize shopify in a way that works for me.I'll attempt to explain what I'm after.I will have a store that has to types of products, in-stock...

Yesterday by Brian Nguyen
Product API timeout with many images

Hi, I'm able to send products through the api fine, but when I send a product with 12 variants, and 50 images total, shopify seems to timeout and return an internal server error. The api docs says each product should be able to hold 200 images, so I should be under the limit... what gives? Thanks BT

Mar 4 2015 by Brian Thibault
Empty webhooks list even if webhooks work

When I register webhooks for product create and update, no error is returned and notifications work as expected. However, GET /admin/webhooks.json returns {"webhooks":[]} This used to work fine a month ago when I first tested it.

Mar 4 2015 by Ovid
Changing the Shipping Address in Admin sends orders/updated notification...

I have registered webhooks for the orders/updated topic. When I edit the Shipping Address in Admin, everything works fine and I receive a webhook call with updated order data. However, if I edit Shipping Address in Admin again, no more webhook calls are sent by Shopify. Note that GETing /admin/orders/<id>.json returns updated data.

Mar 4 2015 by Ovid
What deployment options are there for Apps?

I've been looking through the docs and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer on how to deploy an app. Do I have to bring my own hosting, (from the docs that's what it looks like),or is there a way to deploy a private app purely on Shopify, without involving any third-party servers?

Mar 4 2015 by HunkyBill
How do I add a single tag containing commas to a product?

I have a product withthree tags:["Aardappel, groente, fruit", "Aardappelen", "Hele aardappel"]My question is how do I add those 3tags to a product using the API without it being sliced up into 5 tags because the first onecontains commas?I've tried:new_product = ShopifyAPI::Product.new new_product.title = "Burton Custom Freestlye 151" new_product.pro...

Mar 4 2015 by narzero