March 24, 2010

Why does my website not come up, even if I put my business name into google This post is outdated

I am very frustrated. Even typing my business name into google does not bring up a link to my website.   Seriously, links to my fan page on facebook and ebay come up instantly. I had a ebay store which I used to sell off merchandise I wanted to get rid of quickly.  I had to close it as it completely overshadowed my actual website on search engines. I have no idea about meta-tags, SEO's all the other things I am reading about here. I thought by using shopify, all of that was built into the design (like ebay and facebook).  The question is where can I find help that isn't written in techno lingo? Any links, references would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Relm,

When looking for 'relmhandmade', your website does come up on page 1 of results.

But this:


What is your business name? And do you know why am I asking?

Google is probably asking the same thing...

Where is your business name on your website?

1. You have no title attribute (usually this one will contain your business name). Or rather you have this:


Speaking of which... You have a couple of META tags with no content. Did your web designer leave the country unexpectedly - or...?

<meta name="description" content="" />
<meta name="keywords" content=""/>

2. You did not submit your sitemap.xml to Google. This tells me you did not - this won't help.

<meta name="verify-v1" content="" />

3. Your logo is not an image replacement to the name of your store. The name of your store is not even used as 'alt' attribute of your logo (and you cannot expect the Google robot to read words off an image).

<h1><a href="/"><img src="http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0036/3212/assets/logo.png?1269293907" alt="" /></a></h1>

Do you see the name of your business in that very important h1 tag?


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I took a look at the 'source' of your home page - what Google sees, Google reads the code on your page. I did a search for the word 'relm' in that 'source' (code). Do you know how many times I found the sequence of letters 'relm'? Zero occurrences. Your business name is nowhere on your home page, nowhere that is readable by Google.

Caroline from http://11heavens.com ∴ mllegeorgesand AT gmail DOT com
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March 24, 2010

Hi @relm  ...

You've got a pretty sweet looking site there, and your products are quite beautiful!  Now, you've got to focus on getting people to your store, and Caroline's advice is right on.  A big part of that draw is creating the right words and phrases that help people find your products, AND placing the right "Meta" descriptions and/or tags in the code that drives your page.

I recognize that you're most likely not a code expert, or an SEO expert, but in my years of doing this I've found there is one resource I refer to continually for my SEO education and new ideas, and the site is called SEO Book.  You should check it out. It's worth a look so you can learn how to improve your traffic and site visibility.

I'll also add, that unless you're company name is already well known in the crafting world, and people are actually searching for your products by your company name, most people would not be searching for your crafts by using your company name. Instead, they would use Google to search for things like:  "hand made pillows" or "handmade slip covers for pillows", "hand made earrings", or perhaps even "The Rachel Lee Memorial Fund" ... you could place something on each page that says that a portion of the sales goes to the fund, for example, which would then raise the "profile" in Google for that phrase.  Linking to 4rachel.com throughout your site would then also help create "link love" for that site as well, in the end helping to gradually increase the visibility of both your page and the Foundation's page.

Shopify is a wonderful platform, but it also needs a bunch of work on the back end to really make things hum.  That's the case for all web stores though, designing a page for the web is all about what you write, and how often you say it throughout the text.  Check out SEO Book, it's free and I think will help you tons.

Good luck with your store and the great cause you're supporting!


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April 07, 2010

Thanks for all the feedback. I am totally clueless about this stuff. I did not have my website designed but used a template which I made changes to within my limited knowledge level (took me months to figure out even the small stuff). I know nothing about sitemaps or meta tags! I have so limited capital but hope to invest some this spring into the website.  I will get the SEO book though right away.



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April 07, 2010

Relm. I highly recommend reading through this 15 part article series.

It's very concise and should give you a good understanding of fundamental SEO practices.

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