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Please post your Liquid and AJAX API questions in the Design forum

Please post your Liquid, AJAX, and all theme-related questions in the Design forum:http://forums.shopify.com/categories/2

Sep 18 2014 by priyagupta
New API Announcements Forum

We have created a separateforum wherewe will postall official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Things likenewfeatures and endpoints, upcomingdeprecations and changes orplanned maintenance that might affect your app.Go check it out!https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/api-announcementsWe recommend subscribing to that forumto make sure you are always hear aboutthe changes that might affect yo...

Apr 7 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
Please read before posting!

Hello developers! Before posting to the Shopify API forums, please take a moment to consider your question. First, read over our API troubleshooting guideand see if your question can be answered with some exploration. Be sure to explain what you've already tried. Are there solutions online that you've already found, which haven't worked? Include enough detail so that answers provided will be...

Feb 11 2013 by Lydia Krupp-Hunter
Why can I not make a product with this JSON.

I POSTed a new product JSON to this: "https://" + SHOP + "/admin/products.json" I get the following error when I try to creat a new product. { "errors" : { "product" : "Required parameter missing or invalid" } } This is the product JSON. I created it by loading the product definition from a shop and deleting product_id, created_at, updated_at, published_at tags....

Today by Ajo Fod
BUY SDK - App crashe when shipping outside US

Hi Shopify support team! I am facing an issue for some days now. When adding a BUYAddress (country : Switzerland)to the checkout and then updating it, the field "province" is marked as NSNULL to the updated checkout. And then when I want to chcekout by calling "storeCreditCard", shopify renders me an exception : *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'N...

Yesterday by Charles Gasche
Webhooks and listing past orders

Hi, I want to try to use a webhook to list orders that have already been made and I only see Order Creation, Update, payment, cancellation, fullfillment, deletion. Would I need to use the API? I amtrying to get a full listing of order data as I'm not satisfied with the way the Shopify csv export deals with line item note attributes (All of the note attributes are concatenatedinto the fir...

Yesterday by Randall Green
Buy Now SDK, Apple Pay, Paypal Pro

Hi i have had a native iOS app created to allow customers to purchase my products using Apple Pay. My set up is Shopify with Paypal Pro for credit card processing and using the Mobile Buy Now iOS SDK. Firstly when i have a UK shipping address i am shown Shipping Address and an exclamation mark before the touch id clicks on. If i change the address to a USA address the touch ID works...

Yesterday by Rune Madsen
HMAC verify app install request (using php)

Can anyone see why the calculated hmac below doesn't equal the hmac shopify is sending? I am getting the parameters "code", "shop", "timestamp", and "hmac" after user approves permissions to install. I'm going off docs here: http://docs.shopify.com/api/authentication/oauth#verification $hmac = $_GET['hmac']; $hmacSignature = "co...

Oct 9 2015 by heyhost
Webhook Removal to old warehouse

Hi, I am new to editing the API on my shopify store. I changed warehouse distributors and my shopify theme within a couple of weeks of each other. I was told that the warehouse removed the api call to let them know when an order was placed before I changed themes, however, that is not the case and now I receive an email saying the order is cancelled everytime an order is placed. My currenty tem...

Yesterday by TO
Retrieve/Create Checkout/Order Id for payment integration

Hi, We are trying to create an order using REST API via an external app, and with online payment enabled. On successful transaction we call the order api to place an order in shopify. Now to do the payment integration we need to send unique ORDERID/CheckoutId which we do not get until the order has been placed on shopify. Is there a way to get an order_id or a checkout id to pass on to the p...

Yesterday by Sridhar DropKaffe
Fulfilling part of an order in a Shopify Private App (PHP)

Has anyone got working code to fulfill part of an order in a Shopify Private App written in PHP. PHP doesn't have the objects or hash or whatever they are called in each language that the sample shows with parenthesis inside of curly braces. Let me explain further: I am GETTING any information Ineed: orders, products, order events. Even the create_product.php works. It is the updating of...

Yesterday by Cal Tabernik
Wiil there be automatic email notification from fulfillment service API ...

Hi, I am doing the fulfillment API things. Fulfillment Service APIarticle says that shopify will make a request every hour to "fetch_tracking_number". I want to know when the request get the tracking number, will shopify automaticlly send user the shipping confirmation email? If not, how can I let it happen? I know in Fulfillment API , there will be email notification for...

Yesterday by Emily Zhang
Xamarin integration help

Hi Shopify team! We are developing xamarin app and try to integrate it with your service. We tried to use .net adapter, but it works for Web apps as we understood. For authorization we need callback url that returns special code for further actions. How can we use APIwithout callbacks in .NET like it realized in Android or iOS. Thanks!

Yesterday by Aleksey Rozhkov
UPS Security Upgrade for Developer Kit APIs

Hello Shopify, I received this message from UPS today: " Security Upgrade Required for UPS® Developer Kit APIs Action is Required UPS is in the process of upgrading communication security protocols for all web-based applications, including UPS Developer Kit Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are used to integrate UPS functionality into your website and applicatio...

Oct 12 2015 by Karina
shopify_theme gem ignore_files does not black list files when downloading

I use the shopify_theme gem to download/upload files from my theme. I want to blacklist certain files so that when I run theme downloadit doesn't pull down all the large asset files that I have in my theme. The config.yml file has the option to include :ignore_files: along with a list of files to ignore. When I runtheme downloadit downloads files that I intend to ignore however when I runth...

Oct 12 2015 by Cormick Browne
No email sent on fulfilment

Hi, When creating an order via the REST API, i have included these two parameters { "send_receipt": true, "send_fulfillment_receipt: true } to be able to send confirmation email to customer With this, we are able to send an order confirmation email but not the fulfilment confirmation email upon fulfilling the items. What could be the reason for this? Any help would be a...

Oct 12 2015 by Sridhar DropKaffe
Shopify OAUTH problems

We have created a Shopify app. Someone please clarify the following questions. 1. Can I change the callback URL? Inside Shopify partner login, the Callback URLfield is disabled. 2. When a store's admin clicks on the green big "GET" button in store page, which URL they will be taken to? 3. After clicking on the GET button,I get redirected to one of the URL's in my site...

Oct 12 2015 by Josh Harms
Passing an order number to the payment gateway

Hi everyone, am wondering if someone can help me with this question - we have a client that wishes to pass the order number through to the payment gateway on card authorisation, so it is easier for them to reconcile payments from the payment gateway to their back-end system. As I understand it, an order number is only created by Shopify once an approved authorisation message is passed bac...

Oct 11 2015 by Martin Stafford
My Online Store Overview suddenly quit working

My Online Store overview and my home dashboard have suddenly stopped working. My online store overview is completely blank. Also, when I click on the house icon it just spins and spins. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks!

Oct 11 2015 by Mary Spencer
Direct API Integration with Jet.com

Anyone have a suggestion on who to use to help me integrate my shopify store with www.jet.com? Their api info is here.https://developer.jet.com/ I am really looking to get this done through odesk or elance to avoid costly developer fees in the USA> Any advice

Oct 11 2015 by KECHIA TAYLOR