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Discount code - Limit to 1 time per customer g9

Hi,I want to limit this particular discount for 1 time use per customer. Can this be done?There's only an option How many times can this discount be used? Does this apply to 1 customer or overall?Thanks.

Yesterday by Marcelo Gallego Moreno
Check your Shopify store for the most common SEO and usability issues an... g10

Hello everyone! This topic is created tohelp online stores which experience any SEO / Marketingissues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online andhow to improve it. In this thread we have talked to a lot of Shopify store owners and pointed outmany issues their ecommerce stores had in terms of on-site search engine optimization, site structure, link-building campaigns ...

Yesterday by Michele Cohen
6 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Hey everyone,We see a lot of people posting here looking for ways to get traffic to their store. We just published a post on the Shopify blog that provides you with six actionable ideas (and tools) you can take and put to use in your business right now. We also provide templates you can copy and paste to reach out to people.You can find it here:http://goo.gl/GbtBTtI would be interested to hear ...

Feb 27 2015 by Jeff
The Anatomy of a $122.5 Million Venture-Funded Ecommerce Website

How do you get more sales and repeat customers for your ecommerce business?That’s the number one question most online store owners want answered.Most of the time, it comes down to making small improvements and optimizations to your site over time.But where do you start?In this post we explore how Harry's,a 12-month old ecommerce business powered by $122.5M in venture capital funding, ...

Jan 29 2015 by mikelclark
HELP! Problems with SEO, including Ultra SEO App

Hi All, Hoping some of you might be able to point me in the right direction. My SEO score is horrible, and I've been trying to figure out why. A few questions for the group that might help me fix things: 1) I have the Ultra SEO app and have filled it out for all of my pages, including keywords. I figured out today that the information I am entering into the Ultra SEO app is not making...

Today by Nathan Hananger
Setting Google Category and GTIN when creating new product in Shopify vi...

I am adding products to my shopify store with an API connection. I am also using the Googl eShopping app. After I add a new product, I need to manually set the Google Category and GTIN for Google Shopping. Is there a way to utilize the API to set these values?

Today by RH
Looking to Promote Fellow Shopifyers

Hey fellow Shopifyiers, My name is Josh Rodin and I’m one of the co-founders ofPopShopnLock.com, a fashion & lifestyle platform dedicated to connecting people with incredible, emerging designers and their products. Each week we bring our fans items which we think are both stylish and compelling at incredible discounts. Yet we are not just a weekly deal site, we also make an acti...

Jan 29 2015 by jessypark
How to increase the online sales by ecommerce marketing?

Hi Guys,Could you please sharewith me and othershow you can boost your sales?What marketing strategies youuse to attract more customers come into your site and buy stuff?I have run my shop for a month and get few sales. Iam running a promotion campaign for launchas giving a discount codeif they submit their email to subcribe our newsletter.I don't know how to boost sales for my shop now and...

Oct 14 2014 by douglasackerman
conversion rate horrible

So I just opened my website last week Sunday and I have had a total of 139 visitors to date and only a total of 29people have either added to their cart or proceed to checkout. I have yet to have anybody purchase :( . Any suggestions on what I can do to have a sale? When did you get your first sale?

Sep 11 2014 by Tejaswi R
Generating Reports that ARE NOT Sales Oriented

Hi All, I want to know where my Unique Visitors are coming from (more than just their countries), what pages are they accessing, for how long and the last page they access before leaving. A day last week the daily unique visitors jumped from 20 to almost 400 in a 2 hour period. The next day back to normal. I have no sales through my website. People come everyday and do not buy anything...

Yesterday by Sean Costello
How FlyPedals.com Made $130K in 6 Months Working Part Time

Click here to get tips and advice from this successful entrepreneur In this episode you’ll hear from Bryan Gardner fromFlyPedals.comand how he beat his Kickstarter goal by 400%, earns $3,000 a month from Amazon passively and has sold $130,000 in products in the past 6 months by working only 20 to 25 hours a week. In this podcast you’ll learn: Why Bryan invested $10,0...

Yesterday by felixthea
Google Analytics - Checkout Behavior Analysis Report

Has anyone had success setting up the Checkout Behavior Analysis report that is part of Google Analytics Enhanced Analytics? In order to set up the report it sounds like custom javascript needs to be added to the checkout pages, which we aren't allowed to do. Has anyone heard or talked to Shopify to find out if this is something they are going to add to the checkout pages so this new report...

Yesterday by Erin Clark
Can you really recover 63% of abandoned shopping carts?

Hi all! I recently wrote a post about shopping cart abandonment and how using regarting can help reduce this. Experts reckon that you can actually recover 63% of abandoned shopping carts using display advertising and reminder emails - is this true in yoru experience? I would be really interested to know!

Yesterday by EmmaCullen
Implementing Google Adsense on my website

Hello, I've been trying to insert my adsense code onto my website for a while. I'm confused as to where exactly to put it, I heard something about putting it in theme.liquid but, when I tried nothing popped up anywhere. Can someone help? Please give detailed instructions because I'm not a programmer so if you could tell me where to put it exactly that would be helpful.

Mar 2 2015 by Roland McNally
Not even a single sale yet! What am i doing wrong?

Website:http://zendle.com.au/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ZendleAustralia It's been up for over a week and during that week iv'e spent $100+ on advertising through Facebook and Google AdWords. I also have Twitter, a blog and a .com.au domain to suit Australians. However, i am only receiving 50 views a day and not even a single product has been sold. Please be honest, w...

Yesterday by John Zahra
Google Images Not indexing since July 15, 2014

Any other merchants having issue with Google Images not indexing?

Feb 26 2015 by Jenny
Advice for an online furniture store?

This is my first online store. I started 3 months ago and currently making around 1 sale per week.. just wondering if you guys had any advice or experience selling furniture online? My URL is www.emfurn.comI know I can hit 1 sale or more day. Just need to establish a roadmap to get there!

Mar 1 2015 by lusito
Dropping https:// from Search Engines -- creating "warning error" for users

We recently launched a new version of our website on Shopify. We love the platform and the simplicity that it brings to our eCommerce site. However, we're encountering a major problem. All of the prior back links and Google search results keep the "https://". The previous website had its own security key, and now whenever someone searches for our website on Google we're met wi...

Yesterday by Mike Parker
Verifying site ownership with Alexa is not possible?

Hi, I'm trying to claim my site on Alexa, but the process requires me to upload their verification file to my root directory. Is there any way to do this?~Matt.bettervibesdecor.com

Yesterday by Bryan Holst
H1 Tag problem

Hi all,SEO audit tool is pointing out that I have no H1 or H2 tags,my understanding of HTML is limited.Could someone please help me, how toadd H1 Tag to my theme for better seo?

Oct 20 2014 by Massaad