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Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announceStore Grader,our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether you're us...

Today by Doug Jackson
New Retail Webshop - Would love some feedback!

Hello Shopify guys. So I recently started a new webshop for my dad, who has a physical store and wanted to get a webshop to it. So I am almost done, I just need QuickPay integrated together with more products, and then the page is done. If you have any feedback it would be amazing. Any feedback is appreciated :-) http://frederikschoene.myshopify.com/

Today by Frederik Schøne
Feedback on my store \._./

I just realised my conversion rate was not great so I'd like some feedback on the site please? www.bleachworldwide.com

Today by KatMacG
1 month after launch need feedback please

It's been a month since a launch my new store, I'm getting traffic mostly from Facebook but so far I only got 1 sale. I get around 100 visitors a day so I would like some feedback on where I could improve to increase conversion. Many thanks!!! Here is my store :unitedtacticalbags.com

Today by Jude St-Fleur
4 months- 4 sales Im doing something wrong here huh?!

This is has been the most frustrating experience. I know things take time but clearly Im doing something really wrong and need to correct it because Im just not ready to give up. Im currently working on picture sizes and redoing descriptions. The Girls section is just about done (redid it) We launched mid November and since then have had only 4 sales (6 products total) Most days I only get l...

Today by Mega Tag Media
Help with New Site

Hi, I am polishing the look and navigation on our new store and would love some pointers to make it better. http://jjweston.com Thank you Fiona

Today by Mega Tag Media
Thoughts on my new blog/store?

www.creativebloggie.com Any thoughts, advice, or opinions?

Today by Mega Tag Media
Please feedback on my store new theme, THANK YOU

I changed the theme of my store, but I am not getting too many sales. I would really appreciate honest feedback. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today by Mega Tag Media
A few visitors but no sales

I opened my store (www.theopenmind.in) less than a week ago, and I'm still learning the ropes. I've been getting about 40-50 visitors per day, but no sales. Is 40-50 good for my kind of store? Is that a lot or a little? I'm also having a bit of trouble with Google analytics. First, I heard that using google analytics will disable google adwords. Is that true? Second, how do you c...

Yesterday by Darren DeMatas
Just launched today

Am still migrating alot of the stuff from the previous provider. Lots to do (cleanup) but have a looksie should you wish https://azurjewelryfrance.myshopify.com Andrew and Sabina

Yesterday by Andrew and Sabina Cochran
Freshly launch store! RIP IT APART :) (please)

Hey friends :) Can I get some eyes on my new store. launched it last weekend (6 days old!) very exciting and nerve racking! www.artresin.com thanks in advance for your time and suggestions :)

Mar 26 2015 by cyberchick
Refurb.io Just Launched - Refurbished Laptops & Desktops (US & Canada)

Hi Everyone, we just launched this week! http://us.refurb.io (USA) andhttp://ca.refurb.io (Canada) using the Shopify Plus platform. Refurbished computers are a growing marketdue to concerns regarding the environment & when looking for cost-savings & overall value. There are a few things we have added to our roadmap in order to provide a better experience - i.e. more selection comi...

Mar 26 2015 by RefurbIO Admin
My New Online Store

Hi All, I recently launched an online Clothes and Accessoriesstore using shopify and would really appreciate some impartial feedback from you guys and girls. The site has been up for a week and a half and has 2 sales which im happy about but could definately do with some tweaks. Thank you for your feedback.

Mar 25 2015 by Kwaku Zigah
Any recommendation on design template for store with 3.000-5.000 SKU?

Hello, We are running are store with 2.500 FMCG products via shopify. Over time, usability has decreased, because more and more items have been listed. We are still in a growth phase. Our current shop has 8 main categorieswith 5-10 subcategories. I am looking for a suitable new template with a fair balance of design and functionality. It should bring along: - Good menue structure to co...

Mar 25 2015 by Ognjen Knaus
Need expert comment on my store. Give comment and get discount on purchase

Give your expert comment send us email we will send you discount code. bijoucanada@gmail.com

Mar 23 2015 by pareshchandra lheru
My New Site. Feedback please

My recently launched site is www.naturallybabies.co.uk Please take a look and let me know what needs improving. Thanks in advance.

Mar 23 2015 by Rachel Finsbury
I would love your imput!

Hi! I just started my site a few days ago and would love your feedback, suggestions, and even criticism! I have had very few visits to my site and NO sales...not sure if that is due to restrictions on the 14 day trial or not. :( https://the-chocolate-lemon.myshopify.com

Mar 23 2015 by Kerri Kelly
Hi, Again, Please I need honest feedback on my store new theme

I just changed the theme of my store and I am not getting too many sales. I need honest feedback. THANK YOU My store: www.shopuniquegifts.ca

Mar 23 2015 by Fernando Davila
Added lower price point items, but still not converting. Please give sit...

We've been on the Shopify platform for about 5 weeks now and haven't gotten any sales, not even an 'add to cart'. We're getting a good amount of traffic, though. I thought perhaps some were put off by our higher price point, so we've addedsome less valuable items at a lower price point, but still no conversions. Is there anything annoying about the site? Is anythin...

Mar 21 2015 by Scott The Guru
Please -Looking for feedback on our website/store

Hello everyone, We would appreciate greatly if you guys could review our websiteand tell uswhat you think. We are looking for honest opinions/ suggestions to improve our conversions. We just lauched a week ago and want to give our customers a great experience. Thank you

Mar 20 2015 by Scott The Guru