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I want to buy an established Shopify Business. g7

Im looking to buy and stablished shopify business, please respond to this thread with a link to your store and how long you have been in bussiness. After that I will Email you to get more info. Thanks

Today by d621
$1200 per month in sales with no paid marketing, and about 6500 unique m...

So we at Etechub decided that its time we let go of the business and move to next venture, with our small family growing and soon a wedding coming to be we think its best we do this. We started this business few months ago, and since then we have built this business from ground up. We did lots of marketing, SEO optmization, branding and even various local events to spread the word out. Th...

Today by Wes
Selling Fully Drop Ship Furniture Site in USA

Hello there! I made the site live late last year. The gross sale is $273,000 for first year. I have been in furnitue business 5 years and have good deals with the manufacturers. Now i have 8 manufacturers with thousands of items and have a deal with 3 more manufacturers but dont have time to add items to the website.. I also work with good shipping companies. They have online system...

Today by Wes
Free Established websites! Rent to own! Come check us out! Details inside!

Hey Guys, You read that right! We are giving away Free websites today! Before we get to the good part let us bore you with a little introduction. We are a group of friends who has been in ecommerce business for some time now. (about 7 years) :) We work full time and in our spare time we develop websites and sell them, but recently one of the guys came up with this crazy idea to give away e...

Today by Wes
93K sales last QTR! - USA ecommerce business opportunity Online Store Es...

Hi Guys, We are an established bicycle brand (launched 2011) selling our own brand of entry to mid level bikes B2C through shopify and ebay to the UK and Europe, launched in 2012, huge social media following Facebook 190k likes, last QTR sales $93k this could have been more but we sold out! We are now looking for a US partner to handle our USA ecommerce sales as we get MANY enquiries from th...

Today by Wes
Auto-pilot Famous Womens Jewelry Site $200K Revenue in 1 Year

Hello, First of all you can visit the website here:http://bit.ly/1nuXoK2This site sells only women necklaces. I have several online stores to manage in my own country (Turkey). I am selling this one because I really don't have enough time for marketing and customer service.I also need some money for my investments in Turkey.Also it is not in my main language so it can be tough. Howeve...

Today by Wes
partnership with me 120k revenue in 90 days guarantee from shopify store

Hey Do you want to partnership with an expert facebook marketer and shopify store entrepreneur. I have my highly successful shopify stores with other partners/investors. Currently I’m running 3 stores. You can see the result of 2 stores among them. That’s just mind blowing. Look at this:STORE 1, STORE 2 The knowledge that I earned, now I’m using to expand my shopify bus...

Today by Wes
All cash buyer seeking e-commerce/dropship businesses

I'm looking to buyestablished ecommerce businesses, preferably dropship, that have a proven record of profitability. I am anall cash buyer. Please PM me at the following: contact@cedarscience.com In your message, please include the following: i) name and description of the business ii) asking price iii) averagemonthly revenue and monthly profit iv) age of business v) mo...

Today by d621
Looking to BUY a ecommerce/dropshipping online business ASAP!!!

I'm looking at buying an established ecommerce website ASAP. Requirements: Running and profitable for about 2yrs Easy to run and requires little time. Constant net profit of at least $4k a month (no declining sales) Seller must be in U.S. Somewhere in the $30-$40k price range I am a all cash buyer. If you have anything you can PM me. hymes123@yahoo.com

Today by Vince
Dropshipping business for sale - $30k in 60days. Screenshot provided

Established Website for Sale - Made $30K in Revenue in the last 60days. 35% net! 100% Dropship - you never have to touch a thing, you can run this website from anwhere in the world. 1 fully trained VA included (fulfilling orders + support 128k followers on Instagram Modern & Elegant website Traffic from Instagram and Facebook Supplier Contact(and you can request any products f...

Today by Jaime
$15K/day on Autopilot Fitness Ecommerce Website for Sale

Hello, this is a Turn-Key high performing website in the fitness worldfor sale Here are some key points : Finance - Revenue last 30 days : $320 000 (currently generating 15K per day) - Growth Rate MoM : 30% - Gross Margin : 50% - Ebitda :40% Marketing - Full Adwords Search and Merchant Center campaigns setup - Very High performing Facebook ads - Global Display Netw...

Today by Jaime
Selling my Shopify Christianity related eCommerce shop (up since 2009) a...

Still up for sale and opoen for offers. I am selling both my shopify Holy Land Christian eCommerceshop plus a highly unique satellite WP website generating quality leads in the Christian world and linked with the holy land shop. I wish I had more time to focus on these sites, but due to highly demanding family obligations I cannot find the time to properly market these 2 sites. The ...

Today by Jaime
For sale. Established ecommece site w/ 63,000 opt-in subscribers. $129...

Selling my ecommece site. I don't want to sell, but Ihave another startup that is taking up my time. This has been my baby and I built it from the ground up. It's an awesome site with truly amazing customers. Site has daily sales with a loyal customer base. Hybrid Marketpalce model. In 2015 we only worked with our factory in China and sold products on our site. We had 51% margine. I...

Yesterday by Nicholas Renotte
Turnkey Hoverboard Site For Sale ($400)

Hi, I am selling www.streethoverboard.com, I am looking for $400 or best offer. This has been my project for the last 2 months, I've done a great deal of marketing on Instagram, I have over 1k followers and have a ton of interested buyers on there, www.instagram.com/streethoverboard The sale will include: - Logo - Domain - Shopify Store - Graphic Files - Instagram Accou...

Yesterday by Dawn
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres ...

Nov 9 2015 by Gilco Digital
Niche Shoe Business, $10k/day revenue... 50% profit Margin per Sale

Hello, We have a niche shoe business marketing strategy that has helped us generate $10k/day in revenue. We have a marketing strategy that will allow you to make your business a really big thing, as $10k/day is relatively little compared to where this will go. The shoes have an average profit margin of 50%. Typical profit per sale is $100.Attached is a screenshot of our sales through 3 d...

May 2 2016 by David D
Sales Secret To Drop Ship Business Making $10K Profit In 90 Days MUST READ!

I am currently offering my business plan that I used to get my site to the sales over $10k In 3 Months!!. I will provide you: My Facebook ads info and demographics Apps to gain followers on Instagram rapidly. Give my suppliers info. So you can buy kits for $10 and sell for $50+ Using these methods my site grossed $10,000 profit in 90 days. If your interested in this offer p...

Yesterday by Dragi
Established Website for Sale - Made 170K Revenue in the last 90 days

100% Dropship Modern & Elegant website +170k GROSS Revenue over 75KNET profit Traffic from FB ads What will you get ? Shopify Store Domain + Email Fanpage Supplier Contact(and you can request any products from them) 1 on 1 Private Training about shopify & FB ads (you can come here, or we can use Teamviewer) How much is this ? Make an offer Em...

Yesterday by Dragi
Quick & URGENT Sale : Dropship store for sale in Australia- Unique Niche...

Site for sale as I'm moving overseas and due to family commitments I cannot devote time to the business. What's part of theoffer is something you will not get anywhere else and is not easy to acquire. BIGGEST MARKETING PLATFORM-The website is a confirmedSPONSOR for McDonalds Monopoly Competition 2016 -Australia&New Zealand. Be prepared to get overwhelmed with the sales ...

Yesterday by Shchandr
Interested in buying a well established website.

Hi, As I said in the title,I am interested in buying a well established website - I'm not bothered about what it sells as long as the product is profitable and obviously worth buying. I would also be interestedto going down the "Rent to Own" route if any seller is. This would be more cost effective for me and this way gets rid of any time wasters trying to sell an eCommerce ...

May 3 2016 by Aaron Barber