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Hey Y'all, You may or may not know about Google Trusted Store Program (GTS) but it is nowa MUST have program for successfulecommerce store owners. But there is a hitch > there is NO integration with Shopify .... In fact Shopify ended beta testing on integration in 2013 - whenGoogle Trusted Store Program was in its infancy - but now GTS is a MUST have program. So lets create an o...

May 22 2015 by Jonathan Leung
Multi-currency platform

Our company sells educational courses in many different countries. We are looking for a platform that can show these products (each tied to its own currency, EUR, USD, GBP etc.) and a checkou gateway that can handle this. Shopify is not able to do this. Any suggestions which platform would be suitable?

Yesterday by Jesse
Popup to have user confirm they are 18 or older

I need a way to have users confirm they are 18 or older before they can enter the site. Something as simple as a popup with Yes and No buttons would work. Any recommendations on what app to use (free preferably)?

Yesterday by Terry Dunlap
Product Add-ons

HOW DO I ADD A PRODUCT ADD ON?! I want to be able to say "Add-on product X for and extra $7.99" PLEEEEEEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks,

Yesterday by Daniel Cheron
Can anyone tell me how do i deactivate checkout?

Hey guys, I want to deactivate the checkout and make it disappear for now as I want to focus moreso on affiliate marketing.

Yesterday by Fred
Credit Card payment platform-Banco Sabadell

I am using Stripe at the moment but I have to wait 7 days for reciving the money to my bank account. This is really bad for our small business, as we have to put our money in advance. We would like to use Banco Sabadell, as we have very good conditions, but I don't know how to install it. I really need help in this topic. Thank you very much in advance,

May 22 2015 by Alex Missett
Add information in the check out

I would like to ask more important information in the check out website about who is buying: Name of the company and the number of the company. How Can I add it? Thank you, Noelia

May 22 2015 by Alex Missett
Buttons-for-websites - Darodar.com & semalt.com clogging up Analytics

Hi Guys, I am seeing a lot of traffic from -forum.topic54624897.darodar.com &buttons-for-website.com on my Google analytics. As far as I can tell these are bogus sites that send traffic to your website but they are wrecking my statitstics and I would love to know my true bounce rate as these sites bounce ever time! Does anyone know how you can go about blocking these from my site I ha...

May 22 2015 by Joanne Nelson
Is there something better than Stripe?

We are using Stripe for our e commerce but we have to wait 7 days to have our money in our bank account. Can we choose another platform that takes less time to receive the money? Thank you!

May 22 2015 by Massaad
Credit card platform

hello, at the moment I am using stripe, but they transfer the money 7 days after the trasaction is done. What platform can i use to have my money before 7 days. We are based in Spain. Thank you very much,

May 22 2015 by Moe Serghini
Cannot find my website on google

Hi guys, I am confused that when I searched my store or any product in my store on google, they didnot show up, even when I searched the direct url it didnot show up either. I purchased the domain yesterday, is it because the delay? my store ishttp://www.celestineclouds.com/ . Thanks

May 22 2015 by Sharity
Liquid Conditional to test user agent or screen size?

So I originally thought this would be pretty simple but have found that is not the case with Shopify. I'm using the minimal theme and trying to change up the layout on the product page for the mobile site only. I figured this would be easy enough using CSS and setting up different containers with the "display none" and "display block" properties depending on the scree...

May 21 2015 by Jeffrey Booth
controling membership ?

i'm currently testing out shopify to see if i like it. i'm using the theme supply, and i want people to registor but i want to check who they are first before allowing them to login. how is this possible? cheers. mike.

May 21 2015 by Jenn Seeley
Has anybody had any luck with Live chat?

I installed Live chat and am having no luck. I think there are so many ways to get hold of us these days it might be a bit antiquated. I'm getting plenty of emails from them in my gmail account, but customers just don't use the live chat box.. It is installed in the bottom left hand corner of the home page. http://roystuart.myshopify.com/I'm wondering if there isn't a more usefu...

Jan 9 2015 by Kim Scott
Banner VIDEO instead of banner IMAGE?

Instead of the banner IMAGEin the top of my shop, can I add a banner VIDEO? I want to add a welcome video in the top of my shop. Hopefully a video that will play right there. Alternatively I could put in an image of the video, with a PLAY botton on it, and when people click it, they will be taken to a page where the video is located and set to autoplay. But I prefer the first option. ...

Mar 19 2015 by Jonathan Kiilerich
Which apps are best?

Hey all,I've just now started setting up my store - and noticed tons of 3rd party apps... kinda lost here!! which are best to add? i only know mailchimp and salesforce but i'm sure there are tons more which are useful. and are the paid ones worth it?

Apr 4 2015 by prasannakc
Traffic but NO Sales

We have a Bricks & Mortar retail Children's Clothing Boutique that does well. We recently ventured into the eCommerce world with out much success. We are have done substantialbacklinking with relevant sites and are setting up additional social media accounts. Facebook has been good to us as we have over 3K followers and growing. The website currently gets around 200 visits per day but w...

Nov 10 2014 by Ecommerce Income
make automatically a bill

Hello! I would like that our customers receive a bill as they purchase in our ecommerce. Can we do this automatically? Thank you very much!

May 20 2015 by Alex Missett
sending welcome email after checkout signup

Hi, hope this is the right forum In the checkout page, there's a checkbox people can check if they want to receive email from your store (newsletter or whatever) I was wondering if it is possible to send extra info (e.g. a thank you coupon) in the order confirmation mail based on whether the customer signed up or not (so basically "if checkbox = yes, then "thanks for signin...

May 20 2015 by Kevin Hook
Need help on different price for different payment type

Hi there, Im a new startup here and margin is very tight so I want to able to set if customer wants to pay by paypal, the price will be higher (due to fees) than if he pay cash on delivery. How do I set that? Appreciate your kind advice here. Thanks

May 19 2015 by JOO WON LEE