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Submit your Shopify sites here for a free review from SEO and usability ... g10

Hello everyone!This topic is created to help online stores which experience any SEO / Marketing issues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online and how to improve it. We will be talking about many different sales channels at our webinars.So here is what I suggest - every month I will be running a webinar session devoted particularly to the issues of S...

Yesterday by Dennis Tan
Is Shopify Good for SEO

Hi Shopify store owners.We get the question of "Is Shopify Good for SEO" and "Is Shopify SEO Friendly" all of the time.This post is to let you know that we have created a Top 10 List for Ways to Improve your SEO.What is great about these improvements, are that you can do most of them yourself for free.Let us know if we can ever be of any help.The Denver SEO Team

Yesterday by Denver SEO
Email marketing specifically for eCommerce

Do you have someone in your company dedicated (50% or more of their time) to running your email marketing program? If so, I'd love to learn more about what you do with email. What Email Service Provider (ESP) do you use? I have several more questions...if you're willing to let me pick your brain, please email me at shawn@embarke.com. Thanks!

Yesterday by contactus
SEO Canonicalization for Duplicate pages

Is there a code I can put in the liquid file to allow google to 'pass over' the duplicate pages on my website? I do not want to put in this code: <link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com/blog" /> into every single page. I have several brands in the same collection, but different URL endings for the different products. Much of the content (s...

Yesterday by Erik Hasenkopf
Anyone got time for a quick chat about ecommerce PPC?

Hi Shopify Retailers,I work as a product manager at a tech startup that builds software for online advertisers. We are looking for insights into how Shopify store owners manage their paid online ads and the things that delight/disappoint them.This will be an open, honest conversation with no sales pitches. I have always had a very positive response on this community and I hope you guys won'...

Yesterday by Utsab Saha
Which Is Best Off Page Seo techniques ?

Which Is Best Off Page Seo techniques  ?

Jul 27 2014 by Tatiana
Hello you lovely lot, new here and saying hi!

Hi all, my name’s Colin Fox and I’m an SME marketing specialist, specialising in helping home & small businesses (sole proprietors or businesses with around 10 employees) make more money without having to increase advertising budgets.I’m hoping I can give a lending hand and help with any difficulties that may be arising in your businesses.I’ve knowledge of advertisin...

Jul 23 2014 by colinfox
verifying website on Pinterest

to show the full store URL at Pinterest they have a verification process. You have to upload a html to your server. Uploading the file gives the following URL: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0188/1552/files/pinterest-b578a.html?46 The problem is that Pinterest searches for the following file: http://basics-shirts-tops.myshopify.com/pinterest-b578a.html. Is there a solution? Than...

Jul 27 2014 by felixthea
ATTN: Marketing Gurus, in need of your expertise!

Hey y'all, I began my business on Shopify a little over 6 months ago. I opened right before Black Friday so business was booming during the holidays (MUCH more than expected for starting out). Since then, sales have fluctuated but now they seem to be declining. It's always been a dream of mine to own a boutique, but I'm certainly not a marketing professional and could use any and al...

Jul 26 2014 by hermit36
How do I integrate rich snippets into Shopify?

How do I integrate rich snippets into Shopify using this template from gihub?https://github.com/Shopify/skeleton-theme/blob/master/templates/product.liquidDo I just copy and paste it in the product.liquid file? Where do I paste it? What do I need to change in the code to make it fit my site? Thanks!

Jul 26 2014 by Erik Hasenkopf
Deleted a product, how to delete the link?

Hi guys, after a little bit of help if possible. We've deleted a number of older products from our store, which is fine however Google Webmaster tools is now throwing up a load of broken 404 links, which have not been deleted when the product was deleted. How do we go about removing old links, such as this one?http://www.cherrydiva.co.uk/collections/whats-hot/products/crystal-skull-fea...

Jul 26 2014 by standoutd
How do your promote your shop on Pinterest? Is it difficult?

I am Alexander. One year ago, I started two shops (one on shopify and other on other platform) to sell my hand made crafts but getting people on my shop was a pain. Then, I started playing around with Pinterest and realized how amazing this can be for our shops. And I built, presently biggest & most active Pinterest community & tool called Pinwoot. We recently launched our 1-Click ...

Jul 25 2014 by felixthea
How can I generate sales and traffic on my site?

I have had my shop open for roughly three months now and I have barely seen any sales or traffic. I've tried utilizing social media (Facebook and Twitter) and have seen little to no movement. I have also tried Facebook ads as well, although this method of "marketing" increased my traffic it didn't generate any sales.I'm in the process of "updating" my site as far...

Jul 25 2014 by felixthea
Feedback Needed: Digital Marketing Funnel through to Conversions

Hi Shopifyers!We are planning on building a shopify native app. But before we do, we need your feedback to see if we are on the right track.So please honest (brutal even) feedback on this software concept (Shopify plugin):Its a combined analytics tool that pulls all your data into marketing funnels. So you can see where all you time, effort and budget goes in at the top of the digital marketing...

Jul 25 2014 by DessieM
Linking from every blog post to your Google+ profile URL [Minimal Theme]

I have been given these instructions on how to do link from every blog post to your Google+ profile URL. FIX THIS YOURSELF1) Set your Google+ profile URL as your Shopify staff member homepageLog in to your Shopify adminGo to Settings > AccountPress the name staff member you want to updateIn Homepage (optional), enter their Google+ profile URLMake sure ?rel-author is at the end like...

Jul 25 2014 by Mathew Harwood
Not getting much traffic or purchases.

Hello everyone. I was wondering if you can go take a look at my webstore and give me some pointers. we are very new at this and need a lot of guidence. http://nephews-skate-shop-gallery.myshopify.com/I think we might average 2 or 3 hits a day and even less purchases. Please help if you have time.Thank You.

Jul 24 2014 by felixthea
Upate GA Code to include Remarketing DoubleClick Cookie

Hello everybody, I would appreciate some help cracking this: According to this Google support side in order to make use of Remarketing with Google Analytics, I need to update my GA Analytics tracking code by replacing a single line. Now, since we all use Shopify we don't need add any tracking code yourselves Shopfiy does this for us. Under the preference panel I can add additional Java script...

Jul 24 2014 by peterweller14
6 Month Complete Guide to Market Your Shopify Store

The 6 Month Complete Marketing Guide has just been launched!  Everything you need to grow your sales and marketing is now in one place.  This guide is FREE and includes the following:- Advice from 30 Top E-Commerce and SEO Experts- How to Setup Google Analytics- How to do on-page SEO- How to Setup Twitter- How to Setup Facebook- How to find Keywords for your store - A working Guide fo...

Jul 24 2014 by Tariehk

Dear Friends,  Im new Here and hope that anybody can help me pls , where and how to start ?thanks Weblify 

Jul 24 2014 by Lena
Advice for an online furniture store?

This is my first online store. I started 3 months ago and currently making around 1 sale per week.. just wondering if you guys had any advice or experience selling furniture online? My URL is www.emfurn.comI know I can hit 1 sale or more day. Just need to establish a roadmap to get there!

Jul 24 2014 by Lena