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Help Boardshop Reviews & Info

Hello Everyone, Thank you for this valuable resource with allowing other shop owners to post and get feedback about there online stores. I manage this smaller onlime skate shop in Edina MN and we are a part of a Non-for-Profit ministry called JSAW. Jsaw is an Action Sports Ministry that focuses on engaging and sharing the Love of Christ withthe youth and young adults within Skateboarding, Sn...

Today by Ian Lundin
Search engine optimisation - handling of product tags and collections

Hi There, So I have a website www.sunkissedthecollective.com We make use of both product tags and collections to help serve our product catalogue to our customers. Google has indexed both our collections and product tags e.g.: https://www.sunkissedthecollective.com/collections/designers/blue AND https://www.sunkissedthecollective.com/collections/designers As these are esse...

Yesterday by Sarah Fewtrell
Am I doing a good Job with my Site? Need some pointers

I Stared my site a while ago and need some Shopify Pointers www.Beloved.Gifts Thanks in Advance!

Yesterday by Afrocentric Gifts
What are we doing wrong :)

Well...I 've read alot of very thoughtful comments from others about many shopify websites here on the forums, and now after doing all the research, and thinking I've learned something -I've gone and opened a shopfy store, andnow getthe feeling i'm doing everything wrong :)) --At least in sales seem to be infrequent, and traffic Ibeleive to be minimal (18-28) people a day... ...

Yesterday by Michael Wilson
Feedback appreciated

Hi all, Hoping I'd be able to get some feedback on my store before I go live! Been playing around with a few themes and I've found the perfect one (in my opinion) and want to see how you folks all see it. All feedback would be appreciated. Store:http://www.sittingduckclothing.com/ Password:prelaunch-view Note: currently no favicon and Size Guide page unfinished. Thanks in...

Yesterday by Daniel Jamieson
Please, critique my shop

Hello, I opened my shop last February. I would be very appreciated for your critique and first impression about my shop. Thanks for your time. Vilma

Yesterday by Hivewyre_Dave
User experience feedback please? www.bowhouselifestyle.com

Hi All, I have recently re-designed and moved my company's website over to Shopify, but since I have done this, I have not had any sales, whereas I used to have at least a few sales now and then. I am looking for some feedback from anyone as to what I could do with changing on the website to give a better user experience. www.bowhouselifestyle.com Thanks, Joe Weeks

Yesterday by Hivewyre_Dave
Shiny Sparkly Site!

Shiny Sparkly site - what do you all think of it? What can I improve? Thank you! Fantastic-gymnastics.com

Yesterday by J-za
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres ...

Mar 9 2016 by Gilco Digital
What do you think?

Hi all, I have been working on my website for a while now, just wondering what people think of it? Any feedback is kindly appreciated! The web address is https://www.mlperformance.co.uk Regards, Marshall Lee | ML Performance

Yesterday by Marshall Lee
First impressions of www.kokils.com

Hi guys, It is going to be almost a month since I launched the storehttps://kokils.com .. I would like to have your comments on the following: First impression of the store. Any Improvements/ additions Strengths/ Positive aspects of the store Weaknesses/ What is it lacking? What would stop you from making a purchase. I appreciate your time! Would be happy to provide a feedba...

Yesterday by Kokil Sharma
Suggestions for homeschooler's new store?

Hello everyone.We just launched my son's new store (stoneware pendants handmade to order). This is a homeschool project and a learning opportunity, so all suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks, Heather

Yesterday by Heather Timmerman
Could you help me please? Thanks so much!

Hi there, recently launched my new store. I've got a very high bounce rate so I'm not sure what is putting them off. Is there anything else you would advise. Any help would be hugely appreciated. https://store.barfordlandscapes.co.uk/ Many thanks Chris

May 1 2016 by Vanessa Dahlberg
Struggling with a button - Red Planet Nutrition

Hi everyone, I've just set up a button for a bio-kult probiotic product in my blog post here: http://www.redplanetnutrition.com/bio-kult-probiotic-review/ I have two questions: 1) How do these buttons perform when compared to online shops? 2) What do you think about the way it's displayed on my blog page? Is there any way to centre it? I have a problem getting it to the cen...

May 1 2016 by Bart Baranowski
Just looking for advice like everyone else

I just went online with my shop and i have only sold a few items which is what i was expecting since i am not generating much traffic yet. i just got on adwords and facebook so i know its going to take some time and more promoting on my part to get more traffic but i wanted some advice on the layout of my website. maybe i am mising some obvious things. So anybody with some helpful advice on may...

May 1 2016 by Vanessa Dahlberg
So I've created my new store, feedback please. Thank you.

Created my shiny new store, before I throw money at it i.e. market my shop, I would appreciate your opinions, as this as got to be right, otherwise a waste of my time and investment. Cheers Guys. http://www.superstoreessentials.co.uk/ Rgds, Nigel Spence. UK

May 1 2016 by Nigel
Just launched my beard care Website feedback please

https://genesisbeardcare.com/any feedback would be great!

May 1 2016 by james horres
Please give feedback on my newly launched store!

Any feedback, positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. I understand that i need mroe products on the store. So i will continue to add them. Please take a few minutes to browse the store and see what can be improved. The link is www.atlastiles.co.uk. Many Thanks, Dan

May 1 2016 by Andrew C
New store and decent traffic but no sales

I just recently created my new drop-shipping bussiness and would love feedback on the design and how I could improve it. The main problem is I am getting 50-100 visitors per day but I am not getting any sales. It appears that no one is even looking at any of the products, much less getting to check out. I've noticed that the load time is a little slow so that might be it. How can I fix that?

May 1 2016 by Chris Valentini
Looking for advice

Hi Guys, would really appreciate some feedback on what I can do to improve my website. www.egoshoes.co.uk Thanks :)

May 1 2016 by Thomas Bolderheij