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Feedback And Marketing/Advertising Methods

I'm a young individualhavingthisclothing store for about 3 months and so far, I've redesigned the aestethics from a dark green theme some weeks agoforappeal.I've been getting some traffic through Facebook ads, but visitorswon't take any actions. Is there something wrong with my store? Where is the turn-off? Do you own a clothing/fashion store? What's your success story and h...

Today by Kate Cribb
Need feedback on my store please

Hi all, Ive just redesigned my store and really need feedback from any one willing to be honest please - www.poolstorecanada.ca

Today by Roger Williams
Can anyone give feedback on my store

I have been online for less then a month and have had some great sales just would like input as to what could be better. https://www.Urbanfashionshop.com

Today by Kev Lump
Oh man. No sales yet

Hey guys, I've had about 190 unique visitors in the past two weeks but still no sales. It's basically a T-shirt company. Could someone please tell me what's going on with my store.

Today by Cliff Mitchell
Review site and provide feedback please!

As title states... Take a look at site and let me know how you think it can be improved. Thank you covercase.com

Today by Cliff Mitchell
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres ...

Yesterday by Super Bowl
Ways To Progress

Hi all, I started using Shopify for my business July last year, and it has been great because it was so easy to do!I am looking for feedback regarding the design, functionality and ease to use my website. Since the new year, I have been getting 10-20 orders a week on a Adwords budget of £5-£10 a week, getting about 60-90 visitors a day, but like anyone, I am looking to increas...

Today by eFix LTD
Feedback/thoughts on my site

Hi All, My online store has been up for a while but would appreciate some feedback on it, if you can spare some minutes. I’m particularly looking for anything you think it needs improving on. Happy to do the same for you as well. http://www.pacastyle.com Cheers, Alvaro

Today by eFix LTD
Demotivated: I need to make my first sale

Hi I recently launched a store (1 week) and no sales yet. Have uploaded about 170 products and variants. I have been using facebook ads and generated some traffic but no sales. HAve uplaoded a video and offered a prize handbag for sharing it.. even though 1100 people viewed the video, have only received 6 shares. I feel that the web page theme i used is outdated and need...

Today by eFix LTD
Feedback for GoodiesHub.com

Hello people of the internet! I've recently launched my online store www.GoodiesHub.com and would just like some honest feedback before Istart promoting my site and it's products. Thanks in Advance! Greg

Yesterday by Greg du Preez
Feedback on my Store

hello i just launched my own clothing brand and would love all of the feedback i can get. please have a look and let me know what you think www.buttrnut.com

Today by Aaron Romano
I have a $1,000 investment to spend on my store. Give me feedback on my...

I have just been given $1,000 by a retired friend of mine to invest however I want into my store. A little background: -I started this venture about 2 weeks ago and have slowly been building it up since. -I have been spending $5-$10 per day driving traffic via Google Adwords with an average CPC of under $.50. -I have recently refined my Adwords based on the past two weeks to target the ...

Today by Amanda Deighan
2.5 Month Old Online Boutique Looking for Advice

Hi everyone! My name is Lori and I am the managing partner of a new startup online boutique. We are based out the south suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. I am interested in investing about $1,000 into an advertising campaign centered around expanding our market outside of our local proximity. Currently, the only marketing platforms we use are social media. I "boost" posts on Facebook...

Yesterday by Lori Gill
Feedback on my new store please!

Please take a look at my new store, give me your honest feedback on anything you likeor dislike, or don't think will work. Colors, layout, pictures, price points, products, message, ease of use. The store is www.plantbasedsoap.com. Thank you!

Yesterday by Plant Based Soap Co
Feedback on Skinsmile

Hi everyone, I've had my store up and running for about 12 months now and have only just got to grips with it. Would you mind giving me some feedback? www.skinsmile.co.uk Thanks, Katie

Yesterday by Katie Bessant
Handmade Jewelry Shop -- Open For a Month

I had a great first month in sales. I get a decient amount of traffic mostly from Instagram (@CopperDrift) ...from a different set of eyes, is there anything you would add...change..improve? I feel like sometimes I get lost and don't know where to go. Im doing ok, but wish to do even better. Any help would be appreciated.

Yesterday by Katie Bessant
Feedback for Vanilla Bear Accessories

Hi, We have just launched our store and would love some feedback! Good or bad. I want to hear all criticisms. Where can we improve? The Web address is www.vanilla-bear.com Thanks for your time.

Yesterday by Jess Richardson
Not for the faint of heart? I'm determined, but NEED your feedback for n...

Just an honest family with a new shopify store. Rustic flags and designs. I see people saying all images should be the same size, but is that feesible for my site? Do I need to make it more simple? I'll take all the advice I can get. I have an upcoming event which I plan on promoting my shopify store, but as far as sales/views....I've had one sale because I sent a custon link to a previ...

Yesterday by Kev Lump
Revamped store could use feedback

I've overhauled my store. The only thing I could not change are the photos of the candles I've already sold. That will change with new orders. First, I have to get them! I've sold many on Facebook and in person but not one on Shopify. Hence the overhaul. I've taken previous advice given and have let the consumer knowwhat I sell immediately. I've added a feedback section, a r...

Feb 5 2016 by Gilco Digital
Please critique my store

https://www.storeuni.com/ I would like to get more input of my store so I can further improve it. Background: - Webstore based in Malaysia, and do ship internationally for mechanical keyboards mods and accessories - Added few features like currency picker (able to detect customers countries and auto-select the currencies for International customers) If anyone has suggestions, please do...

Feb 5 2016 by Gilco Digital