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Guys, would love your feedback.

I like the look of my store as it was designed by Madwire Media. I just feel i could improve the whole UX and be more appealing. Is it my products? I would love your critical feedback and appreciate your comments. Cheers

Today by Kevin Toun
What is wrong with my store??

I launched my store last week, and response is mediocre at best. I want to blame the economy. I need honest opinions and I can take them. Lay it on me! My family and friends are way too nice.. so I hope you guys can help. I won't feel hurt. I promise :) www.stickingout.com.my

Today by Li
I would love some honest feedback on my shopify store please....

Hi everyone After twiddling my thumbs for weeks about setting this up I finally bit the bullet and spent 12 hours straight putting it together. I have had challenges with the navigation side as I have a whole section of the site promoting workshops and then tried to set up a collection of workshops that can be booked via the pages not seen in the store. I really struggled with not being able...

Today by Cheri Hadaway
Feedback needed for my store, DoubleJump

Hi All My friend and I just launched our online store, www.doublejump.com.sg today. Any feedback on our store will be great!! Thank you. Regards Jon

Today by Jonathan Kho
Opinions on my site?

I have made some updates on my store, and I would love to know what others think. It is an adult sex toy store, so please if you find items like this offensive so please do go to my site (although I tried to make it appealing to even those who may be offended), and also if you are under the legal age in your state or country please dont view. A little about my store. I launched May 7th, a...

Today by Michael Butler
No Sales Despite Clicks From Google

I created my site about a week ago, I have recieved about 120 unique hits on the site almost exclusivly from adwords. I have found keywords that seem to be working well on google but I'm concerned that something is scaring people away from the site. I have a graphic designer working on a new custom logo for the site but its not done yet. I would like some feedback if you dont mind. T...

Today by Jeremy Jordan
Feedback + Advice On New Site Please

www.macbook-repairs.co.uk I have recently launched this website, where we carry out repairs on Macbooks in the UK.I started advertising using Google Adwords last Sunday. Any feedback on design and functionality is appreciated :) I have had average 15-20 visitors a day (more expensive than I thought on Adwords) and have only made 2 sales so far (doesn't seem consistant). I also have...

Yesterday by eFix LTD
After 3 months ONLY 4 sales! What am I doing wrong????

Hello, My store has been live for about 3 months and I only have 4 sales, I have a large inventory so I'm using the supply theme. I've been using facebook and pintrest. I know I need to work on my photos, Any constuctive help would be greatly appreciated. shop.chickydee.com Thank You, Deborah

Yesterday by Deborah Vanhuss
need feedback for my store gemmetal.net

i launched my store 2 months before but no sale yet.....can you please tell me what is wrong with my store..why people are not buying anything from my store.....thanks

Yesterday by kulvir kaur
No sales

Hello! I have been up and running just under a month and have not had a sale yet... views are negligible.What am I doing wrong?

Yesterday by J-za
Store needs experienced Eyes

I want to get feedback on what I could be doing better on/whit my store... ShopWOI.com Thanks for all your help, time and support! Ciao Dan

Yesterday by J-za
I have a new website I welcome you are for reveiws and Feedbacks

Dear All, I am happy to introduce my new online website http://www.leatherfashiononline.com/ which is ready to sale Leather Clothing and Bags. I woud be glad to have tyour comments on webste where i can improve myself and website. I am waiting for your comments.

Yesterday by J-za

Hi, I have been running my store for a little over a month and have had close to 2000 people view it but only 7 sales. I have also had a lot of poeple add to cart but never make it to the checkout and cant work out what is detering people. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rebecca

Yesterday by J-za
After a week of tweaking how is my store?

I been trying to improve it all week what do you guys think? What can I improve now?

Jul 26 2015 by Tahlia Purnell

Opened up my store months ago and have a few sales but not as much as I like. I see a few people going to the site but not buying... What do y'all think?

Jul 26 2015 by Tahlia Purnell
OMG! Hundreds of visitors but low sales! How does my site look to you?

I launched my store in the beginning of May and I have hundreds of visitors low sales! I'm running ads on Facebook... I have this meta aps on my shop along with Kit... Sales... Discounts.... Long tails.... I'm spending so much time on get ing sales that I can't spend time making things to sell. I'm 93.04% close to quitting! Am I expecting too much too soo? How does my site look ...

Jul 26 2015 by Tahlia Purnell
Seeking Feedback for tall clothing store

At Beanstalk Apparel, we focus on quality clothing for tall and slim, or tall and athletic people. We have been online through shopify for a few years and we would love feedback. It's time to take the site to a new level with video....coming soon. Comments are welcome. -Thanks from the Bean Team.

Jul 26 2015 by Jordi S
I just started my store. Feedback would be appriciated

Feedback to help me improve my store would be great.

Jul 26 2015 by Jordi S
We are curious what you think of our new icelandic webstore

Hi we are very new at this webstore and would really like your advise if anything is out of place or too heavy. Our company is called Sisters&Partners or Systur&Makar in icelandic, http://systur-og-makar.myshopify.com/ We design and manufacture clothes, homeware and jewlery and run 2 shops in Iceland, one in the capital Reykjavik and one in Akureyri the capital in the northern part o...

Jul 26 2015 by Jordi S
Please comment on my site

Hi everyone, I have launched my website with Shopify. I am running a watch business out of Toronto Canada. I am currently waiting on my first samples to be delivered within July. This is why my product photos are primarily 3D renderings. Please review my website, check it out, and let me know your thoughts or suggestions to improve it. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are much appr...

Jul 26 2015 by Emily