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Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announceStore Grader,our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether you're us...

Feb 16 2015 by wwindowslasvegas369
How does our site look?

Hello, we just lauched our site and want to see how it looks! Visithttp://juniesapparel.comto see the webpage.

Today by lixonic
New store for kayak business

We launched www.kayakacademy.com this weekend. The theme is based on Twitter's Bootstrap 3. The store sells products and offers classes and events. We used the addon BookThatApp for the courses and events. The main page highlights our store, the lessons, and Dry Suits - which are in the store but that's our biggest product line so we put it on the home page. Behind the scenes thin...

Yesterday by Daniel
What do you think of my store?

Hi, just wondering what you guys think of my store www.shopdaze.co.uk anything you think I could improve on? Thanks!

Yesterday by Dominic
LaLa Bub - Just launched!

Hi Community, My partner and I have just launched our baby wearing and accessories ecommerce site. We have had quite a few visitors through our site, but no actual sales yet. We are limited in what we can use for our checkout options as we are based in New Zealand (would love to use the Shopify Credit card processing if we could), so only currently have bank transfer and Paypal. Would ...

Feb 28 2015 by Kirsty Wesner
New Matcha Tea store just launched - would love some feedback

Hi Shopify community, About 2 days ago I launched my online store. It's a Japanese Matcha green tea store called Mista Matcha. I'd love some feedback on layout,usability, functionality etc from an online shopper perspective. www.mistamatcha.com Thanks, Alex

Feb 27 2015 by Alex Stewart
Sales just aren't coming in...

Hello everyone, Another shop here looking for feedback. We've made a lot of improvements to the site in the past couple months but we're still getting zero sales (even with a handful of unique traffic every day). We got a B+ with Shopify's Ecommerce Grader. From our perspective, the pictures are good, the copy is good, and the site is easy to nagivate. We produce blog posts frequ...

Feb 27 2015 by CA
New Site launched

Hi, Have just gone live with my site that sells Remote Control Helicopters and related products. www.heliparts.co.za Only thing I am having a problem with is the menu structure, have too many categories for a horizontal menu bar. Any suggestions on similar themes that have a left menu? or how I can put a left menu onto this theme? Otherwise, i must say I am very impressed with the e...

Feb 27 2015 by Chris
Tell me what you think

Hey! Posted on this thread before we officially launced the new website, but we now made the switchover from a different eCommerce platform. Love the simplicity of Shopify so far. Finally done tinkering around with apps and layouts for now (never fully done tinkering though). I would appreicate any feedback on our website. levinehat.com Thanks, Mike

Feb 26 2015 by mike fowler
It's Live! Would love some feedback on our Matcha tea store!

Good or bad, we want to hear your thoughts and comment on our new store. http://www.hellomatchatea.com/

Feb 26 2015 by Tucker Schreiber
Shami's Gourmet. . .Would love your feedback!!

Hi everyone. I have recently started my first store on Shopify and would really appreciate some feedback from the Shopify community. I am a foodie who is looking to share my passion with others by providing a portal to some tasty treats and accessories. I used the free grader and got an overall A grade which of course is great, but would really like to hear what actual humans think. Plea...

Feb 26 2015 by Sharyn Evron
New web-site, no sales yet, what am I doing wrong?

Hello! I launched my web-site www.estetique-club.com one month ago, still trying to figure a lot of things, no sales yet. Please, if you have any advices, i would be more than happy to hear.

Feb 2 2015 by Natalia Vasilyeva
New Gift store launched, need help.

Hi Everyone, please can you take a look at my store www.thesomethingbox.co.za and tell me what you think of how its looking? and what do i need... i have loads of people visiting but very little buying.

Jan 31 2015 by shaun zietsman
new website, difficulty with connecting to Facebook, Twitter and mailchi...

Would appreciate thoughts and observations on website. As early noted, I'm having difficulties with clicking to FB from the website. Yet, I can get to website (shop products) on my FB page. Thanks!!!

Jan 25 2015 by jhonalex
Store Feedback

Hey guys, I would love it some of you guys could check out my store and tell me what you think, as we launched last friday! So far its been okay, better than i previously expected. But i just wanted some non biased views, as i think my family and friends are just saying it looks great. Cheers Guys URL: www.mrticklers.com

Jan 29 2015 by Jeffrey Wittmeier
Please - Feedback on my new shopify store

Hello I have been running my shopify store since November and constantly trying to find ways of improving my store to potential customers. I also run an etsy store which does ok for sales although with my shopify store I am just not getting anywhere at the moment What do you think when you visit my store at www.fabtastic-flowers.myshopify.com I would really appreciate your feedback so tha...

Jan 23 2015 by John Kiehart jr
Any Glaring Errors?

If you have a moment, please take a look at our site and provide feedback about anything that you see that we're doing wrong....or right, for that matter! www.realcatholicstuff.com Thank you!

Jan 23 2015 by Stephanie McIntyre
Hi everybody

Hi i have launched the new site. Go through my site which is in my profile. Review me your comments pls https://www.foodonthego.in

Dec 30 2014 by foodonthego
Looking for Feedback on My Beard Grooming Store

My site has been active for less than a month. I'm constantly looking for feedback and areas I can grow in my online presence. I already know I need to reshoot product images, that's coming soon. Also I'll be adding more products as I continue to develop them. Thanks for your feedback! www.scallywagbeard.com

Dec 30 2014 by Adam Threadgill
Any feedback on my new store greatly appreciated :)

Looking for any feedback on my store please, positive, negative or indifferent - all comments welcome. Many thanks...

Jan 3 2015 by JAP1