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We love giving feedback for new sites! g7

In the past couple of weeks we've given many sites on here feedback on ways to improve their online ecommerce businesses -from the overall look of the site, functionality, marketing ideas, content, etc. We have gotten great joy out of helping new ecommerce businesses get their sea-legs, so to speak. So we decided instead of just searching out sites who are looking for feedback, we though...

Today by FinditQuick Shopping Network
Pre-Launch Check List

Hi Everyone, My name is Michael and my wife and I are getting ready to launch our new store on the shopify platform.  Part of our pre-launch checklist includes getting feedback from everyone here. Would love to get feedback, both positive and negative but mostly the negative stuff :)  Thanks for helping out! http://gracebury.com password: vawhaw Thank you in advance! Michael

Today by Alex Roo
eBay to Shopify no sales.

Would love some feedback. I decided to start an onlie store to get a peice of the shoe resell market. I used to focus on eBay only but between the listing fee, final value fes, shipping fee, and paypal fee I was getting robbed. Losing way too much money. Those fees begin to add up. I know I need to drive traffic to my storefront and that is a job itself. I have had some porducts added to cart, ...

Today by Marcus Anderson
Underperforming store - help needed!

Hi all, we launched this store in November,band are just now really putting in the work to get it together. We get visitors, but a lot of bounces, and very few sales. Any impressions would be really appreciated!  Www.mutualadoration.com

Today by Mutual Adoration
Long time Shopify Developer and first time Shopify store owner. Would lo...

Howdy!  I've developed and setup several Shopify sites over the last couple years, and I finally decided to take the knowledge I've learned from that and open up my own shop. There aren't too many automotive Shopify sites, so I figured why not take a stab at it.  www.thelugnutsource.com I would LOVE your thoughts, and feel free to just let me have it. My current focus is trying ot figu...

Today by John O'Brien
Low sales!

Hi there! I was hoping to get some feedback on my store      www.thebolttree.com  I opened four months ago and I've had five sales in total - and only two of those I count as 'real' or 'legit' sales as they're non-family. I'm happy with the design of the site and I get on average 8 or more visitors a day but still no sales. I'm very active on social media and have a blog which I've bee...

Today by Eleanor Scotton
Possible Problems with Website?

Hello, I have been on Shopify for about six months and have tried everything that I can think of to get traffic to my website. I have built My website that I really Like however like i said i am receiving very little traffic. I would like some advice as to what might be wrong with it. I would appreciate any and all advice. My website is http://sparklingbrook.myshopify.com  Thank you in advan...

Today by sumit07
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres never si...

Jun 15 2016 by Michael Dragich
Looking for expert feedback on my store

Hi, I created this site a few months ago and I'm pretty happy with it so far. For some reason I can't figure out why it opens in the browser so slow. Who we are: A private label Island style/beach wear brand. Our vision is to become a cross between Tommy Bahamas and True Religion Jeans. A clothing store targeted at a younger crowd of beach goers and island lifestyle enthusiast. Our goal i...

Yesterday by Kyle Stone
Can I have some feedback please

www.poochystyle.co.uk is a new business set up within the last two weeks and is still being improved as we speak but a fresh pair of eyes is important when making a website. So I would be most grateful if you could see what you think.   Cheers  Steven

Yesterday by sumit07
Im getting visitors but no sales, Help!

Hello, I recently started an online jewelry store where I sell sterling silver jewelry I cast from the molds of artifacts. I started in February and since them have had a little over a thousand hits to my website. But even with all this traffic I have only really made one sale. So obviously there is something wrong. I am looking for critiques and constructive criticism about anything, from t...

Yesterday by sumit07
Newly Established Personalized Gifts Site

Sweet Southern Grace Co. is an online boutique specializing in monogrammed gifts and accessories. We have tons of personalized products for you and everyone on your gift list! We would appreciate any feedback on our shop. We are not receiving many views at all. 5-10 a day and no sales so far.

Yesterday by sumit07
Need Feedback.

Hello my name is Ronnie Co-Owner of A-Rfashion.com an ecommerce store for women's fashion products after setting up our shopfiy store the first and only thing I was focused on was marketing I figured that would be the key to success if only we could get people to visit our website then we would be succesful no doubt about it! Well my ignorance quickly met reality as we have had nearly 1000 clic...

Yesterday by sumit07
Need feedback

Hi i created my online store one month ago but no sale no trafic. i am looking for you feedbacks. https://luxonstyle.com

Yesterday by Jared S
decreased google rank since rebuilding site

Hi, we launched our rebuilt site in November of 2014 and ever since then our sales and google ranking have decreased.  We have been selling our products on www.bowties.com since 1997, and have always been on the first page of google (with our most popular keywords) without any SEO work.  As soon an the new site launched, our google ranking dropped and we hired an SEO company for the first time ...

Jun 29 2016 by Randall Hanauer
Feedback would be great

Hi, I have created a new Homepage for my site and would love some feedback. Please note mosts of the links are not set up yet i just require feebback on the apperance of any comments on additions to add.   My site is Destination-food.myshopify.com  , password is 1234   thanks in advance

Jun 29 2016 by David Mellor
Thank you for your time, I would love some feedback!

Please check out my store at shop.royalteco.org, thank you in advance!

Jun 29 2016 by FinditQuick Shopping Network
Reformatted my store, would you buy from me??

Hey everyone, just reformatted skinbeardco.com yes we only have the one product but adding more very soon. Your feedback is much apprecited.

Jun 28 2016 by J-za
Please be generous with my first shopify store :)

Hey guys just would love some feedback with my first shopify store. i still have a few things to do and im currently sorting a mailchimp acc form the form in the footer other than that im quite happy with the outcome. I must say i have had some great support from Jason ( freakdesign.com.au ) with implementing a few intergrations including shopifyFD absolutely love it and saves alot of time. Jas...

Jun 28 2016 by J-za
Get Feedback From an eCommerce Veteran [Shopify Partner]

Some of you may have seen my feedback posts throughout the forums. Instead of scouring around, figured it'd be easier to funnel them here. If you'd like feedback on your store, reply to this thread with your URL. No strings attached. A little about my eCommerce background:  - Employee #1 at a YC eCommerce startup that was acquired by Groupon. Groupon Goods was established based on this a...

Jun 28 2016 by Kyle Stone