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Submit your Shopify sites here for a free review from SEO and usability ... g10

Hello everyone!This topic is created to help online stores which experience any SEO / Marketing issues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online and how to improve it. We will be talking about many different sales channels at our webinars.So here is what I suggest - every month I will be running a webinar session devoted particularly to the issues of S...

Sep 18 2014 by Erkan
The Anatomy of a $122.5 Million Venture-Funded Ecommerce Website

How do you get more sales and repeat customers for your ecommerce business?That’s the number one question most online store owners want answered. Most of the time, it comes down to making small improvements and optimizations to your site over time.But where do you start? In this post we explore how Harry's, a 12-month old ecommerce business powered by $122.5M in venture...

Sep 13 2014 by Instant Famous
6 Practical and Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

Hey everyone, We see a lot of people posting here looking for ways to get traffic to their store. We just published a post on the Shopify blog that provides you with six actionable ideas (and tools) you can take and put to use in your business right now. We also provide templates you can copy and paste to reach out to people. You can find it here:http://goo.gl/GbtBTtI would be interes...

Apr 24 2014 by Mark Macdonald
Upate GA Code to include Remarketing DoubleClick Cookie

Hello everybody, I would appreciate some help cracking this: According to this Google support side in order to make use of Remarketing with Google Analytics, I need to update my GA Analytics tracking code by replacing a single line. Now, since we all use Shopify we don't need add any tracking code yourselves Shopfiy does this for us. Under the preference panel I can add additional Java script...

Today by Marie McClanahan
Instagram or Pinterest

For a new e-commerce womens fashion boutique based in the UK and shipping only to the UK. If you were to build a following on either Instagram or Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, which social site would you start with? We are only currently using facebook and would like feedback on what social site to move to next for the best ROI and best conversions  many thanks Jay ...

Today by Glennmartin
Testimonial page for customers

Hi, Just wondering what's the best way to create a customer testimonial page and whether there are any suitable apps for this.  Thanks Melwww.mjnsafetysigns.com

Today by Tejaswi R
Native Product Advertising on Facebook, just got our first review

Hey, we're looking for Beta testers for our new shopify app (https://apps.shopify.com/discoverdandelion) - it is insanely easy to create facebook ads in seconds, they look great, and they will drive sales targetting an audience that is most likely to buy! Please give us a try!

Yesterday by Dandelion
Newly Launched Store No One is Adding to Cart

Hi,Apologies first for what may be a long post, but I want to give as much detail as I can so that hopefully I get good feedback.I launched my store Sept 15. To date I have had 145 visitors - I'm happy with the amount of traffic I've been getting - it is more than I thought I would get for the first week. Before I launched my site I hired a Mystery Shopping Company to do surveys on the ...

Yesterday by Anthony Capetola
Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking

We are migrating from traditional e-commerce tracking on GA to the new "Enhanced Ecommerce" tracking.Google's documentation (https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/enhanced-ecommerce#migration) states that "The Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in should not be used alongside the Ecommerce (ecommerce.js) plug-in for the same property."According to...

Yesterday by Joel Drapper
Dropping https:// from Search Engines -- creating "warning error" for users

We recently launched a new version of our website on Shopify. We love the platform and the simplicity that it brings to our eCommerce site. However, we're encountering a major problem. All of the prior back links and Google search results keep the "https://". The previous website had its own security key, and now whenever someone searches for our website on Google we're met wi...

Yesterday by Robert Clough
Heeelp - Not getting 1 sale ??

Hi,I am new to Shopify (well 2-3 weeks new) Before I came to shopify I had a lot of sales, since becoming a member here,  have had 0 sales, despite advertising for $150 in search engine traffic, classified ads and facebook, facebook reaching $ 150 too...I have had thousands of visitors, and a lot of them are buyers (due to the targeting bit)and not 1 Sale.Before  I only had to place s...

Yesterday by Anthony Capetola

Hi,I've copied and pasted my google analytics code under Settings> General> Google Analytics.  I've noticed that Shopify takes the Google Analytics code that I pasted and rewrites it to match their own settings. In particular, I entered my companies website www.abc.com and they changed it to 'auto'.  I'm trying to track between my subdomains and domain.B...

Yesterday by Massaad
Struggling to integrate Instagram.js

Hi all,As the title suggests I've discovered Instagram.js whilst trying to find free tools to integrate Instagram feeds into sites.However unfortunately I'm having trouble with this one.A little background on me; I'm a web developer in PHP, so liquid is fairly new to me (past 6 months).If anyone is out there who can help - I'd love it! Kind regards,Patrick

Sep 18 2014 by Patrick
When September Ends: Important Google Shopping Updates

When September Ends: Important Google Shopping UpdatesIn mid June 2014 the Google Shopping Team announced some important changes to the Google Shopping feed specification. New attributes were added, the values for “availability” were altered and length limits were introduced. You should be able to review these warnings in the Data Feed summary section of your Merchant Center account...

Sep 18 2014 by Anthony Capetola
Creating a 'How did you hear about us' drop down in cart pages - is ther...

I'd like to get more accurate data on where my customers are coming from to tailor our advertising channels and improve conversion. I'd like to put a 'how did you find our website' drop down on the cart pages as part of checkout that I can customise with my own data fields : Google, exhibition, magazine advert, word of mouth etcdoes anyone know if this can be done and how or if ...

Sep 18 2014 by Lucid Path
HTTPS availability for custom domains

It appears that Google is headed in the direction of giving better rankings to websites that use HTTPS. From an SEO standpoint this will be crucial, and I'm curious if there are changes in the works, or something currently available that will allow a store owner to:Opt to have all the public pages (the front-end) of a store served only with HTTPS.Use a custom domain while also hav...

Sep 17 2014 by Joel Drapper
Grace Period for Google Product Ratings is Ending

Grace Period for Google Product Ratings is EndingGoogle Releases EmailThings are really starting to heat up in the wake of Google Shopping.  The grace period for Google Product Ratings is ending and its highly recommended that marketers and store owners prepare by not waiting.>>READ MORE<<

Sep 17 2014 by Anthony Capetola
No traffic and no sales. Need help.

Not getting traffic or sales. Please help. My website is http://Scrubsnmed.comThanks,Sam

Sep 17 2014 by Anthony Capetola
Hey guys, what marketing tools do you use for your store?

Hi guysThe title says it all. I've just opened a new online store and it's kinda hard to get traffic and traction. I really appreciate if you could share some marketing tools you're using that actually help to increase sales.Thanks a lot.

Sep 17 2014 by priyagupta
Are you good at Marketing?

Hi Shopifiers,We're going to build a good app for e-commerce sites to optimize the efficiency of your Marketing strategies. Before going to share our effective tool, we want YOU all to share with us something about your own marketing strategies.Do you implement any marketing plan for your store?What channels do you mainly use ...

Sep 17 2014 by Melyssa Lipsey