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Submit your store to the Free Shopify Directory g11

We are building an online directory of all the Shopify stores and it's free to list your shop. It's a great way to get some traffic and help Google find your site. Take 1 minute and submit your theme    

Yesterday by Sushil Kumar
Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announce Store Grader, our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether y...

Yesterday by Herb Coulter
Must See Supply Theme [Dark Design]

So I have not officially launched my website yet, but I am looking for any suggestions or how you feel about the theme. Just any things if you were a consumer, you would not be satisfied with. password: drawbeThanksGuys

Today by Aman Gill
Hand-Painted Clogs - Check out my new store and provide feedback. Thank ...

www.SauafeaDesigns.comThis week I happily launched my new website store. I've been making new revisions daily as people on my business facebook page make suggestions.I'd love any feedback from all of you as well.Thank you,Sauafea Designs

Today by Melanie Sauafea
£1500 payday loans - You can avail immediate cash

£50 loan direct lender known as it is not really a better money support but also these are very easy in terms of availing it. It allows applicant to use money till next payday. The cash can be used for any personal needs.  You may not have the money for doing any immediate fiscal work at some time in your life. You must require extra fiscal help to cope with current fiscal problem. L...

Jul 3 2014 by alicethomas888
New store for Just One Africa launched (non-profit, shop with a purpose)

Hey, we launched our online store on 9/1/14 and have had good sales.  Each of our bracelets are hand-made and 100% of the proceeds goes back to Kenya to supply clean water.I would really appreciate any feedback on the store.http://shop.JustOneAfrica.orgThank you,Clay

Today by uurcan
Any feedback for new store?

Hi all,I'd love some feedback from a user's perspective of our recently launched website - www.frockyes.com.It's a female fashion e-tailer based in Australia. It's actually a terrible saturated market, so I understand the challenges and competition we face. We've been live for about 2 weeks now and have only had a handful of sales. I'm currently in th...

Yesterday by Michelle
New Bridal Jewelry Boutique--Just Launched. Having Pinterest Problems & ...

Hey all,I just launched Ali Christine Bridal's online jewelry boutique. All seems to be in good working order as of now except with my social media on the actual product pages. When I try to Pin a product to pinterest, I get an error code on Pinterest stating the Shopify URL for that product has an error. Any ideas on why this could be, and what I can do to resolve? Also, any cons...

Yesterday by Alison Heinecke
Almost 2 months live and no sales. Need some feedback please.

It's been almost 2 months since we went live and we have 0 sales to show for it.  I've tried running % off sales and even giving away accessories with purchase but no luck.  Some of the products (Geigerrig Packs) I know I am getting killed on Amazon by people selling below MAP by almost 20% but in the case of the headlamps I am pretty competitive and sometimes even c...

Yesterday by Herb Coulter
Store just launched! Feedback needed!

HelloWe recently relaunched our website with new products and new photos. We were just looking for some feedback to see if we are heading in the right direction.Thanks in advance! Urbanlooks.com.au 

Yesterday by Lachlan Dawson

I've launched about 2 weeks ago and have only had 1 proper conversion - the other one was cancelled after they placed the order (she read the measurements incorrectly). I'm getting about 80-90 visits a day from targeted ads. Have included a newsletter with incentive sign up, facebook ads as well as retargeted ads via Adroll. Nothing. What am i doing wrong?Is this normal for a new busine...

Yesterday by Jermy gilbert
Feedback wanted for new yoga and activewear store

Hi y'all, Feedback would be much appreciated for my site!Kind regards, Julie

Yesterday by Aman Gill
Here it is Wild Links! What do you think - I'm open to any feedback

I just launched guys and interested in your thoughts on my cufflinks website - www.wildlinks.com.au

Yesterday by Michelle
NoGluten Online just gone live, any suggestions welcome


Yesterday by Michelle
I would love your reviews and critiques - www.nicosnest.com

Hi All,I would love your feedback on our site. It was launched just under 2 weeks ago.  I think I am getting around 20 visits a day through some PPC, some organic and some direct/social media. My only sale so far has been through ebay using the Ink from App.Please don't be afraid to be honest, the quicker I can fix any problems the better off I will be!Matthew

Yesterday by Matthew Adair
Feedback would be great!!

Hello folks!!  I have a new startup company eCommerce site and would love your feedback!!www.fleur-de-lyre.caThanks a bunch! 

Oct 29 2014 by Chantal Dupuis
Looking for some good honest feedback on my website!

Hi fellow shopify-ians!  I have recently set up the Kin Collars website for custom made leather dog collars and leashes but I'm not 100% satisfied with how it's looking. I have a few ideas of changes to make but I would LOVE some feedback from everyone else out there. PLEASE take a moment to check out the Kin Collars website at www.kincollars.com and let me know...

Oct 29 2014 by Ryan N.
Ladies, I need your feedback on my swimwear website please!

Hello Ladies, I would appreciate your raw honest feed back on what you feel would stop you from purchasing our products. We are getting lots of people add to their cart but not purchasing.  We would love to hear what you think. Best  Carol

Oct 29 2014 by Alicia Webber
Please give feedback on my store - Unbreakable man

Hey guys, So my store has been running for 2 years now and I have just changed themes to the Supply theme! Love it! Please give me feedback on my store. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone can help tell me how to change my header background to an image it would be HUGELY appreciated. have been struggling with this for 2 days now without success. Looking for...

Oct 29 2014 by Heather Jacoby
Feedback on Saturated Market Shop

Hey there! I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my company's shop. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts!http://safoundation.myshopify.com

Oct 28 2014 by Becky Belzile