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Discount code - Limit to 1 time per customer g11

Hi,I want to limit this particular discount for 1 time use per customer. Can this be done?There's only an option How many times can this discount be used? Does this apply to 1 customer or overall?Thanks.

May 28 2015 by Federico
Check your Shopify store for the most common SEO and usability issues an... g12

Hello everyone! This topic is created tohelp online stores which experience any SEO / Marketingissues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online andhow to improve it. In this thread we have talked to a lot of Shopify store owners and pointed out at many issues their ecommerce stores had in terms of on-site search engine optimization, site structure, link-building campai...

May 27 2015 by Root Flage
6 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Hey everyone,We see a lot of people posting here looking for ways to get traffic to their store. We just published a post on the Shopify blog that provides you with six actionable ideas (and tools) you can take and put to use in your business right now. We also provide templates you can copy and paste to reach out to people.You can find it here:http://goo.gl/GbtBTtI would be interested to hear ...

May 2 2015 by Hari
The Anatomy of a $122.5 Million Venture-Funded Ecommerce Website

How do you get more sales and repeat customers for your ecommerce business?That’s the number one question most online store owners want answered.Most of the time, it comes down to making small improvements and optimizations to your site over time.But where do you start?In this post we explore how Harry's,a 12-month old ecommerce business powered by $122.5M in venture capital funding, ...

Jan 29 2015 by mikelclark
How to add Google Dynamic Remarketing code in Shopify

Hi,I've been working on this this morning and none of the existing forum threads had the answers, so now that I've got it running I thought I'd add a post here in case anyone else is struggling with the same thing!Where to sign up for Remarketing:Go to your Google Adwords homepage and click on the Campaigns tab. Low down on the left hand menu there is an option called Remarketing. F...

Today by John King
How to Run a Facebook Retargeting Campaign with Product Dynamic Ads

Step-by-step Guide for Shopify Store Owners Nearly a month ago, Facebookreleaseda new feature called“Facebook Dynamic Ads”that lets brands and retailers dynamically promote their products on Facebook, targeting the users who have already visited their website, but haven’t made a purchase. How it works: A user visits your product page but doesn’t make a purcha...

Yesterday by Carole Rains
'Thank You' page URL for Google Analytics funnel

Hi, does anyone know what the 'Thank You' page URL should be? I did a test purchase to get the below URL:https://checkout.shopify.com/4095881/checkouts/d07556757126de23b37629ffb3c866d1/thank_youUnderstand that 4095881 is my store number, and the last bit is the order # meaning it would change every time, so what should I be using exactly?

Yesterday by Russell Page
How to use Personalization to Leverage your Shopify store

Have anyone wonder about personalization and how to optimize customer personal experience. We have just public a new blog post about it and want to share it with shopify sellers. You can find it here:https://blog.beeketing.com/use-personalization-leverage-shopify-store/ Please tell me if you have any opinion. Really appreciate.

Yesterday by Kevin Hook
Wanelo: Automatic posting

Is there anyway to automatically post all of our products to Wanelo? Thanks in advance!

May 28 2015 by Iryna Tereshchenko
Product Reviews Star Ratings Disappeared from Google

Hi everyone, I implemented the Product Reviews app over a month ago, and have received over 60 reviews on my site: www.himac.com.au In a matter of days my star ratings appeared in Google which is brilliant. However I did the server change as per Shopify's email instructions recently and now the star ratings have disappeared from Google? I'm not sure whether this is just Goog...

May 28 2015 by Devon
Affiliate help creating products!

Any help gretaly appreciated. I have a shop which is seelling products direct the customer. I plan to also use affiliate products but want to list the productswith a " buy here button" andeliminate the cart option. Any ideas??? Thanks :)

May 27 2015 by Collar And Cuff
The Ultimate Shopify SEO Audit [case study]

There’s so muchfree SEO adviceout there that you should get SEO right, right? That would be nice, but here’s the deal: It’sreally reallyhardto take generic advice and apply it to your specific site. You could learn SEO and applyall the best practices You can hire an SEO expert to perform an SEO audit andtell youexactlywhat you need to fix Or you can learn ho...

May 27 2015 by felixthea
Spring Clearance Sale

Wholesale Prices available - just email me Everything must go Super Clearance Blowout Sale - Save upto 50% off retail prices + Free Shipping (USA Only) http://www.Afrocentric.Gifts Thanks

May 26 2015 by Afrocentric Gifts
Building a pre-launch email list

I'm launching an online jewelry brand on June 1 and have no email list at this point. (Well, there is one, but it's small.) I'd like to come up with a Landing Page/Free Download or giveaway concept to build my pre-launch mailing list. Does anyone have any experience with building a list before the brand launches, and how I might gather the most valuable names? My initial idea...

May 26 2015 by Andrew E
Can't get ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics working, any ideas?

I've gone through the setup instructions in the shopify manualthree times now. I get this error in GA: Missing Ecommerce Data ViewKink Outfittersis configured for Ecommerce, but no data is flowing. The tag assistant from google reports my GA tag is good. I've got Ecommerce turned on in both GA and shopify. I am getting normal analytics data, just not getting the ecommerce s...

May 25 2015 by Eric Hansen
back links, facebook likes and pinterest

Has anyone in shopify set up a group for us all to set up links between ourselves, likes on facebook and follows on pinterest??

May 25 2015 by Zachary Lukosius
How TortugaBackpacks.com Created an Ecommerce Business to Work Whenever ...

Click here to listen to tips and advice from a successful Shopify entrepreneur In this episode you’ll learn from Fred Perrotta and how hestarted a business so he can work whenever and wherever he wants. In this podcast you’ll learn: What tools and apps you need to keep a remote team all on the same page When you should and when you shouldn’t compare yourself ...

May 25 2015 by felixthea
Looking for a specific app for my store.

Hi guys, I'm looking for a app that adds a social media sharing function to a productand rewards the user for sharing with a discount. Couldn't really find something, maybe I overlooked it? Best, Hans

May 25 2015 by Kevin Hook
Achieved First Sale means I now have customers to leverage off - but how?

Hi all, 30 hours inot launching my website I achieved my first sale (and not a family member!). To me, this is very exciting as I have now opened the door to take advantage of my customers through word of mouth, product reviews, social sharing etc all helping with my SEO. My question is: Can anyone suggest some simple strategies to entice my customer to do any of the above? Also, wi...

May 25 2015 by Kevin Hook
Mail after purchase

Hi, I would like to send a mail X days after the purchase with my specific design (which is quite basic), what will be the most simple way to do it? Thanks!

May 23 2015 by 3rdrock