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Get Automatic Feedback on Your Ecommerce Store

Today we're happy to announce Store Grader, our new ecommerce optimization tool that analyzes and audits your online store.Store Grader checks your site against four critical criteria:SEOUsabilityContent and Social MarketingSite PerformanceIn other words, Store Grader tells you if you're sending all the right signals to search engines, how user friendly your site is, whether y...

Nov 18 2014 by Lee Perrin
Feedback on Saturated Market Shop

Hey there! I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my company's shop. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts!http://safoundation.myshopify.com

Today by Becky Belzile
Getting traffic but very few sales

Thanks for sparing your time. We're trying hard with our social marketing and it does work to a degree but not as much as we thought. We're only getting 1 conversion in 50 sessions, is that normal. Would love some feedback on the store and cart process. I'm thinking there's something fundamental we're not doing right here. Is there something wrong with our products, we are s...

Today by David Bannister
Feedback after turning 1 year old :)

Hello all,So our company just turned 1 today, although we didn't technically start trading until Feb 2014.I would be grateful for some feedback on our website from fellow shop owners or anyone else that reads this message :)  We used a template to start with but I've done a lot of customisation over the last year.If anyone has constructive criticism, thoughts or questions...

Yesterday by Alan
New Store launched

Would appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer.Thanks. Jeremy: shopwhimsy.com

Yesterday by Asya
Looking for some constructive critism

I made this website. I think it's okay but I want to make it better. If you could be so kind to give me some constructive criticism and help me design it better. I really appreciate your time. My website is www.Hanging-Around.com, we sell hammocks :)

Yesterday by Asya
Feedback Please

Hi everyone,We have just reopened our online store, thankfully moving over to Shopify whereas our previous platform was a nightmare. We've spent a good year or so on the site, mainly the data of each products taking so much time. Anyway, we are getting a fair amount of sales on a daily basis, but would like everyones feedback on the site, good & bad and i am completely open to crit...

Nov 22 2014 by Andrew Cargill
Feedback on my store

Hello,I am seeking feedback on my store (technical, layout, etc). Constructive criticism is welcome, areas of improvement, ways to increase sales and traffic. Overall thoughts on site...www.signatureforwomen.comThanks

Nov 22 2014 by Andrew Cargill
Launched FacestoFrame Monday. Would appreciate feedback. Thanks!

Launched FacestoFrame Monday.  Would appreciate feedback  . . . no visitors yet.   Am I hoping for sale a little tooquickly?   Not sure how long it should take to be found.  Thanks.

Nov 22 2014 by Georgia Herbst
My Slider and left & right blocks suddenly disappeared!

Hi,I have been experiencing this issue since the last 1 hours. I haven't installed any apps or made any changes on the code since the last 2 months at least. And I've been using the same template without any problem since the last 8-9 months.It looks like its ignoring the code inside theme.liquid starting with: {% if page == pages.frontpage %} which includes the main slider, l...

Nov 21 2014 by Erkan
Would love feedback on our new store. Thanks!

Solum&Herbe http://solumandherbe.com​We just launched our new choppily store and  are really happy with the platform. Still working out a few kinks but so far it's really fun. 

Nov 20 2014 by Paul L. Newton
New Web Site Launched

We just launched our web site..Allot needs to be done and we need your help with shopify's great pointers. So far i have added the following:Social LoginsSocial wallsTwitter Hashtaging when customers share on twitterName Your Own PriceI'm working on the code to display Bitcoin pricing.Please help us out by reviewing our site www.MrPuzzleHead.com Thanks a Bunch! 

Nov 20 2014 by Instant Famous
Not getting no traffic and no sales

http://Scrubsnmed.coml'm new to online business. This is my first website and I'm not getting no traffic and sales. Needing help. My website is on top of the page.Thanks,Sam 

Nov 20 2014 by Instant Famous
I just open my first online store. I will be really appreciated if you w...

Elementally Organic Products http://www.elementallyorganicproducts.comHi, my name is Roman, I just open my first online store. I will be really appreciated if you will give me your honest feedback. Elementally Organic Products http://www.elementallyorganicproducts.comFind my on Facebook Roman Korchev https://www.facebook.com/roman.korchev Elementally Organic Products  Page: https://ww...

Jul 12 2014 by Holly
Store Feedback Visits but few sales

Hi,I'm hoping to get user feedback on my store and any advice on how to improve and get more conversions? i am getting a decent about of visitors but few sales. What things should I be doing to import? Is my site user friendly? Do I have errors that I am not aware of? What might be hindering people for ordering?Thank you so much for your time!!NICOLE

Aug 12 2014 by SmallRevolution
Thoughts On My Store

I had asked this question way back in April and the post got sidetracked by a spammer. The few decent suggestions that I did get, I tried to work with. The site has undergone so many changes since I asked the first time. I have added new designs in inventory, added more to flesh out the overall site, new theme, new background image, got page load times way, way down, and updated most of the pic...

Sep 10 2014 by Divya Pahwa
New Site Design

Hey guys,I am looking for some advice on my new website design. Please let me know what you think.http://hiringsimulation.com/englishI also have a similar site. Same template, slightly different look. I wouldn't mind opinions on that as well!http://hireresults.ca Thanks!

Aug 8 2014 by Lena
£1500 payday loans - You can avail immediate cash

£50 loan direct lender known as it is not really a better money support but also these are very easy in terms of availing it. It allows applicant to use money till next payday. The cash can be used for any personal needs.  You may not have the money for doing any immediate fiscal work at some time in your life. You must require extra fiscal help to cope with current fiscal problem. L...

Jul 3 2014 by alicethomas888
New store, please evaluate and offer feedback.

My new store www.readyforanythingproducts.com is now up, and we would appreciate if you would take the time to check it out and provide any constructive feedback in order to make it better.Thank you in advance James

Nov 19 2014 by James Lessman
Our new Korean Fashion online boutique store has just released!

Have learned about Shopify two months ago and then decided to move our website to Shopify! Shopify offers a lot of easy to use and fantastic features, and also awesome theme and apps which make a big difference on the website. Here is the link to the website.www.loveclimate.comPlease check out our website and take some time to offer your valuable suggestions. Thanks in advance! - Jason&nbs...

Nov 19 2014 by Jun Yan