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DropShipping with Coco-Fashion

Hi guys, I´m thinking of using Coco-Fashion for dropshipping. I am just a little bit nervous about what to do if I place anorder and it is not in stock? They have been good at answering all my emails online, but has anyone used them? Does anyone know any other suppliers with similar or same stock so I can have a back-up if this happens? Or if a supplier is out of stock, how long it ...

Yesterday by Courtney Marie
Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/ly-languages-switcher.liquid

Hello, I need help. I have added this language switcher with langify :{% include 'ly-languages-switcher' %} and I have an error on my website displaying:Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/ly-languages-switcher.liquid I have tried replacing this:{% include 'ly-languages-switcher' %} by this:{% include "ly-languages-switcher" %} but i...

Yesterday by Virginie vaillant
Discount Code Change

Hi all - I want to create a discount code for the first 100 users to get a free single product - 100% off the cart contents - then after the 100 uses of the code - it changes to 50% off for the next uses say up to 500 more times (600 total) then after that changes to 25% off until the promotion ends ... always usingthe same code any ideas ?? have coded it before in ASP.net ... shopify ...

Yesterday by joshua brown
I need some honest feedback and guidance to increase sales

Hi, I could really use some honest feedback on my website. We are struggling to make sales. At first I thought it was because I made a poor decision with my choice of pictures, (everything was on a black background and Iwas told it looked too harsh) I have since re-photographed 95% of our products and it has helped a little, but not as much as I had hoped. Me and my husband launched Acces...

Oct 8 2015 by Tim@Dandelion
Cross Sell eBooks from my Store on Other Stores.

Hello Is there an App OR a Way to offer Products from my store to other stores & similarly feature products from other stores in my store ? I have seen some apps offering Cross-Sale but I wish to also exchange .. Would also be great if there is a platform for exchange, were owners can feature products and select from other stores. Regards NF 9 OCT 2015 There a few apps t...

Yesterday by New Father of Nation
This is how you become a successful clothing company

Hey guys, I just wrote an article where 15 Shopify Clothing store owners revealedtheir secrets to success and lessons they've learned. Thanks to those who contributed! http://blog.veeqo.com/lessons-from-15-successful-clothing-companies/

Yesterday by Matt From Veeqo
How do I force my store to use SSL

Our Shopifystore is available on both http://store.example.com and https://store.example.comBecause we have a policy to force everything https, I would like to either:1) Redirect http://store.example.com/* immediately to https://store.example.com2) Simply disable http://store.example.comBut neither of these optionsseems to be possible?What can I do to keep people on SSL?

Yesterday by Wayne Paul Broad
I'm 14, am I too young to be earning online?

Hey Guys, I'm Oli i'm 14 and Sales Director at Swole Panda. Last year we made a lot of sales and a big profit. Dealing with all the requests has made my school work suffer. My teachers say i'm too young to be involved in a business but i just want to carry on my parents money making legacy instead of learning algebra. My business partner and I have grown Swole Panda into somethin...

Yesterday by New Father of Nation
Check My Website Please???

Hi. I've changed my website around from the feedback I received from this forum. Would anyone please be so kind as to check out my changes and let me know if it looks and navigates better? I would sincerely appreciate any feedback (goodand bad). I do get visitors through Facebook ads and Pinterest, but still no sales. My EBay and ETSY stores are doing so well and I'm not understanding w...

Yesterday by Lois Gawlik
Question about removing Specific Text within the coding?

In the Theme that I am using you can only utilize "collections" for the box layout that you can see on my website ( www.fithustle.com ) If you go to this link: Fithustle.com/collections/about-us at the bottom of the page (ubnderneath the map)it says "Sorry, there are no products in this collection?" becuase I am trying to utilize this as a "About us" section...

Yesterday by Alina Trematerra
Do facebook adds work???

I am trying to figure out if facebook adds work. I have spend hundreds of dollars, got all sorts of results from 1c a click to $2 dollars per click. Done specific targeting, random targeting etc etc. The question I want to know is has anyone here on shopify made consistant sales threw facebook? If so what do you sell? What countries did you target? Did you get very specific or stay rather gener...

Sep 24 2015 by Fred Adi
Getting an add to cart error in my store

Hi, I am trying to launch my store and after testing the cart, I received an error - ADD TO CART FAILURE! ERROR: REQUIRED PARAMETER MISSING OR INVALID: ID Can anyone help? I dont know where this is coming from?

Yesterday by Andy Smit
Stout Spice Company- 100% organic spices. Would love feedback on my store.

I recently switched from Squarespace to Shopify and would love some honest feedback on my site www.stoutspiceco.com Let me know what you think and things that I can improve on. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thank you for your time!

Yesterday by Alex Plagge
Minimal Theme Sold Out and Sale Circles

Hi, I'm trying to make the Sold Out and Sale Circles circular/round but I can't figure out how to do this in the code! Hopefully someone can help me :) There are some on this page for referencehttp://www.theguruknows.co.nz/collections/dreamcatchers Thanks.

Yesterday by Alex
Starting to grow my Instagram Page... [HELP NEEDED]

Hey everyone, I have a question for you all about social media marketing and if you have used an online service! My old friend who runs a few online businesses (marketing / blogs) as well as one physical business keeps saying that I should sign up for this Instagram social media servicegrowmyinstagr.ambut I can't really find any other reviews about it online.. I am a bit weary about s...

Oct 8 2015 by Frank Tobin
I would love to get some feedbacks on my website! :)

Hi guys, I have recently opened up my first eCommerce website with shopify, and I would love to get some feedbacks! the site is about selling all Cosmetics brands (I currently have 2 and I will expand in the future). here is the website : www.reCosmetics.com Good and Bad feedbacks will be accepted! :) Thanks!

Oct 8 2015 by Asaf rub
Affiliate programs

Hello, I want to start an affiliate program for my store. I would like to get some feedback from on how to run a good affiliate program and what apps do you guys recommend. I was looking at some affiliate apps and one thing I did not see is how do you handle returns. If a sale comes from one of your affiliates and the customer returns the product, how do you deduct the affiliate's com...

Oct 7 2015 by Matt From Veeqo
Which bank in Canada best for transactions?

Which bank you would recommend in Canada for working with Shopify transactions?

Oct 8 2015 by Stan
Discount on specific product type

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set up a discount/promotion code valid only for a specific product type. Something like e.g. "50% on all scarfs" The only option I see right now is to list all scarfs as "collection". Any other ideas? Because the discount should actually be given on all items of this product typewithin all the various spring, summer etc co...

Oct 8 2015 by Alex
Talented T-shirt designer need ASAP

So, I have what could be an interesting business opportunity for theright person who can see where I'm going with this, let me explain -I'll try and be brief. ===> READ IN FULL<=== Me: I am the(main admin/owner) on a VERY niche facebook page of about 10k+ members. I don't do much, but the group still grows.For a while I've been meaning to monetise this super niche co...

Oct 8 2015 by New Father of Nation