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We love giving feedback for new sites!

In the past couple of weeks we've given many sites on here feedback on ways to improve their online ecommerce businesses -from the overall look of the site, functionality, marketing ideas, content, etc. We have gottengreat joy out of helping new ecommerce businesses get their sea-legs, so to speak. So we decided instead of justsearching outsites who are looking for feedback, we thoug...

Today by Hivewyre_Dave

Hi everyone! We've been with Shopify for about 2 months now with several sales from friends and on Google. We wouldlove to hear what you think about our store, and where we can improve or what you enjoy. We have been very active on our social media, but still do not see the sales we are looking to achieve. Any and all comments are welcome! Thank you for your time, and have a great rest of y...

Today by J-za
Feed back on my store

I just opened my store and would like some feed back on everything, it's a clothing boutique for Ladies but will be adding mens in the near future. www.mostyleboutique.com

Today by J-za
Not showing up in Google

Created a storefront (Game Natural) last year. Updated Google webmaster (verified ownership, added SSL, preferred domain name, added sitemap, manually added domain name, checked site:gamenatural.com), but still not showing up in organic search. Other search engines have no problem, so I'm thinking its something simple stopping google from displaying results. Any ideas? Thanks in advan...

Today by Gary Simpson
Hi ecommerce peeps...

I'm gaining traction after 6 months (yayY!) Would appreciate your thoughts on my site? hamptonskincare.com Thanx:) Mary

Today by Mary J Allmaras RN
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May 24 2016 by Vanny Bee
Feedback on my store and how I can get more traffic

I have been on line since Nov 2015 and have over 400 hits but no buyers so far. Just wanted some advice on how to get more traffic.

Today by Thomas Bolderheij

What must I change?

Today by Margaret Melville Hugo
Am I doing something wrong?

Greetings everyone, I am very excited to post here! I recently opened my shop and I have been getting a fair bit of traffic (~600 views) the past week from ads on facebook. HoweverI have yet to garner a sale. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal? Is my product bad? Here is my website This is my landing page Any suggestions and or comments are very appreciated. Thanks! -Ed

Today by EBPangolin
Critique my store please!

Took a while to get everything done, but i now think i can launch the store! Would love anykind of critique, thanks in advance!

Today by Shay
Selling to stores, but can't seem to sell online

Hi, I'm new here and thought maybe someone might be willing to give me some feedback/ advice about my website. I started a shopify store and 2 months or so ago and haven't had any sales yet. I have little to no traffic so I'm feeling quite discouraged. My things sell pretty well in stores when people actually see them and are looking for that kind of thing. But, online is another st...

Today by April Simpson
Just launched a pet product store...

... and I'm looking for some feedback! www.brindleboy.com.au More specifically, I'd love some tips on which 3rd party plugins and apps would work well (i.e. to get a little pop-up window encouraging viewers to subscribe to the newsletter, etc). Thank you!! Lindsey

Today by Calen T
New Store Feedback

Hello, I just recently opened and would appreciate any feedback. Also, I'm not sure if anyone can help me with the Contact link. I'd like for people to be able to use it to email me directly with a pop up if they wish to do so. Can't quite figure out how to tweak it. Also thinking about making the photo's on the collections larger, but not sure how. Thanks very much

Today by Kim
Ready to go bigger with my online store! Where should I put my money?

My online store has been up and going for about 9 months now. We are a 2 person company, and generate about $1,000-$2,000 a month in income. All of our products are handmade and produced by us! We both have day jobs, but are interested in building our brand. We feel that we have great products, and at a point that we need to spend some money on advertising or upgrading our site to get some mor...

May 24 2016 by Anne M
Moved to Shopify and a bit overwelmed and confused on what to do next. .

Hi, For the last two years, we have had a wordpress website and an etsy store. The website was quite content rich and we would reguarly receive enquiries, or traffic through to our etsy store. A couple of months ago I switched over to Shopify and to be honest; our site look like pants at the moment - also the drop in traffic and lack of general enquiries is worrying. I should also point o...

Yesterday by Paul L. Newton
In business for almost a year (Next week!) How am I doing?

I'm always looking to improve my store in one way or another. I'm getting a lot of feedback from my customers, which is very valuable, but their feedback is mainly "You need more stock" and "Your shipping rates are too high". Both of those are not easy to solve, even though I'm offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Getting more stock is a cha...

Yesterday by Ben

I have just launched our Auto Electrical store 'ADP' on 22/04/16, https://adpautoelectricalstore.co.uk Im really looking for some feedback from anyone who has launched a new site sat back and received NOTHING, NADDA, ZIPP on the sales front. The product range that we have launched with is the UK's leading supplier to the U.K'S Auto ElectricalmarketDURITE, Our pricing polic...

Yesterday by Berry Kooiman
6 month live and very few sales.

Hello! www.goodieshub.com had been up and running now for 6 months, and we have 2000 facebook likes on our page and 900 followers on pinterest but sales have been very very slow. Only 2 internationals and a few local sales. Are we doing something wrong? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

Yesterday by Alexa
Critique my tshirt store please

Http://benjamins-shirts.myshopify.comThanks! It's been live about a week or two so far. Any help is appreciated greatly!

Yesterday by Alexa
CHICSPÉAK - Womens Ecommerce Store

Hi everyone, Would love to hear some feedback on ournew store. My wife and I are long time fashion professionals in the garment district of NYC. We started a new womenswear line through the many connections we have made throughout the years and after a long and hard grind, we are ready to unveil our store!Any comments would be appreciated and please leave a link to your respective stores and...

Yesterday by Alexa