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Check your Shopify store for the most common SEO and usability issues an... g20

Hello everyone! This topic is created tohelp online stores which experience any SEO / Marketingissues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online andhow to improve it. In this thread we have talked to a lot of Shopify store owners and pointed out at many issues their ecommerce stores had in terms of on-site search engine optimization, site structure, link-building campai...

Today by Joe Nieto
The 26-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday and Cyber ...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are tremendous opportunities for your ecommerce business to make money. In fact, according to Adobe, U.S. consumers spent a record-breaking$2.4 billion on Black Friday last year. But that record won’t last long; according to TechRadar, Black Friday 2015 isprojected to be the biggest day of spending on the internet — ever.It's no wonder more and ...

Nov 16 2015 by Tucker Schreiber
Global Referral/Affiliate App

Hey All We've recently gone from one global storeinto 4 regional specific stores. We're looking for a referral/affiliate system that can work across all 4 sites. We used to use Referral Candy which was great for a single site but now we need something that works across all four sites in 4 different currencies. Any suggestions as Referral Candy could not offer us a solution that wo...

Nov 25 2015 by John O
Bing Merchant Center Catalog Feed File?

I am trying to upload my products to the Bing Merchant center and am stuck at the catalog feed file step. What do I do here? Per my Shopify reports I am getting a decent amount of traffic from Bing so I feel like it will be worthwhile. I called Bing and they were not helpful.... Thanks in advance!

Yesterday by Genevieve Shanahan
Black Friday sales if margins already low??

Hey guys, Looking for some advice on good BF sales to entice people to make a purchase, however not crazy enough to wipe out my profit altogether. My profit margins are only about 25-30% max, so offering any huge discounts will only destroy my profit. Though some profit is better than no profit I guess?! I was thinking of offering deals based on geographic location i.e. US customers &...

Yesterday by Shauna M
How can I add a product image to shopify automated abandoned cart message?

Hi there! I'm trying to customize my store's abandoned cart message and I'd like to have the option to add a photo of the product to the message. I tried using a few codes but none seems to work! Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you so so much! Rafaela

Yesterday by Nicholas O' Fegan
Need help with Facebook Ad Targeting

Hi all, My friend and I launched a phone case store (see here). We've been able to get some good traction (1K+ visitors) from Instagram and Facebook Ads, however nothing converts. Our Facebook ads get lots of clicks/engagement, however no useful conversions. Are we targetting wrong? Is there anyone who has previously run successful FB ads for phone cases/or accessories help us o...

Nov 25 2015 by Rami Ghanem
Kickstarter vs. Website Marketing Strategy?

Hey All - We launched our Shopify site (www.sasqwatchco.com) a couple weeks ago, and just launched our Kickstarter campaign (http://bit.ly/Sasqwatchco) yesterday. We aretrying to drive as much traffic as possible to our campaign page, but we also don't want to ignore any potential customers coming to our website. Does anyone have any experience or advice for driving qualified traff...

Nov 25 2015 by Bas Reuben
Take this Down Please

Please Remove this post

Nov 25 2015 by Miguel Delmoral
Black Friday Strategy

First thing you should know about my brand clickgearclothing.com is that I make clothing for photographers as I am a photographer and could never find shit that I would actually wear. That's the short version. Obviously the busiest shopping season of the year is at our heels. This is my first holiday shopping season with my brand and I have a few things in mind to begin promoting our hol...

Nov 19 2015 by DennisMoons
Best SEO app

There are several SEO apps and they range in price greatly. What do you recommend? I have LOTS of items and LOTS of collections. Thanks.

Nov 25 2015 by JoshHighland
Black Friday - Does It Make Sense to Be Part of the Herd?

Rather than competing with the big box stores at a time when everyone's e-mail boxes are getting inundated with Black Friday marketing, any small retailers doing anything creative and alternative than the usual (and meh) sales and discounts?

Nov 25 2015 by Alexis
When do you start showing customer reviews?

I am using the Orankl review app and wanted to know when you start showing reviews on your products. Many customers don't bother leaving a review so some products may have none while others would show only one or two reviews. Do you show reviews with only one or two customer reviews?

Nov 25 2015 by Josh Ehrenfried
These are apps trusted by top stores like Bolder Bands, Beardbrand, Gold...

Don't you want to grow just likeBolder Bands, Goldieblox, Beardbrand, Chubbieswho havebuilt multi million dollar stores on Shopify? Choosing the right apps is one of the biggest challenges.Well, to help you with that, I went about researching 157 of the most successful Shopify stores andI haveshortlisted 15 of the top appswhich these stores are actively using. I have compiled themhere...

Nov 25 2015 by Tejaswi @Pipemonk
I need help. Its been nearly four month and i have not got any sales yet

Hi Guys i am a new seller. new to online World of selling. I was Selling on Ebay before but my business is gone down for few months. i started a shopify store but i have not got any sales. its been few months now. i will be really greatfull if you guys can give me tips and suggestion on how i can get sales and if you as a user find my store intersting, easy to use. i simple words would you buy ...

Nov 19 2015 by Simona Casolari
Which SEO Agency you recommend? (only real customer please)

Hello all! Can you recommend SEO Agency which you personally used for your e-commerce? I know here's few agencies advertizing themself but we are looking for a feedback from real customer who use them. Also it would be helfull if you provide a little details why you like them. Feel free to send me email to frenchpress { a t} bizpresto.com Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.

Nov 24 2015 by Igor Dernov
Direct Mail & Postcards

Im thinking about using a service for my site that sends a postcard/letter with a discount, addressed directly to my customer, when they abandon cart (so of course, we already have the customer in session = we have their shipping details from say a previous order). The developer is also offering to send postcards for customers who have previously bought with us but trying to reengage them. ...

Nov 20 2015 by Courtenay Farquha...
Instagram visitors and ads

Hi everyone, On the overview section of my Shopify Dashboard I can't seem to see which visitors come from Instagram. This seems even more important now that Instagram ads exist. Is there another way to know how many Instagram visitors have been on your website? Thanks :) Carmo www.tail-wag.com

Nov 24 2015 by Ardiane T
Facebook ads getting positive likes and comments, still no conversion

Hi guys, I have recently placed an Facebook ads to boost my post in my store's facebook page and I have get 207 like in 2 days for £7.24, 5.71% result rate, people are also commented and say they want it too.Sounds great right? However, none of these people converted into sale. Does anyone knows what problem I have in my ads? https://www.facebook.com/thetriadapparel/photos/a.106...

Nov 19 2015 by DennisMoons
How to word Google Adwords correctly? ($10,000)

Hi there, I've recently created a gift shop for our charity at www.heavyhorsegifts.com.I'm getting around 500 views a month at the moment but only a few sales. Most of the views come from ourmain charity website atwww.northcotehorses.com Because we're a charity we have access to $10,000 a month worth of Google adwords credit but if I'm honest I'm not really sure how to...

Nov 24 2015 by WhiteWater Web