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New: Embed your app inside of Shopify!

Embedded Apps are the future of Shopify AppsOur new Embedded App Software Development Kit allows you to improve your app's user experience by embedding it directly inside the Shopify admin.The SDK enables simple and powerful communication between your app and Shopify.Access and customize many native GUI features, and create powerful integrations previously impossible on the platform.Learn m...

Oct 4 2014 by Unai
Please post your Liquid and AJAX API questions in the Design forum

Please post your Liquid, AJAX, and all theme-related questions in the Design forum: http://forums.shopify.com/categories/2

Sep 18 2014 by priyagupta
New API Announcements Forum

We have created a separate forum where we will post all official announcements concerning the Shopify API. Things like new features and endpoints, upcoming deprecations and changes or planned maintenance that might affect your app.Go check it out! https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/api-announcementsWe recommend subscribing to that forum to make sure you...

Apr 7 2014 by Maarten van Grootel
Please read before posting!

Hello developers! Before posting to the Shopify API forums, please take a moment to consider your question. First, read over our API troubleshooting guide and see if your question can be answered with some exploration. Be sure to explain what you've already tried. Are there solutions online that you've already found, which haven't worked? Include enough detail so that answers provided w...

Nov 20 2013 by James Dowling
Shopify theme repository using Git?

I looked for a post around this and didn't find one so I'll post the question.Have you (Shopify team) considered using a Git repository as the backend for storing themes on your side?  Similar to the way that Heroku (and other services) support being a remote git endpoint.  There are so many benefits to doing this:When editing themes from multiple machine, we wouldn't have...

Today by development shop
API request to fetch manually sorted products in collection

Hi,I'm having some problems using Shopify API and support staff redirected me here.I have a collection with a few manually sorted products and I'm trying to fetch them via API.I'm using "/admin/products.json?collection_id=..." endpoint and the problem is that products in response are always sorted alphabetically. I would expect, since I filtered them by collection_id, that...

Yesterday by Gerald Andres
Does This Option Exist and If So How: Changing a particular Shopify Data...

Disclaimer:This topic may be mentioned in different areas, and if so, associated links would helpful, but otherwise and maybe more helpful for us in the end is if you can please look over this question carefully. My Role:I work for ConvergIQ who are working with the developers of a user of this Shopify web application.. What we want to do:As per the title, we need to know if the proce...

Yesterday by Jordon Frauen
Api Documentation issues

Hello,I am a developer and trying to write a program that interacts with your api.I have the following issues:http://docs.shopify.com/api/shop/- primary_location_id is an undocumented property. what is its type and purpose?- tax_shipping the documentation states, that this value is bool (true/false). yet you document it with "null". Making bools makes only sense in rare cases.http://d...

Yesterday by Massaad
Cannot overwrite product.available from liquid

Hello gurus,Tried to overwrite some product variables from liquid code. The following still outputs true.Can this be done? Thanks!{% for product in collection.products %} {% assign product.available = false %} product.available {{product.available}} {% endfor %} 

Yesterday by Jason
Authentication customer with the help of shopify API

HelloPlease provide me solutionHow can I authenticate as a customer with help of Shopify API on other domain like subdomain. Prabhat 

Nov 27 2014 by Alex Missett
API fetching single order error

I am trying to fetch an orders meta tags or variant values by using the codeGET /admin/orders/#{id}.jsonI use this but it just takes me back to the orders page in my admin? Can anyone help? Thank you!

Nov 27 2014 by Alex Missett
Order Source "checkout_next" origination?

I've come across a new source_name value for orders - "checkout_next". Was this previously "web" (or "browser")?Do these originate from a browser session?Thanks, Gavin. 

Nov 27 2014 by HunkyBill
Setting Currency conversion rates instead of using the xe.com feed

Hi All,I have the choppily currency converter setup and working well. My issue is that we want to set the conversion rates ourselves and not use the xe.com feed. Cheers!Marxk Madhavan    

Nov 27 2014 by Marxk Madhavan
Custom Product

Hi there,I am in the process of making some changes to our store. I am hoping for our customers to be able to create a 'custom product' which may be made up of several different products.For example, customers will be able to create their own custom set of sliding wardrobe doors. Unfortunately, we have too many possibly combinations to be able to use Product Variants.What I want to be a...

Nov 27 2014 by Cool Llama
Product Update Webhook repeat excessively till getting deleted.

Hi, I have created a product update webhook that simply just insert the productId that was modified into a database queue.However Shopify Webhook seems to repeatedly send back the same webhook.My code is just as simple as this:<?php header("HTTP/1.1 200 OK"); include_once('shopify_credentials.php'); function verify_webhook($data, $hmac_header) { $calculated_hm...

Nov 27 2014 by Jason T
Issue with Shopify's rewrite rules on redirect from return_to

I believe I am experiencing a similar problem as this closed issue https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-apps/t/return-url-issues-27883#write-commentI am trying to add an item to my Shopify cart from an external site which is straight forward and has been no problem with the exception of one domain.  The problem is specifically with the redirect.  I have three links below with ...

Nov 26 2014 by Dustin McBride
Not able to add Script Tag to the Checkout page

Shopify API says that We can add Script Tag (load JS file at Checkout page) to the Checkout page If we use the HTTPS://. I have a script URL https://domain.com/script.js and tried to add to the Checkout page which is not happening.Is there any API changes recently. Or is there any another way to do this. If Yes please reply.

Nov 26 2014 by mo zap
Embed App :: Get Shop owners email address

Hi All,I am working on an App and when a shop owner install the application, I would like to automatically trigger an email thanking them for installing the app. The problem is that I am not sure how to automatically get the shop owner's email address. I know I can see their information in the Partner area, but I would like to automate this process. Any recommendations? Thank...

Nov 26 2014 by Mar
Shopify API - How does order deletion work?

Hello,I'm a bit confused with "Delete an order" functionality in Shopify and I'd like to have that explained to me if it's possible.First of all, I've read your documentation, the important thing is this "You can only delete an order that has been cancelled or closed." So, creating and deleting an order directly in Shopify admin works just fine. The confusion...

Nov 26 2014 by David
get inserted Product Id in Webhook

I am doing integration between shopify and salesforce and for that I have create a webhook event on "Product/Insert", But iI don't know how to get inserted Product Id in Webhook. Is there any way to send Product Id with webhook URL.

Nov 26 2014 by Unai