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First Impressions of our site? www.zydema.com

Hello! We are considering tweaking our website so that it's more conversational with our cliente... curious what your first impressions are and if you see room for improvement. Thank you! http://www.zyderma.com/

Today by Richard Martin
always looking for feedbacks and opinions to further improve the store

Hi Guys, we have been using shopify for some time now and we definitely love it! However in order to continue to improve on our site, any feedbacks/opinions good or bad are welcome to make us a better shopify e-commerce store! Our site is : http://tinyurl.com/nfueqwz

Today by Benedict Lim
Launched website 3 weeks ago with more than a 1000 visitors and backlink...

Hi guys, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on our site. We sell different brands of electronic cigs on www.vapeton.com. We have been advertising our site on different reputable forums that are in the same business. To our surprise that we have only made 4 sales. It is worth mentioning that so far we have only been accepting paypal. Also we still do not have an SSL certificate on o...

Today by Said Said
New Website Usability / Functionality Feedback

Hi guys, I have recently updated my website and would love a bit of feedback on the ease of use and functionality of my website. Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated. www.mrmma.com.au Thanks, Daniel

Today by Daniel Soraggi
Just released my new website, would love your feedback, good or bad!

Hey everyone, Just released my website, it is not 100% complete yet, however I will be working as quickly as possible to fill up all the categories. Meanwhile I would appreciate any useful tips / suggestions / opinions. www.cellphonediy.com Thanks!

Today by Saar Boudjnah
Feedback Please

Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate any constructive feedback on my recently launched home and gift shop. I would love to hear what your first impressions of the store are, good or bad! The site has been live for a few weeks now and I am looking for possible ways to improve the store and increase visits andsales. www.beezkneezuk.com Many thanks!

Today by Keegan Tennant
Jewellery website

Hi all, Started mine 2 weeks back and I see traffic flowing through but still no sales as such. I suppose these takes time.Any idea how to attract more followers to the site? Appreciate any help! Cheers!

Today by Keegan Tennant
Feedback on site

So We just had the site redesigned by a group of pros. We have a backround in logistics and sales very little marketing is done we are looking to focus on the site. Check it out www.audioinclined.com Any feedback is appreciated please share also

Today by Keegan Tennant
Just launched. Feedback appreciated.

Hello all, I just launched my newest ecom venture - www.simplyairfilters.com. We're selling HVAC replacement filters. Currently carrying some of the best and most commen sizes. Will be adding more as well. Things are setup for 1 time purchase and/or subscription model. Any feedback or thoughts are appreciated! Site is fully responsive since so much of my traffic is mobile (already!)

Today by Keegan Tennant
10, 9, 8, 7, 6... about to launch and would welcome feedback!

Hi all, I have been lurking on this forum for months now and have come across so much helpful information here that I am hoping you guys can give me some feedback before the official launch of the store next week! www.theonlinemedina.com Thanks ! Katya

Yesterday by Katya Long
Request feedback on my store please!

Hi , Just launched my store www.theindusconnection.com. We offer contemporary Indianfashion and lifestyle products to potential customersglobally. Awaiting our first sale. Please let meknow what you think. Thanks

Yesterday by The Indus Connection
So...what do you think of our store? Xx

Hi guys, Please let me have feedback :-) The domain is honeyboxshoes.co.uk Suzy Xx

Yesterday by Suzy Goldberg
Building webstore help!

Please all, i am new to building webstore and shopify, i just need a webstore i can use to apply for an account with wholesaler or dropshipper. I don't have any product to show case on the webstore. I need your advice on how to get pictures of products to place on the webstore and how to design the store during the 14 day trial time. The product i want to start selling is solar panel. Th...

Yesterday by Daniel C
in progress. suggestions please.

My shop is still a work in progress and I'm trying to do a few things. I've looked in the 'how to guides'but maybe I'vemissed it.Any advice or suggestions as to how to accomplish the list below, would be greatly appreciated. Feedback welcomed.Thank you! 1. I'd like to create an additional 'Look Book' page with large images. 2. I'd like ...

Yesterday by artlab brooklyn
What could I change or improve to make my store better?

I'm putting finishing touches on my new website 5starboarding.com and I'm Looking for some feedback. Any Feedback you have will be much appreciated. (Social Media Links Coming Soon) Additional Questions: 1. If you were our target demographic would shop at this site? 2. What could we change or do better?

Yesterday by Dominic
Monogram form does not work

Just launched my shop I hae been trying to add a space for my customers to enter the monograms they want on the item they are purchasing. Found the i nstructions. 1 The product.liquid file only has the following 2 lines. So I don't know where to add those monogram lines. Also, I see there are many people saying here even if you add it, it does not work. This is one of the many rasons I c...

Yesterday by Jayantha Ahangama
$4K a week in sales but only a 0.5% conversion rate

Would anyone mind checking out my store and letting me know if they have any suggestions or tips on increasing my conversion rates? Here are some quick stats from the past week 3.7% Add to Cart 0.85% Reach Checkout 0.5% Purchased http://tinyurl.com/q9a5bxy * I used a tinyurl because I don't want to show up in google searches for my store.

Jun 28 2015 by Giovanni Mannella
About to Launch - Iv'e come a long way

I would appreciate any and all feedback for my store: twobrotherspcs.com The more specific/critical, the better!

Jun 27 2015 by Christopher Trapuzzano
Looking for Feedback on Store

Our store is about 7 months old and sales are low. We keep bringing in new stuff, running sales, marking stuff down and the only customers who seem to be purchasing are family and friends. Any ideas why?

Jun 27 2015 by fvcoller
Feedback on my new e-commerce website! BANANA & MELONS

I will appreciate some feedback within our Shopify forum community about our new fashion & well-being ecommerce. Anynegative or positive feedback will be very appreciated. We are constantly uploading our products on a daily basis so in terms of the lack of products, bare with us as it will take about another month or so to upload everything. We are also trying to build multiple channe...

Jun 27 2015 by Banana Melons