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Check your Shopify store for the most common SEO and usability issues an... g26

Hello everyone! This topic is created tohelp online stores which experience any SEO / Marketingissues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online andhow to improve it. In this thread we have talked to a lot of Shopify store owners and pointed out at many issues their ecommerce stores had in terms of on-site search engine optimization, site structure, link-building campai...

Yesterday by Grant Wesgate
Doesnt work.

I try all ,but no one come to my shop.. I think its doesnt work for me. Maybe i need clsoe my shop. ;( Ehhhh/. https://herkshop.myshopify.com

Today by Koreen W
SEO Question regarding product links?

Hi All, Just a quick SEO question. We are now seeing a lot of organic traffic coming to the site and it's growing everyday. The nature of our business, means, what is popular today, nobody wants it in 2 months time, let alone 6. So, my question is this, if I delete the old products will it have an adverse affect on our rankings? For now I am hiding products that no longer sell. But th...

Today by Fiona Tarr
SEO help within Australia

Hello guy's, Does anyone know if there is anyone like a shopify expert located in Australia that can give my store the once over for a good price? The store is only new and ithas got SEO issues I think.I would like to fast-track the SEO potential issues so I don't have to bust my nut over it, allowing me to learn how to manage SEO's progressively. I did install SEO doctor a...

Today by Tomas W
Migrating to Shopify - Can I maintain my rank on Google?

I have an existing store on another ecommerceplatform. The website ranks on Page 1 of Google.ca for4 main keywords and several secondary keywords. How much of a drop in rank can I expect to have afterI migrate? How long will it take to recover? Anyone have any experience with this? Tahnk you!

Today by Lucy1629
Traffic to conversions is so frustratingly hard!

I am getting so frustrated with the traffic I am getting and not seeing conversions from it.......any tips & tricks? I have been doing FB ads and some Adwords

Today by Will Young
Seems like I got swindled by Facebook Ads!?!?

I ran a short Facebook ad for webcliks a few days ago. I monitored it very closely to see what demographics were engaging the most with my ad. I was averaging less than 50 cents a click, but I soon noticed something was off. I was checking what my store admin was showing for how many visits I was getting to my site and what my GA was telling me about my traffic sources. The amount of clicks Fac...

Today by Will Young
Google shopping

I've got stuck with google shopping and how to load different sizes/colours on?I tried using the app but got nowhere. My products have different colour options and also different sizes (products are dog collars). How do I list these? Currently I have each item with drop downs for colour and size but looks like this format does not work with Google shopping?Do I need to change the whol...

Today by John O
Google Adwords or Facebook ADS

Learning and implementing successful PPC strategie will take much time and money. So which one should I be focusing onFB ads or Adwords? Cheers! Oliver

Yesterday by King Unicorn
What are Best Practices for using MailChimp with Shopify?

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if I can get some advice on how to set up MailChimp lists for my Shopifiy store. Here's my questions: I understand that the "Mailchimp forShopify" app will sync my customers (who have opted for marketing) with the MailChimp list I have created for the shop. I also know I should create only ONE list per shop.So far so good. However, for non-c...

Yesterday by Jeremy Robinson
Search engine optimisation - handling of product tags and collections

Hi There, So I have a website www.sunkissedthecollective.com We make use of both product tags and collections to help serve our product catalogue to our customers. Google has indexed both our collections and product tags e.g.: https://www.sunkissedthecollective.com/collections/designers/blue AND https://www.sunkissedthecollective.com/collections/designers As these are esse...

Yesterday by Alicia W
Free Rank/Comparison of your site to your competitors

We are Hivewyre- an ecommerce data co-op (What's that? You ask). This post explains in digestable language what we do. To be 100% transparent this is NOT a means to procure new leads for our account reps (they have their own avenues to do this). NOR is thisa way to get you to get something for "free",only to later on be asked by us to try our new service/product/sitefor 30-days...

May 2 2016 by Hivewyre_Dave
Google Merchant Center - account suspended

Hello, I have a problem with my merchant center account. I installed the Google Shopping app on my shopify website and I successfully sent all data to the merchant center, but it returned me an error. Account suspended due to policy violation: Google Shopping policies Information given is not specific, soI called Google support and they told me I need to upload a data feed and they don...

Yesterday by Susan's Green Marketplace
Two months in almost zero traffic every day

Hi all, I launched my store two months ago however it receives almost zero traffic each day unless I am running some sort of ad campaign or someone clicks through an external link. I've done the whole keyword optimization thing on my website but there must be many areas where I am going wrong (due to lack of experience) that I simply need some guidance in. Any suggestions would be ...

Yesterday by Natwar Maheshwari
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres ...

Mar 9 2016 by Ainsley Aiken
Help with Adwords or Google Shopping Ads

Hello. Would someone please help me get started with adwords? I've used the keyword planner, and read a bunch of guides, but feels like i'm only spending money and not getting results. I haven't used Adwords on my current product yet, but have for other stuff. Is it even possible to use adwords to get direct sales (instead of just a lead to sign up for emails)? Or maybe focus ...

May 2 2016 by Joshua Uebergang
How to set up a 301 redirect from one of your redundant hostnames to the...

My google analytics is saying i need to set upa 301 direct from one redundant host name to the other,how to i go about doing it? Thanks Joni.

May 2 2016 by Joshua Uebergang
Tracking Convert Adwords, before payment page.

Hello , I'm a week with difficulties in implementing and Do follow the google conversion . I saw that in Repport do Shopify , appears one conversion to announce but paid me on the screen AdWords shows that there was no conversion . Currently I am using Next no additional check-out code ... However it goes to external payment, I would like to send data to OS When clicked the button finis...

May 2 2016 by Joshua Uebergang
What to do if you get slammed on Reddit

Yesterday, I found out that someone called out my store as a SCAM on Reddit. This was totally in error. I resolved it but the post had a few hours to sit and got some views (and probably not the kind of visits I want to my online shop). All was resolved with the person who posted it, but I'm afraid that this may have a negative affect on any future post I make linking back to my store (thet...

Apr 29 2016 by Crystal Johnson
Advertising in Japan

Hey All Has any have any experience selling in Japan and advertising there? If so can you let me know how you went about it as looking to sell my products there. www.latitude174.com Thanks

May 1 2016 by James N