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I will critique your website g9

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Fox, brand builder, critiquer, and owner of 2 Shopify ecommerce stores I've recently turned to helping small businesses gather ideas and grow by giving them honest reviews about their online store, including their design, product lines, marketing, traffic, SEO/conversion and more. Shopify has highlited one of my responses to a small business as the &...

Today by Michael Fox
Need help, Thinking about just shutting it down

I just got some horrible news to for a while I've been using a supplier: paintball online and I just got the news today that they bought out and are no longer offering wholesale accounts, they are my primary supplier they are the only supplier I have that offers live inventory feeds and product upload feeds. My Veiws per month and sales are not great but they have been growing, $334with ...

Today by Staggerlee
Guyyyys, I really need your opinion on my store :)

Hi guys, I opened my store 3 weeks ago and I did one sale, which were my parents :D (not funny) And I would like to hear your opinion on the products and website as well! How do you drive traffic to your store? I want the visitors to buy my products. They usually spend like 2 min. on the website and some of them reach checkout, but no sale. I'm running facebook campaigns and google ad...

Today by Sarah Garrett
Help - I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

I've asked many friends for feedback on my store www.realleatherbracelets.com but nothing ever comes back negative. So why am I not making any sales? Are my friends too nice??

Today by Stacey Herbert
Getting Hits! but no Sales ! (Familiar trend) :)

Hey there guys ! Hope everyone is well :) Firstly I'll start with this, I'm getting hits to my site on average 50 per day. But haven't had my first sale yet. Which seems to be a familiar trend on these forums :) I would like some feedback on my store ANY FEEDBACK is good for me. I want to narrow the reason down why people aren't purchasing from me. Whether its Produc...

Today by MrBuddy
Just launched the product I thought was gonna sell but...

Hi guys! I've had my online store for some months now and in the beginning we were making decent sales of a product I thought would be hard to sell: the DVD of my husband's documentary. I recently added the product I thought was gonna sell like crazy(thisshirt:http://brokenstringmemphis.com/collections/frontpage/products/vinyl-lover-t-shirt ) but we sold ZERO of them. We have s...

Today by Clara Parker
GLOWDECOR.com would love your candid review of our site launched today

Www.glowdecor.com we just launched and would love some feedback. Does our site make it clear what we are selling? Is it feeling authentic with a personal connection? Etc.. thanks so much! Glow Decor team, Medford, OR

Today by Jesse Gelsinger

Test post.

Nov 16 2015 by Jesse
HELP!!! Traffic but no sales

If I could get some feedback on my store i would be most apprective. Traffic is coming in but no sales. I keep my prices low because i'm a firm believer that i should not gouge people just to get rich off the first sale. more volume means more profit. I sell on Amazon, advertise on tumblr, facebook, pinterest, twitter, and instagram. Thanks so much for your valuable time.

Today by Timmy Lampp
Feedback please on a new Surf product/website

Most surfers hate wrist watches...they get in the way for the bulky size and are a pain with a wetsuit on. Started prototyping a new idea/concept for surfing 2 years ago to retrieve the time. Went from an idea on paper to 3d printing about 25 different versions to packaging/marketingand now have a full on product/site. http://vekla.com thanks for checkin it! Motz

Yesterday by Motz
Feedback on our new store

Hey guys, long time Shopify users. We've made some massive changes to our store. Would love some feedback www.irontanksgymgear.com Also, wanting to know if anyone has had some experience with this - we've changed our primary domain from irontanks.com.au to irontanksgymgear.com. i've also noticed the change in theme (even though the same back end) has affected our organ...

Yesterday by ITGF
Check out my shop, what things could I change to better myself.

Hello, We have been on Shopify for around 2months. Our sales are doing pretty good, but we are getting ready for the holiday season. We have a few marketing plans in place, but would appreciate any helpful tips. Please check out our site, and let us know what you think and what might help us build more clientale during the holiday season. Thank You So Kindly! - Mike ...

Oct 28 2015 by Staggerlee
Please feedback my store!

I've had my store open for 2 months and yet not a single sale. Am I doing something wrong? I would hate to close down my online store. I've had lots of traffic but no sales. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Please be honest with me.

Oct 23 2015 by Kayla Kite
Help! Feedback please!

Just from reading the past forums, I was quite impressed on how much information and important feedback that was given. I have a couple of tweaks to make on my site but your feedback will be greatly appreciated. I want to bring in more sales:) www.herstyleinc.com

Oct 23 2015 by Lakia Hasenjaeger
Launched a month ago and doing great!

Would love your thoughts and if you see any improvements I can do! I have been pounding away on social media and have gotten 4 orders already in the first month! Thanks!

Oct 23 2015 by Michelle Elzaim
Help open for almost a month now and still no sales

I would appreciate if any one could have alook at my store and tell me what im doing wrong. My stroe has been open for almost a month now and not had any sales. In last 7 days i have had 150 visitors, 118 which are unique. From Shopify overview of my store, it shows that 95% of my visitor are only viewing the front page and not really any other pages.Most of my visitors are coming from faceb...

Yesterday by joe chan
Live for a week and no sales!

Hello, We launched a week ago and although we've had sales via Amazon, we've had no (non friend) sales on our website. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Yesterday by J-za
Feedback on my Store

Hello all, I have had this store open for almost 4 months now and I have just received my 10th sale. I have many views, but would love to convert these to more sales. perhai.com

Yesterday by Shauna M
Need feed back on my store please

I just started a few weeks ago and would like to get some feedbackon my store http/://clone-doctor-tees.myshopify.com thank you

Yesterday by J-za
Any tips/tweaks I can do?

Hey all, Just launched www.anonymints.co - a store where you can anonymously ship out breath mints to anyone you choose. Only selling 1 product (mints) so the goal is to convert traffic. Any comments/thoughts on the store or content? Appreciate it.

Yesterday by Valien