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Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announceStore Grader,our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether you're us...

Jan 16 2015 by tuhincba
Launching a new collection in a couple weeks…feedback needed ASAP!!

Hi! I'm new to e-commerce and could really use some unbiased feedback on my new shop, Huemane - http://www.huemane.com - I really appreciate whatever feedback you can give….good, bad and even indifferent :-) Thanks in advance! ~ Candy Jae

Today by Ian Main
new website, difficulty with connecting to Facebook, Twitter and mailchi...

Would appreciate thoughts and observations on website. As early noted, I'm having difficulties with clicking to FB from the website. Yet, I can get to website (shop products) on my FB page. Thanks!!!

Today by jhonalex
Feedback appreciated - Good or Bad

All, Looking for some feedback from the amazing community here on my store. I have been trying to give feedback as well as I know it helps. You can only look at a site for so long until you are not sure if it is good enough. Stop by and post up what I can change to make it more appealing. Thanks all. http://battlebuddyapparel.com

Today by J W
2 weeks in. Please help!

Hello my name is Erin and I've just launched my online jewelry boutique www.5thandMarket.com and I'm looking to get your feedback. Please be honest with your opinions as I am trying to improve and I really appreciate the help! Thank you in advance

Yesterday by Ross Bartlett
Your Feedback on MissPlayful.com ?

Hello, I've just launched my site and would be most appreciative of your feedback. MissPlayful.com is a "love-lifeaccessories" store designed to be tasteful with no offensive imagery. I am happy to take a look at your store also if needed.... Thank you!

Yesterday by Olivier
New store feedback needed. Please take a look

Hi Everyone, Please be so kind as to view my store www.thesomethingbox.co.za / thesomethingbox.myshopify.com . I am Planning on Launching it in two weeks. Still busy with it sorting out the proper wording around each product box to make it flow better and look more professional while still staying enticing for the customer. So other than that i like the layout of my store. Still planning ...

Yesterday by shaun zietsman
No Sales - Looking for Site Feedback

I am a fairly new store, I am selling unique mobile phone cases and accessories. supercasesales.com I started a Facebook ad campaign and received 81 likes and no sales. Since the start date of the site, I have still received no sales... Any Suggestions? I understand the site needs more work, but what should I work on first in order to get sales.? Thanks!!

Yesterday by Eric Thompson
Just revamped the Website

I've been in business for a year...and it's slowed down - ALOT....please take a look. Is it too confusing???? I'm not sure what I'm missing but it's something!!!

Yesterday by shaun zietsman
Feedback on new store please....

emsalerts.com I do know some of the pictures need fixing, but otherwise please tell me your thoughts. I do want to start promoting it and get it noticed.... Thanks,Christine

Yesterday by John Kiehart jr
Eternal Wooden Roses, Feedback

Hello I am Jeremy, I own Eternal Wooden Roses, you can find us here: eternalwoodenroses.com I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone has for the site. Thank you in advance

Yesterday by Jeremy Mathiesen
Store Feedback

Hey guys, I would love it some of you guys could check out my store and tell me what you think, as we launched last friday! So far its been okay, better than i previously expected. But i just wanted some non biased views, as i think my family and friends are just saying it looks great. Cheers Guys URL: www.mrticklers.com

Yesterday by Olivier
Any Glaring Errors?

If you have a moment, please take a look at our site and provide feedback about anything that you see that we're doing wrong....or right, for that matter! www.realcatholicstuff.com Thank you!

Jan 23 2015 by Stephanie McIntyre
Feedback on www.occultus.co.uk

Hi, I have recently created a website for our 'brick and mortar' store. I have just taken thepassword off and am looking for some feedback before I start to promote the site. www.occultus.co.uk Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

Jan 23 2015 by Siobhan Workman
Your Feedback on BuyArtWholesale.com

We need your help on www.BuyArtWholesale.com. Bad or Good - I sell Fine Art Prints & Posters at wholesale prices. I also offer several different types of accounts: Wholesale, Bitcoin & Fundraiser Thanks Rene

Jan 23 2015 by Black Art Wholesale

Shimmer Posh Shimmerposh -Amazing Necklaces. Modern, chic, colorful & stylish necklaces. The perfect Valentine's Day Gift. Free Shipping :) shimmerposh.com

Jan 23 2015 by Erin A.
Please - Feedback on my new shopify store

Hello I have been running my shopify store since November and constantly trying to find ways of improving my store to potential customers. I also run an etsy store which does ok for sales although with my shopify store I am just not getting anywhere at the moment What do you think when you visit my store at www.fabtastic-flowers.myshopify.com I would really appreciate your feedback so tha...

Jan 23 2015 by John Kiehart jr
Feedback please

Been staring at it so long I'm sure I have blinders by now. I do know it needs more products. But any other glaring issues ? Please... call my baby ugly ! lol ! Thanks in advance ! David

Jan 23 2015 by John Guzzo Sr.

how is my new store any suggestion still busy with it don't know how to change the social media links

Jan 22 2015 by Omar
Imported Listings from Ebay but Product Description letter size too big....

hi I imported my listings from ebay...only issue is that the text size of the product descriptions that were carried over from ebay descriptions i feel are too large. I dont see any options above the description to reduce the size (only the alignment, bold, etc etc) Appreciate your help if any easy way to change the text size. Thanks for your help John

Jan 22 2015 by Dominic