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Discount code - Limit to 1 time per customer g5

Hi,I want to limit this particular discount for 1 time use per customer. Can this be done?There's only an option How many times can this discount be used? Does this apply to 1 customer or overall?Thanks.

Aug 29 2014 by Lena
FREE Way to Advertise your business to 20 million potential customers a ...

Polyvore is not only a fun past time but it is a MASSIVE market of very niche specific potential buyers. Polyvore gets over 20 million visitors a month. This is one of the best ways you can advertise your business to millions of people for FREE!Here is one example of how you can use it to get your products into the spotlight!http://www.polyvore.com/bikini_luxe_contest_fashion_art/contest.show?i...

Today by Devon Luxe
Optimum URL Structure So Products Flow From Collections

I'd like advice please on the optimum URL structure so that products flow from collections, primarily from an SEO view.Ideally SEO advice is to build a tree structure:www.carparts.com/bmw/  [collection]www.carparts.com/bmw/seats/  [sub-category, i.e. collection filtered by tags]www.carparts.com/bmw/seats/bmw-leather-seat  [product page]With Shopify you obviously need to ...

Yesterday by David Nash
How to upload the find file to root directory?

I am trying to publish my ad for marketing over "thefind". They want me to do following which i do not understand. Could someone please guide me exactly what i need to do and where this root directory exists:"Complete the site owner verification process by uploading a blank .html file to the root directory of your website."

Yesterday by Dominic
General Image SEO Advice

This thread is a continuation of the image SEO thread.[Again I just wanted to let everyone know the Google Product Listing Ads issue where Google had issues crawling images on our CDN has been resolved.  If you still have products that aren't published, I encourage you to reach out to Google - everything is working fine on our side.The SEO image issue has also been resolved as Shopify ...

Yesterday by Hellen Barlow
1-877-2251288|Gmail Customer Service Number|Gmail Support Phone Number

Gmail Customer Service|1-877-225-1288|password recovery,password resetGmail! Password reset Issues.Issues with drafting emails.Unable to recover old emails and attachments.Gmail Mail Running SlowUnable to Chat online with FriendsUnable to Send or Receive EmailCALL: 1-877-225-1288Setting and Configuring email clientFiltering spam email.Deleting Junk mails.Improving Internet Speed.Troubleshooting...

Yesterday by Ariana Johnson
Contact 1-877-225-1288|Gmail Support,Gmail Support number,Gmail Support ...

Gmail mail services are availed by a large number of people these days because of its high performance and great security. Smooth sending and reception of emails is guaranteed by this email service provider. Gmail email services were very popular before Ymail came into being. Although Ymail is now the leader, Gmail has not lost its popularity because the level of security is very high.Though Gm...

Yesterday by Ariana Johnson
1-844-373-7878|Gmail Customer Service Number|Gmail Support Phone Number

1-844-373-7878 if you are getting any problems regarding gmail you can contact gmail cutomer support number or on gmail tech support number such that your problems regarding gmail easily sort out. we provide toll free gmail customer service number and gmail phone number for future references contact for more details. 

Aug 29 2014 by JonesBoulstridge
Help us make your marketing easier

Perhaps you've tried a few, or even quite a number of the marketing solutions available out there for growing e-commerce businesses, but came away disappointed time and again. Consultants over-promise and under-deliver, expensive courses led nowhere, marketing strategies failed to take off, the list goes on and on. There's plenty of e-commerce articles out there to help with t...

Aug 29 2014 by Versable
How to get 1000 visitors per day for my fashion website?

This is my newly launched fashion website www.19againbrand.comHow do I gain 1000 visitors per day??What all marketing strategies do I need to follow?Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/19againbrandInstagram - http://instagram.com/19againbrand

Aug 29 2014 by Donna Boyle
Tracking Leads with Google Analytics

Hi,On my Shopify store I have a lead submission form that automatically pops up on the home page when a user lands there.  A user has the option to "x" out of this submission form or fill it out (first name, last name and email) then hit the submit button.  Once they submit the user is NOT taken to a "thank you" page.  That's where I would typically p...

Aug 29 2014 by sivakumar ramamoorthy
How to Track Outbound Link Clicks on Your Shopify Site Automatically

Here is a little guide for shopify merchants to track their outbound link clicks with the help of Google analytics.http://ecommppc.com/2014/08/28/track-outbound-link-clicks-on-your-shopify-site/

Aug 29 2014 by sivakumar ramamoo...
Inserting ShareASale tracking code?

I am attempting to insert the affilate tracking code for Shareasale, which is a pixel tracker on the thank you page.   I inserted the code provided by shareasale for use with shopify, in the additional content & scripts area on the checkout and payment page.  However, shareasale is not able to verify the tracking code.  Is there something I am doing wrong?

Aug 29 2014 by fendi
My conversions suck miserably, any ideas?

Hi guys, new to the forums here and glad that I now have a resource to help with my shopify store. My conversion rates have been <1% over the last month, and I have tried different templates, modifying pricing, descriptions, pictures, and I cant really find a winning combination.I read in the Quick Sprout blogs that conversion tools such as Exit Intel and Bounce can really improve email sign...

Aug 29 2014 by RobSmith
Opinion on Free Give Away!?

Looking for some feedback on a promotion we are doing now, End of August Deal, any clothing or swimwear purchase gets a free Bikini Luxe "Lucky" Necklace! Code: GoodbyeAugust at checkout!http://www.bikiniluxe.com/collections/jewelry/Bikini-Luxe-Jewelry Any other suggestions on how we could help enhance this promotion? Using instagram, facebook, twitter, google +, linked...

Aug 29 2014 by Devon Luxe
E-Commerce target audiences

Hey, I am just about to launch an e-commerce store for printed mens t-shirts, and somebody has asked me whether I should be considering marketing to both women and men. Does anyone with an e-commerce store selling mens products find that a portion of their sales are made by women purchasing for men? If so, what kind of percentage?Thanks a million, this question stumped me!

Aug 28 2014 by SushiCat
Want to import customers into LoyaltyLion?

Hi,LoyaltyLion now supports imports!Lots of you told us you wanted to import customers and their points so we built it!If you want to use this feature just email support@loyaltylion and we'll do it for you.Not the most exciting image :) Visit us in the Shopify app store: https://apps.shopify.com/loyaltylion 

Aug 28 2014 by LoyaltyLion
How can I generate sales and traffic on my site?

I have had my shop open for roughly three months now and I have barely seen any sales or traffic. I've tried utilizing social media (Facebook and Twitter) and have seen little to no movement. I have also tried Facebook ads as well, although this method of "marketing" increased my traffic it didn't generate any sales.I'm in the process of "updating" my site as far...

Aug 28 2014 by Lena
what is your style of keyword analysis

A right keyword will fetch traffic free of cost. And that justifies your store revenue which inturn reduce your marketing cost. I generally create a list of all words and synonyms which will be fed to Google keyword tool. And choose wise keywords which is not yet used anywhere else. I see mixed response from search engine for this method. How you guys do?

Aug 28 2014 by Style Touche
How to remove product prices from collection page

I am using the "new standard" (free) theme and want to remove the prices from the collection pages. Can someone please help me achieve this http://the-new-standard-theme.myshopify.com/collections/accessories

Aug 28 2014 by Marius Andreiana