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Discount code - Limit to 1 time per customer g10

Hi,I want to limit this particular discount for 1 time use per customer. Can this be done?There's only an option How many times can this discount be used? Does this apply to 1 customer or overall?Thanks.

Apr 24 2015 by Evulse
6 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Hey everyone,We see a lot of people posting here looking for ways to get traffic to their store. We just published a post on the Shopify blog that provides you with six actionable ideas (and tools) you can take and put to use in your business right now. We also provide templates you can copy and paste to reach out to people.You can find it here:http://goo.gl/GbtBTtI would be interested to hear ...

Apr 17 2015 by markbrowny
The Anatomy of a $122.5 Million Venture-Funded Ecommerce Website

How do you get more sales and repeat customers for your ecommerce business?That’s the number one question most online store owners want answered.Most of the time, it comes down to making small improvements and optimizations to your site over time.But where do you start?In this post we explore how Harry's,a 12-month old ecommerce business powered by $122.5M in venture capital funding, ...

Jan 29 2015 by mikelclark
Looking for 10 beta-tester of a marketing app (free lifetime app usage f...

Hello Shopifyers! We're excited to launch a beta test of theexit intent email acquisition & automated email campaigns app –StoreTrigger. StoreTrigger helps you capture emails of the visitors who are about to leave your website (without any discount offers!) and use them in fully automated trigger-based email campaigns. Based on website behavior, each customer gets his own...

Today by Lauren Spencer
How to add Google Adsense to Shopify?

Hello everyone,I want to add Google Adsense to my shopify store, please help me

Yesterday by Uyen Le
Advertising/marketing question for store owners

Two questions in regards to shop owners here on Shopify. Question 1 - Would you be willing to advertise a company/brand withsimilar products to the ones you are selling on your packages to reduce the price of shipping? Example - you have your own outdoor goods store & realtree asks you to advertise their new product & for every package you ship, you save .50 cents Question 2 - Wou...

Apr 24 2015 by Chasing717
New Shop? Looking for Likes/Follows? Lets exchange.

We are a new shop and looking for Likes and Follows on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. If you like and/or Follow us, we will do the same. Our site isURopa Thank you.

Apr 24 2015 by JACOB MENACHERY
Looking for a specific app for my store.

Hi guys, I'm looking for a app that adds a social media sharing function to a productand rewards the user for sharing with a discount. Couldn't really find something, maybe I overlooked it? Best, Hans

Apr 24 2015 by JACOB MENACHERY
Shopify Discount Codes

Hi all, I am wanting to create discount codes using the bulk shopify discount code maker. The codes should allow the customer to save a certain percentage. Example, say save 60%. Sounds easy, right? Well, thats just half of what I want it to do. I also want there to be a limit as to how much the customer can save. Like, for example, say save 60% with a maximum savings of $50. Is there anyway...

Apr 23 2015 by Justin
Blog Tags: How do you modify their title tags?

We're getting hit with duplicate title tag penalties because 'Blog Tags' are using the exact same title and description as our blog. Not to confuse 'Blog Tags' are different than 'Title Tags' and 'Description Tags'. Blog tags are meant to organize your blog content into themes. How do you change their meta data so each one is unique? Appreciate any help on...

Apr 24 2015 by Haute Hijab


Apr 24 2015 by rajm
Automation E-mail based on Vendor

Hi, We have different vendors in our web and we would like to send different messages in the notifications emails depending on the product vendor of the purchase. Is possible through any of the variables? We are using mailchimp but I only can send automation e-mails depending on the product so I would have to create 200 automation e-mails to do this. Is there any kind of way to do it thor...

Apr 22 2015 by Hedvig Christine ...
Referrals - what is "invalid" - error page since last week

Hello, Since end of last week a non-working referral appears in out traffic summary. It is called "invalid", but links nowhere. We have not changed anything codewise. Unfortunately, the ranking of this referral is quite high. Does anybody know what is behind it or has experienced a similar problem with its shopifystore since last week? Regards, Udo / Fabian

Apr 23 2015 by Udo
Impact of adding subdomain for mobile site

Here's the situation... We are a large scale eCommerce site on a bad platform, Network Solutions (NS). We want to make our site more mobile friendly, but as I said,we're currently on an NS platform. We are alsolooking to migrate to a new eCommerce platform. However, we don't want to lose rank, and we of course wouldn't want our shopping subdomain to outrank our main site. Wha...

Apr 23 2015 by Michael M.
Meta Description question...

I understand that having a unique meta description for a product can help. Too many people just copy and paste a manufacturer's product description. My question is this: If I copy and paste my product description in an external ad aiming at my site, am I actually devaluing the chances of its originality helping my site rank?

Apr 23 2015 by Snowball_91
'Thank You' page URL for Google Analytics funnel

Hi, does anyone know what the 'Thank You' page URL should be? I did a test purchase to get the below URL:https://checkout.shopify.com/4095881/checkouts/d07556757126de23b37629ffb3c866d1/thank_youUnderstand that 4095881 is my store number, and the last bit is the order # meaning it would change every time, so what should I be using exactly?

Mar 11 2015 by Jeff Schneider
Google SEO for mobile devices is changing

http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/04/better-presentation-of-urls-in-search.html http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/04/rolling-out-mobile-friendly-update.html This mean your sites very design can give you an edge in search results on mobile devices. So content still rules but usability can now be your tie breaker. To Some actions to take: test your...

Apr 22 2015 by Paul L. Newton
Backlinks Aren't Showing Up

My ecommerce siteadded several "follow" links from reputable sites but they still aren't showing up. It has been about 10-14 days since they were added but none of the backlink checkers recognize them. How long does it take for the links to appear? I am about to go into official launch mode for my rum balls but want to make sure there aren't any back end issues with my ...

Apr 22 2015 by Tran Phu
Building a pre-launch email list

I'm launching an online jewelry brand on June 1 and have no email list at this point. (Well, there is one, but it's small.) I'd like to come up with a Landing Page/Free Download or giveaway concept to build my pre-launch mailing list. Does anyone have any experience with building a list before the brand launches, and how I might gather the most valuable names? My initial idea...

Apr 22 2015 by Amy Vining
Hey guys, what marketing tools do you use for your store?

Hi guysThe title says it all. I've just opened a new online store and it's kinda hard to get traffic and traction. I really appreciate if you could share some marketing tools you're using that actually help to increase sales.Thanks a lot.

Mar 17 2015 by CheshtaBose