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Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announceStore Grader,our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether you're us...

Apr 14 2015 by Alena Johnson
I'd love your feedback

Afternoon All. I've been playing around with my store for a few weeks now, and am quite happy with it. I'd love some feedback on how to make it even better! I've done the autograder, and I got a B. It suggested a few things, one was Twitter, so I now have that... The others are, blog, free shipping, privacy policy, Alt Tags? If anyone has any suggestions, I&#39...

Today by Emma Clifford
Its a work in progress but let us know if you like this site and any sug...

We primarily sell smoking products such as e-cigs and rolling paper. Soon wewill expand our inventory with hookahs, tobacco flavor and vaperizors.

Yesterday by Shachar Mordechai
Integrate webstore on Shopify with Android app

I have a webstore at Shopify. Now, I am making and Android app and I want to integrate the webstore with the app. How can I do this? Thanks.

Yesterday by Swapnesh
New Country Themed T-shirt store. Feedback would be greatly appreciated

Hello all. Our site www.blantonslodge.com went live a few weeks ago. We have a few sales so far. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday by John Blanton
Feedback on Store Please. Will reciprocate.

Hello, I have just launched my store within Shopify and would like some feedback please. I know I want to deal with the spacing issues at the top of the page but other than that what do you see that needs to be fixed? Thanks so much. Tim cat5elite.com

Apr 25 2015 by Carlos
Need help! 2 months launched and no sales

Hello, we lauched our new brand/online store just over 2 months ago, have had 1500+visits but no real sales (only 3 from friends), despite lots of positive feedback from social networks. We're just about to launch our blog, we're tried facebook ads and google adwords... But wedon't get much daily traffic.. Is there anything obviously wrong with our site? We design and manufact...

Apr 25 2015 by Paul L. Newton
13000 visits but no sales. Help.

We have had lots of traffic but no sales.13k visits in 3 months. What can I change for better conversion. I I would love some honest feedback

Apr 24 2015 by Mary Adamson
Feedback on our new store really needed!!

Hi everyone! We're a London based startup that retailsleather handbags handcrafted by a family of three back in rural portugal! All bags use 100% calf vegetable-tanned leather and look and feel absolutely unique as they're made one by one. For example each Backpack takes some 4 hours to make. We have a strong brand and a compelling story but sales have been slow. We have launch...

Apr 24 2015 by Erika Kelly
Canadian Stores

I would like to get some feedback from businesses operating online and / or in store POS with Shopify.

Apr 24 2015 by cooleastmarket
Looking for feedback on site with 3.2% Conversion Rate

Hi, Our site currently converting at 3.2%, but we are still seeing a huge gap between the Reached Checkout rate of 11.3%. We locate the visitors IP so we direct them to the USD, GBP or EURO currency automatically. We're looking for feedback on what could be causing the gap between reached checkout and a sale but welcome all other comments. www.breffo.com Cheers Dan!

Jan 10 2015 by Carlos
Need help programming link

Hi! Our site has a page to let wholesale customers know how to contact us. How do I program the link for the e-mail address to open a e-mail message to be completed? Thanks, Sheila

Apr 23 2015 by Michael M.
Feedback on my new store needed

Hello I moved my store from an old platform (the site was built in 2002) to Shopify 2 weeks ago. I'd love to hear your comments on this (it's in French, but I'm planning to translate soon); Best regards Damien

Apr 23 2015 by Damien Gole
Would you buy from this brand-new wedding decor website? Your feedback m...

I've just launched www.myweddingdecor.com.au today which sells personalised, unique and unusual wedding decor for Australian couples. Please give me your honest feedback - looking forward to reading your comments!

Apr 23 2015 by Elizabeth Holling...
newbie to ecommerce and appreciate any constructive feedback

my site starts running few days ago. there r several areas i would like to improve, eg add change currency, add subcategories... can anyone help to take a look and give me more tips on how to improve? im not into html or programming so simple language is appreciated. my site is: www.AromaEssentialOilDiffuser.com thx a lot

Apr 23 2015 by Tammy Sy
Feedback? Premium, Eco-Friendly Car Wax Manufacturer.

Hi, I am looking on feedback on my website. I am getting frustrated with the lack of sales. I had a decent launch and made $460 in sales on my site in the first month and about $400 offline. Now, for almost a whole month I have not sold a single pot of wax and I am wondering why as my website content has improved dramatically in that past month. I should be in the peak buying season for my prod...

Apr 23 2015 by Vic Cardenas
About to go live! - Feedback would be great!

Heya Shopify-members. So I'm at the end of the process of setting up my new webshop. Took me about 2 months and 2 weeks to make it and get every deal on place, such as payment gateway, shipping agreements and bank deals etc. I'm hoping some of you people out there could give me some feedback and tell me if I need anything, or if there's anything that could look better. ...

Apr 19 2015 by Michael M.
Feedback on my online clothing store really needed

www.LoveKariDae.com From a consumer's point of view, what do you think?Is there anything that I can do to improve? Thanks in advance Karice

Apr 22 2015 by Karice Martin
Feedback Needed Please

Hey guys I really need some honest feedback on my shop right now. I have been told my shop is amatureur , bland and boring. I'm not sure what to believe , no one wants to tell me what makes it boring , bland and amatureur. I know my products are good because i also sell on Etsy and have done good considering jewelry is a saturated marked. Can you guys please provide some feedback for ...

Apr 19 2015 by selena weeding
Baseball t-shirt brand needs feedback www.lumberandlightning.com

Hi everyone,I sell vintage inspired baseball t-shirts and other related products. I just went live about two weeks ago and am having trouble driving traffic. No sales yet either. A lot of work is left. I'm focusing on better images and descriptions. Anyone's constructive criticism would be extremely appreciated. www.lumberandlightning.comThanks,Jay

Dec 11 2014 by Missy Deyo