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What's a good average conversion rate?

I'm struggling to find any good up to date statistics on this so I was wondering if anyone here might know?

Today by Joel Drapper
How do I force my store to use SSL

Our Shopify store is available on both http://store.example.com and https://store.example.com Because we have a policy to force everything https, I would like to either:1) Redirect http://store.example.com/* immediately to https://store.example.com2) Simply disable http://store.example.comBut neither of these options seems to be possible?What can I do to keep people on SSL?

Today by Stefan Arentz
Infinite scroll implementation.

Wish someone would create a Shopify plugin for infinite scroll. But hey, until then...I've downloaded http://infiniteajaxscroll.com/ and the 'getting started' isn't that useful to me: http://infiniteajaxscroll.com/docs/getting-started.htmlI've uploaded the javascript, but now with the getting started document, I'm not sure where I should add these additional li...

Today by John Cothill
Testimonials page

Just wondering if there are any apps that you would recommend or the best way to create a testimonials page.Thanks,Melwww.mjnsafetysigns.com

Today by Melanie Nathan

Any one Tell Me how To generate more traffic in my site any suggestion please tell me friends 

Today by Helen Jones
Why my site is not top rank in google?

Hey guys, please give me some ideas why my site www.unicodetechnologies.in is not top rank in google?

Today by unicodetech
Creating a phone app

I already have a fully functional shopify site.  I would like to also have an app for iphone and android that reflects the existing site.  Do I need to hire a developer?  Any suggestions?How long does the process take once the app is created for it to be approved by apple and google ?

Today by Helen Jones
Show all product colour variants within collection page

Hi ThereWe would like to show all available colour variants for a product within the collection page. Currently the customer can only see other colour options for Garment if they click into the primary product.I.eProduct: "Rad T-Shirt"Colours: Red(Primary), Green, BlueOn the collection page instead of the product appearing just once with the primary image red, we would like to repeat ...

Today by Jason
Images in blog posts

Hello,I'm wondering why images are not displayed when I used "article.content" in my code even if I had few images in my article..I don't really understand the link between article and images (no image object in the article class...).Can you help me on this ?Thanks !

Yesterday by Jason
Ecommerce sites

Hello friends i have Ecommerce sites , can you suggest any technique how to promote this sites 

Yesterday by Chris Scrimes
how to determine a price for my product?

i'm looking to open an e-commerce business and would like some guidance. when you found your niche and the product you wanted to sell, what was the process you took to determine what and how much you can sell a product for to be competitive?  

Yesterday by Chris Scrimes
Do you work alone?

Hi, I was wondering how others organize and separate duties to team members (or by yourself?).Those duties could be Sales, Accounting, Social Networking, Customer Service, etc etc...Thanks

Yesterday by Kiersten
Yotpo reviews suddenly not showing!

Ive just submitted a request to Yotpo but ive suddenly noticed that our review tab on the homepage and all the reviews on the product pages no longer exist! Ive checked the code and all is in order Yotpo wise. Has this happened to anyone else?!Any ideas?

Yesterday by Mike Stewart
show stars icon only from product review app on product page

how to show only overall star icon review on poduct page only star icon 

Yesterday by abhishek
Traffic but NO Sales

We have a Bricks & Mortar retail Children's Clothing Boutique that does well. We recently ventured into the eCommerce world with out much success. We are have done substantial backlinking with relevant sites and are setting up additional social media accounts. Facebook has been good to us as we have over 3K followers and growing. The website currently gets around 200 visits per day...

Yesterday by Kevin Hobgood
The New Standard Currency Options- Need Help!

Hey all, I need some help with my currency settings using The New Standard Theme. I have got the option set up for my customers to switch between currencies, but when a different currency is selected the prices wont change. Any help much appreciated!!! Natalia

Sep 17 2014 by Natalia Haniel
HELP! Not getting results, or...am I unrealistic in my timeline?

Hello there,I launched my store a month ago, you can check it out here: http://www.yourwatchstyle.comI have spent a great deal of time working on SEO, building social links, and putting together a quality, professional site.  I ran it through the store grader, and it came out as A+ with the only thing to address is re-marketing using google analytics.I have had some traffic to the sit...

Sep 16 2014 by Lesley Richards
How to make Payment Gateway.

Hi,   I am new to this site,I am planing to sales the cloth through This site.But I don't know how to make the payment gateway(money Transaction).Please help me   

Sep 17 2014 by pavan a
What blogs do you *actually read*?

Hi all,There are plenty of posts in these forums where someone asks "what blogs should I read to be an ecommerce ninja?" and various posters respond with laundry lists of a dozen blogs each.  I'm sure all those blogs are great, but I doubt most of us actually have time to read more than one or two, in practice.So, I'm asking you to bear your soul here: what blogs do you&n...

Sep 17 2014 by Helen Jones
E-Commerce Trends

It’s almost half a century since the term “E-commerce” appeared, with the benefits it brings for business along with the development of technology, it has been proving its own stable stand in the business field.Let’s take a look at the changes that are most likely to be seen in the field of e-commerce and its trends in the future.1. Overview e-commerce trend in the past ...

Sep 17 2014 by Sammy Lau