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Should I hide the price tag?

Someone suggested to me that I should hide the prices of my products from the collection page and only show them on the product page. Can anyone weigh in on the benefits or negatives of doing so? Thanks

Today by Chris Kattner
which tactic works better

I am very new to all of this (only a few days) and watched a few videos for help which mentioned about free products and then P+P costs. I replicated this and using facebook ads gathered 444 visitors - 401 unique. It cost me $25. The only problem is, from that I have zero sales. I was thinking about what I could do. firstly, I tried to clean up my site. Now I am thinking the following as ...

Today by adamzam15
Facebook conversion pixle

I have had time to find, why FB show up twice more conversion that in reality. Do you anybody have the same problem? 

Yesterday by FinditQuick Shopping Network
Duplicate webpages showing up in google??

So I've recently been trying to work on SEO and changing my product Titles etc. I've noticed that one of my product pages shows up twice on google search. Both links lead to the same product and start with 'https'. However, the title tag for both is different as is the meta descriptions. This is because I have changed it a view times but google is still showing the old one.  I'm not sure as ...

Yesterday by Leon Henry
% Off Shipping?

Hello, is there a way to offer people a discount code that will take a % off of shipping? I'm not looking for free shipping, there seems to be ways of doing that, however I would like to offer certain customers the ability to have a % taken off of their shipping. What is the best way that you would do this?   Thanks! :)

Yesterday by Leon Henry
Google Won't Crawl Recognized Pages & Ignores ALT Image Text

My site has a whopping 11 internal URLS and 46 images. All the images have ALT text. It is nicely SEO'd image-wise; (I am aware image maps are not compatible with Shopify). Even though Search Console recognizes the 11 URLS, it only recognizes 1 image. That's bizarre, is it not? Interesting, under Downloaded HTTP Response in Fetch as Google, it recognizes all the ALT text for all the image...

Yesterday by Leon Henry
Free Blog Post for Your Business to the first 20 Ecommerce Sites

I know many of you don't have time to write blog posts, but know how important they are for your business. I will write a 250-300 word blog post for your ecommerce site for free and all you need to do is install our FREE Market Insights app and try it out for a bit and see what you think. Our app is an analytics tool that allows you to compare your site's performance to other sites in th...

Jun 24 2016 by Kathy McMullin
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres never si...

Jun 7 2016 by Gilco Digital
SEO: Linked 'File' Images & Thumbnails (How-To?)

Hi, We are ez-poxy.myshopify.com We are working on our gallery of images for our products and decided to use 'Shogun' page builder to do it. Some of the images we inserted into the gallery, are smaller thumbnails to the actual images that are uploaded to Shopify 'Files'. Is it SEO friendly if thumbnails and full images uploaded to Shopify that thumbnails are linked to, for a full pa...

Jun 24 2016 by Jason James
Huge drop in Google indexed pages

HI I just took a look in my Google mechant center and saw a huge drop on the index status page. In Febuary i had 1.888 indexed pages and today i only have 27 indexed....do anyone know how this can happen?  Under sitemaps it says 872 pages written and only 1 indexed...   [img]http://i.imgur.com/3rN0mVc.jpg[/img]   [img]http://i.imgur.com/xK0qakp.jpg[/img]  

Jun 23 2016 by Tony McCreath
Does the facebook pixel stay the same for every advert created?

Hi Guys and Girls,  When creating a facebook ad you are provided with a facebook pixel to include in the coding of your website to track conversions. I was just wondering whether this pixel code stays the same or whether you have to change it on your website for every advert you make, im assuming you only need to add it once.  Thanks in advance! 

Jun 23 2016 by Leon Henry
Marketing Ideas for my Apparel shop

Hi Everyone I'm trying to come up with a low budget marketing plan($250 - $400 USD) for my store www.bastionapparel.com. Bastion Arts & Apparel was launched last week and got 4 sales in 6 days with 626 visitors to the site. My facebook page was able to get post reach of 1062 and 209 people were engaged. But over the last few days, I have seen a dramatic drop in visits to the site and eng...

Jun 15 2016 by Nick Brooks
'Thank You' page URL for Google Analytics funnel

Hi, does anyone know what the 'Thank You' page URL should be? I did a test purchase to get the below URL:https://checkout.shopify.com/4095881/checkouts/d07556757126de23b37629ffb3c866d1/thank_youUnderstand that 4095881 is my store number, and the last bit is the order # meaning it would change every time, so what should I be using exactly?

Jun 23 2016 by Ted K.
facebook ads account for rent

Hi all! We are the agent of Facebook in Asia, my company for rent the facebook ads account, if you needed a reputable account of Facebook to run ads, contact me, please! skype: ductoan92ndm Thanks a lot!

Jun 23 2016 by Leon Henry
Website Photography

Hi! We have been running for 10+ years now and understand the importance of professional looking photos to sell your products. We have recently just moved to shopify (in Feb) and my partner has also just launched his own photography website. If anyone is looking for any photos for their website please bear us in mind?  When we 1st started out we sent all our stuff to get photoraphed & th...

Jun 23 2016 by Leon Henry
General Questions on Multi-Channel Sales / Marketing

Hey there! I've been thinking alot lately about Multi-Channel sales (that is - hosting a ecommerce store on Shopify, and linking / having other marketplaces such as Pinterest, Wanelo, Amazon, etc). Every day there seem to be more marketplaces for us to list items on, and each wants you to promote your offering on thier respective platform.   So I guess my main question is this: For tho...

Jun 23 2016 by Dan Gilreath
Adding Affiliate Products to my site

Hi all. Currently I either drop ship or stock all my inventory. I have come across a couple of companies for which I can be an affiliate whose products would fit well in my store. Is this a good idea? What is the best way to integrate the products? The banners etc that they provide don't match the tone of my store at all....

Jun 23 2016 by Leon Henry
robot.txt error

Hi I have this msg showing in google webmaster can anyone please assist   Crawl postponed because robots.txt was inaccessible. More info.   Thanks paul

Jun 23 2016 by PAULO RIBEIRO
What about Backlinks to your Site ?

I was curious to know that what among three is powerful; wiki, gov or edu ? Do Checkout My Silver Jewelry Webstore www.tsukimisilver.com

Jun 23 2016 by Tony McCreath
How to add Google Dynamic Remarketing code in Shopify

Hi,I've been working on this this morning and none of the existing forum threads had the answers, so now that I've got it running I thought I'd add a post here in case anyone else is struggling with the same thing!Where to sign up for Remarketing:Go to your Google Adwords homepage and click on the Campaigns tab. Low down on the left hand menu there is an option called Remarketing. Follow the in...

Jun 23 2016 by Mark Cleary