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Please critique on my site! I get decent traffics but no sale.

Hey guys, please have a look at my website - www.mocki.com.au Website have been up for 2 weeks. I receive a lot of views but no buyers. Most of the viewers only look at the front page. Less than 10% went into the product page. Any constructive criticism is welcome. I understand that we have little products, I am working on getting more styles + colours. For photos, I know that I needbabies...

Today by Mocki Shop
Is our crystal store boring? PLEASE CRITIQUE IT!

We opened in late January this year and have sold just over $400 of product, but these past couple months haven't gotten any sales. Does our website make sense? Is it appealing? Is there anything that sets us apart from other crystal stores? And if not, what would you like from a crystal store that you haven't come accross yet?Any constructive criticism and positive feedback is apprecia...

Today by Crew Wear
Please provide feedback on our website.

Hello all, I would love some honest blunt feedback on our website. We went live on 08.26.15 and had 100 visitors to date. We did a pre-launch on Facebook and Instagram and made a very strong social media footprint. Our main concern is that we have had 3 items added to the cart but no checkouts. We just purchased an app that helps with abandoned carts. Website: www.tueurfash.com Face...

Today by Carlos & Ntia...
Feedback on our unique store of wooden flat-pack homeware.

Hi Everyone, Our site isbyrnewoodware.com.auand we made flatpack wooden mobiles and homeware. I would love to hear some honest feedback from you all. Popularity for the products has slowly increased across all of my sales channel expect for Shopify which is really lagging behind. We also have a lot of uniques selling features and would love to know what you think is the best feature of ou...

Today by David Byrne
Comments & Constructive Criticism

Hello Everyone, My store has just opened this month and Fall items are coming soon. I would love for you all to visit my site and let me know how I can make my site more inviting and what should or should not be there. Please view as if you were a customer and let me know what you would expect (what you like and don't like).I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Lovezari.com

Today by Briana Johnson
Honest feedback on my store - expanding into Australia and U.S.

I've launch my website for about 1.5 years. I have sales almost everyday mainly from SG. Iam trying to expand into other countries such as Australia and U.S. But sales is really slow. Am wondering if my product mix is suitable for these region? Also do give me some feedback on my store. Thanks all like minded entrepruenuers!

Today by Cee Y
Critique my store, where I sell my kickstarters

Hello! i just opened my store a few months ago and have had only 3 sales in that time. I have had about 400 visitors but I'm still trying to increasetraffic using SM.The products I feature on my site started as Kickstarters, and one had 73 backers but still only one sale on my site. any suggestions as to why this would be? Thanks! Greg thetinmill.com

Today by Greg Klein

I started my clothing company over 6 monthes ago. Im in few local stores but my online sales are very low. Ive tried social media and we have a good fan base but for somereason no one is intrested in buying. Please let me know if im doing anything wrong. http://www.pkclothingco.com https://instagram.com/pkclothingcompany/ https://twitter.com/PKclothing

Today by Doug Steimel
Launched our jewellery store a while ago, but not 1 sale! Is it the prod...

My and my sister launched our jewellery store about a month and a half ago.We sell mostly bracelets, necklaces andanklets at the moment but are trying to expand our range.We have a decent following on instagram and get comments on our jewellery,but there have been no sales. Our prices seemed to be toohigh at the startand a bit of feedback brought that to our attention, but after reducing them, ...

Today by Doug Steimel
Please Share your Thoughts

Hey everyone, I recently opened my store about 4 months ago and sales have been rough. I get more sales from other websites where I list my products. Please share your opinion and tell me what you realliy think. Thank you, Ari

Today by Doug Steimel
Need Unbiased Feedback

Would love feedback from people that I have never met. I have made some sales online, but most sales have been in person. Dont't hold back Sincerely, Lamont Burton Monty Bello LLC http://www.montybelloclothing.com

Today by Doug Steimel
Moved from Webstore to Shopify, feedback appreciated

HelloShopify users, We just relaunched our website last month. Complete tear down and rebuild. Moved over from Amazon's webstore over to Shopify. I had to hire a shipping clerk to ship orders whereas previously I used Amazon's FBA. Hired a dev to develop the theme. Would like some feedback as to whether the images are appropriate, and how to improve the landing page. www.wetsha...

Feedback on southern|ELEVATION

Hi, As we head into the holiday season I would appreciate any feedback that could be provided for our website. 1. General impression? 2. Ease of Use? 3. As a consumer, are we competitive? www.southernelevation.com Thanks in advance for the help and support

Yesterday by lorraine
Feedback on my unisex apparel store

Hello everyone. I discovered this forum for feedback just recently and have since learnt a lot from others. I have been very active in providing my own advice and feedback based on my experience so far… I would love to hear your feedback on my store and products. I have worked really hard on my products and my store, my brand as a whole has developed a long way since I first starte...

Yesterday by LLOYD TAYLOR
Would appreciate Feedback on our Store

Hi everyone, I would appreciate your honest feedback about our store www.espressimo.ca. We do have the sales, but in comparison to the amount of Visitors the conversion ratio could be higher and I am just curious if from your opinion anyting could be done to make it more attractive or easier to understand/read (and there is always something that can be done better as we all know). Also si...

Yesterday by Leighton Tyau
Feedback on my online shoe boutique

Any suggestions for my online shoe boutique, i am a former shoe store manager who's hoping to get off the ground to open my own brick and mortar shop but 1st i want to master online ,i have lots of traffic from fb groups and targeting "sneaker heads" but not many sales

Yesterday by dominique oakman
Feedback for My Stores & Suggest a way to increase traffic and sales

Hello, My webstore named 'FairyBells Kart', it has Indianhandicraft, fashion and home articles. We have two websotre http://fairybellskart.com/ for India &http://www.fairybellskartinternational.com/ for International customers. It has 30-50 visitores daily on Indian webstore and 10-15 visitores on Internationl webstore. We are promoting our stores mainly by Google SEM, D...

Yesterday by FBK
Main language online store dilemma

Hi all, We've recently launched our online store www.off26.com, since we operate from Brooklyn NY but we are for part of the year in Italy, we are trying to figure out which should be the main language of our shop, the problem is if we keep it in english we might miss out on a portion of business in Italy, the same way if we make it in italian. Any suggestions on how to balnce it? Anyone...

Yesterday by Raffaele F.
Feedback on my JEWELRY store......

I sell gold chains in the $1,000-10,000+ range. Just interested in some opinions of our website, how we could improve it, etc..... thanks.

Yesterday by Yosef Adde
Really would appreciate some feedback on my store also

Not a lot of sales so not too sure on what is wrong if anything? I know that clothing is saturated... I even started doing videos... I'm boot strapping can't afford a fancy tech yet. But I hope to be able to in the next couple of months. THank you

Yesterday by Jimena Rodrigues