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Submit your Shopify sites here for a free review from SEO and usability ... g10

Hello everyone!This topic is created to help online stores which experience any SEO / Marketing issues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online and how to improve it. We will be talking about many different sales channels at our webinars.So here is what I suggest - every month I will be running a webinar session devoted particularly to the issues of S...

Yesterday by Lena R
6 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Hey everyone, We see a lot of people posting here looking for ways to get traffic to their store. We just published a post on the Shopify blog that provides you with six actionable ideas (and tools) you can take and put to use in your business right now. We also provide templates you can copy and paste to reach out to people. You can find it here:http://goo.gl/GbtBTtI would be interes...

Nov 13 2014 by Jermy gilbert
The Anatomy of a $122.5 Million Venture-Funded Ecommerce Website

How do you get more sales and repeat customers for your ecommerce business?That’s the number one question most online store owners want answered. Most of the time, it comes down to making small improvements and optimizations to your site over time.But where do you start? In this post we explore how Harry's, a 12-month old ecommerce business powered by $122.5M in venture...

Sep 13 2014 by Instant Famous
Pinterest Product Feed

Hi there, added "Pin-it" and turned on Rich Pins on our productpages 5 weeks ago.Our Pinterest-businessaccount is validated and when clickin on Pin It, it works fine with link and price.But, our productimages aren't automatically indexed by Pinterest. To be able to find our products, we first have to manually pin every product, one by one. And that sucks.Is there a way to fix this...

Today by invs3
Redirect chains inherent to Shopify = negative impact on SEO

Hello,We are seeing a redirect chain in place for any non-www URL. We see the non-www URL is 301 redirected to a URL with a session id which is then 302 redirected to the final www version of the page.This impacts the SEO value of the page as that 302 redirect does not pass on all value from the non-www version of the page. Typically we would 301 redirect the non-www page to the www equiva...

Yesterday by shadi
Pinterest Rich Pins- Favicon not showing

Hello,I have rich pins set up for my Shopify site so that product name, store name and price show when my items are pinned, but for some reason the favicon is still the default even though it should use the favicon of my site. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to correct it. My website is http://www.misspoppydesignshop.comAnd this is what my rich pins look ...

Yesterday by Rachel Kennett
Receive a Free SEO Audit Of Your Store

Hi everyone We're currently offering a free SEO audit of your store that will look at both on site and off site optimisation. You can either mention your store URL in here and we'll reply to you within this thread. Alternatively if you want to keep your store private or have further questions you can contact us here http://shopifybuilder.com/shopify-seo-expertsWe're asking...

Yesterday by shadi
Upate GA Code to include Remarketing DoubleClick Cookie

Hello everybody, I would appreciate some help cracking this: According to this Google support side in order to make use of Remarketing with Google Analytics, I need to update my GA Analytics tracking code by replacing a single line. Now, since we all use Shopify we don't need add any tracking code yourselves Shopfiy does this for us. Under the preference panel I can add additional Java script...

Yesterday by Jordan L
Advice for an online furniture store?

This is my first online store. I started 3 months ago and currently making around 1 sale per week.. just wondering if you guys had any advice or experience selling furniture online? My URL is www.emfurn.comI know I can hit 1 sale or more day. Just need to establish a roadmap to get there!

Oct 27 2014 by nicoleansel
Some Marketing Advice Please

Hiya,I have just started my online store and would like some marketing advice please my website is http://www.alexjakeclothing.co.uk take a look all advice and tips are much welcome thank you.

Aug 11 2014 by Lena
How to drive major traffic to your website!

Here is the best ways I know how to drive traffic to your website.1.) Discount codes2.) Social media3.) Forum posts4.) Blog posts5.) SEO Friendly meta titles and discriptions6.) Business cards7.) Links on other websites (High traffic websites)There are also a few more ways to drive traffic to your website, but I would hope you can share your special ways here so maybe we can all help each ...

Aug 4 2014 by Lena
Automated Marketplace Order Management for Shopify Merchants

We are thrilled to announce that GoOrderSync, our marketplace order management add-on, is now available for your Shopify store. You can now easily manage all of your marketplace orders from Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, and NewEgg directly from your Shopify shopping cart.SELL, SYNC AND REPEATNo more data entry. No more overselling.  With GoOrderSync, orders received through all supported mar...

Jul 14 2014 by GoDataFeed
How to get 1000 visitors per day for my fashion website?

This is my newly launched fashion website www.19againbrand.comHow do I gain 1000 visitors per day??What all marketing strategies do I need to follow?Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/19againbrandInstagram - http://instagram.com/19againbrand

Sep 2 2014 by Anthony Capetola
Google Shopping confusion...

Hello there,I have the Shopify Google Shopping app set up and have it set up to take a feed of one product collection (cushion/pillows).The Shopify app says the 25 products have been published to Google Merchant Centre.Logging on to that is shows that the 25 products have been successfully added.But when I search using Google Shopping, I can't find any of the 25.Looking at one product, I&#3...

Jul 3 2014 by Ryan B.
Suddenly no images indexed in Google

Hi there,I have been looking around my Google WM account regularly, recently. This is after changing me theme and wondering why my traffic had dropped. I related the traffic drop to a google update in March, and many pages being deindexed in the weeks after. This is a different problem I have noticed since I decided to keep a closer eye on things in webmaster tools. Suddenly, since checkin...

Oct 13 2014 by Alley Kids
Hello you lovely lot, new here and saying hi!

Hi all, my name’s Colin Fox and I’m an SME marketing specialist, specialising in helping home & small businesses (sole proprietors or businesses with around 10 employees) make more money without having to increase advertising budgets.I’m hoping I can give a lending hand and help with any difficulties that may be arising in your businesses.I’ve knowledge of advertisin...

Jul 23 2014 by colinfox
Which Is Best Off Page Seo techniques ?

Which Is Best Off Page Seo techniques  ?

Nov 10 2014 by sandysoil
Pinterest Business Contract Terms Of Use

Before jumping into using Pinterest as a marketing system, you might want to read their terms carefully. Here is one juicy tidbit that concerns me:b. How Pinterest and other users can use your contentYou grant Pinterest and its users a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, store, display, reproduce, re-pin, modify, create derivative works, perform, ...

Jul 22 2014 by Jason
SEO keywords

 Understanding KeywordsThe term keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the most important words or group of words in your website content. Keywords play an essential role in the SEO process because search crawlers use them to index your website. Thus, it is essential you understand how to leverage your website keywords for your SEO process to be a s...

Nov 7 2014 by Gaurav
Why can't we rewrite URL's for blog posts?

Automatically sticking a bunch of random numbers in the URL structure for blog posts doesn't do our site any good from an SEO perspective.  Why can't we be allowed to customize our URLs for blog posts? Are we missing something here? Thanks for your help!

Nov 19 2014 by Devon Luxe