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Submit your store to the Free Shopify Directory g9

We are building an online directory of all the Shopify stores and it's free to list your shop. It's a great way to get some traffic and help Google find your site. Take 1 minute and submit your theme    

Today by Joanne Hogan
Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announce Store Grader, our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether y...

Jul 24 2014 by Devon Luxe
Rich text tool bar

Hi everyone, i need help, when i m in the content window, in the blog section, I can t activate the insert link to add link in the blog post.before there was no problem, i don t know what happened.Help please !!!!!! ;)))

Today by Myrtille Beck
feedback and advice needed please

Hi all I'm looking for feedback and advice for my new shop. I don't get many visitors and lately I haven't had any. I can not for the life of me figure out what I have done wrong. Any suggestions , feedback or advice is welcomed.  Thanks in advanceWww.justjewelry4life.com

Today by selena weeding
Any support would be appreciated.

I've had my store up for a few weeks and get 25 visits per day.  I have had a few reach checkout but no actual orders placed.  Looking for any input on what needs to be improved.  I am working on getting a phone number soon, and I intend to put up customer testimonials as soon as I get customers.  I think maybe my main menu links need to stand out more, but based off Goo...

Today by osws
New Store and FB Live - Your feedback gives Motivation

Hello PeopleNew site launched for exclusive leather store. Please check our site and our Facebook page. Both are live now.http://www.styletouche.com/

Today by Style Touche
Feedback on our new App

Just created a new app, its in the very very first stages, video, paypal, 6 more social buttons etc being added to it but thought I would post the first version here if anyone is interested to watch it come along!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BikiniLuxe Regards All,Devonwww.bikiniluxe.com

Today by Devon Luxe
Feedback for thebodycorporateshop

Hi GuysIm new to shopify - and grateful that it was so easy to put together and add it to my Facebook page - thebodycorporate.Within the first 48hrs I received my first Facebook sale.ThanksJo

Today by felixthea
Please review my new website and tell me what you think, thanks!


Today by felixthea
Hi everyone! Please check out my new store and let me know if you like it!

Hey guys!! Please check out my site at http://www.concealedcarrybelt.com and let me know what you think overall. I just had it redone and would LOVE your feedback. Thanks!!!

Yesterday by felixthea
Feedback on my new store

Hi, Just looking for ideas, suggestions and feedback on my new store: www.blessedmessages.com Thank you,

Jul 26 2014 by Taylor L.

Hello - hoping to get some feedback on my shopify store. birksun.com Do others find that the site pages load really slow? Any ideas on how to improve that? are the images too large or do we need better hosing? Thanks,  

Jul 26 2014 by Taylor L.
Please check out my store and provide feedback

Hi all,I have recently launched my Shopify store, Meisie, selling unique and ethically sourced products imported from South Africa. I have a large selection of wonderful things ranging from men's, women's and children's clothing, jewellery, home ware, crafts etc etc… Based in the UK but I do offer international shipping options.My current focus is on marketing and thought tha...

Jul 26 2014 by Francesco Thompson
New Site Design

Hey guys,I am looking for some advice on my new website design. Please let me know what you think.http://hiringsimulation.com/englishI also have a similar site. Same template, slightly different look. I wouldn't mind opinions on that as well!http://hireresults.ca Thanks!

Jul 26 2014 by Noah Applebome
New site application, custom scooter builder

We just launched a new application on inward-scooters.com. This is a custom scooter builder created with Javascript using the api. It helps their customers built a custom pro scooter. It only shows compatible parts and is an easy tool to help create a complete pro scooter.The site application can be found here:http://inward-scooters.com/collections/custom-scooter-builder

Jul 25 2014 by AMSDFW
New website open - military antiques - what do people think?

Hi,I have opened a new website for our business, have been using PrestaShop for a year but should have used Shopify as it has been so easy for a non-technical girl like me!How does it look? Would love to hear from other antiques/collectables/vintage business owners as I feel we are more specialist than some other retailers.And I know it only has 6 items on it, that's because we are getting ...

Jul 25 2014 by Sarah Cant
Here is my new online store, thank you for your new idea and feedback.

Hi all,Just looking for ideas, suggestions and feedback on my online leather store: http://www.minimalcollection.com/Thanks.Wing

Jul 25 2014 by Hon Wing Yuen
We build handmade guitars & teach the trade of lutherie, Let me know how...

Hi Everyone!Just was wondering if you all can check out our site and let me know what you think. Maybe I will even see you at one of our guitar building school workshops! If not, at least you can put a smile on my face by giving me your thoughts.www.AmericanArchtop.comThanks for taking a few minutes out of your day for me! Enjoy,Tyler 

Jul 24 2014 by Tyler Unger
Feedback on my new store please

Hi We have launched our new store and would appreciate any feedback on ways to improve, any mistakes we may have made etc.  Also how to get people to visit! Any advise much appreciated as you have some knowledge of how it all works.  Thanks

Jul 24 2014 by Kevin Jarvis
Pizza Ordering Site - Shopify product customization example

I'm finishing up this store this week, it's a custom theme that allows users to order a pizza. There is a lot of stuff going on here, but the general gist is to use the line item properties. It's very different than any other theme I've scene and I'm very pleased with how everything came together. This made me learn a lot about the Shopify api, which was surprising a lot sim...

Jul 24 2014 by Robert Blankenship