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Looking for a bilingual theme!

Hi everyone :)I'm looking to set up an online shop which is bilingual, similar to that one: http://www.gourmetmondiale.com/Can anyone recommend a theme? Couldn't find one in the theme store.I'm quite new to shopify so any help will be appreciated! Thanks :)

Today by Paradise Commerce
One site, two languages

Hello,I'm interested in opening up my shop to English speaking customers. However, most of my clients are local and I want to keep the Hebrew site going. What would be the best way to add English support? (Only the product description is not in English)Thank you,Efrat

Today by Paradise Commerce
Are You Kidding Me!

For the second time today my site and admin is down. This is bad. Major System Outage

Today by Patti
Which apps are best?

Hey all,I've just now started setting up my store - and noticed tons of 3rd party apps... kinda lost here!! which are best to add? i only know mailchimp and salesforce but i'm sure there are tons more which are useful. and are the paid ones worth it?

Today by douglasackerman
newbie setup question - site structure - Collections vs Product Type

Hi Everyone,I'm new to shopify and adding new products but i'm a little confused about the difference between Product Types and Collections.These both seem to be different methods of grouping products but i'm not sure which to use and when.I checked the 'Collections' section in the manual and can see how this works with product tags but i can find vi...

Yesterday by twiglet
Why Are There so Many Problems Lately

My site has been down this morning and cannot access the control panel.

Yesterday by Jason Dea
Think it's time to close my store

Think I am going to give up, sick of spending money and not reaping any sales let alone the rewards.  Have spent 100's of hours setting things up and advertising everywhere I possibly can on the net but still no sales...think I am flogging a dead horse

Yesterday by jennie sargent
Fetch order status based on order number without login

Hey shopify experts,I have a order nuber and email id of customer and with the help of that I  want to fetch order status on frontend without login .Have you guys any idea about this,Please suggest .Yours suggestions are really appreciable.Thank you in advance

Yesterday by Jason
Rich Pins for Pinterest

Is anyone else not seeing rich pins on their Pinterest accounts yet? (pins with pricing etc on them)Some Examples here,http://www.pinterest.com/BikiniLuxe/http://www.pinterest.com/pin/505036545686595340/ I tried asking the shopify experts live, but unfortunately they do not cover this as it is a subject outside of shopify!! they referred me back to some outdated help page on the subject.Ve...

Oct 29 2014 by Devon Luxe
Reports with Basic plan

Hello folks!!  Just wondering, I have a new startup ecommerce site and I want to minimize costs so I am waiting before I get the higher plans and language translation apps but, meanwhile, I would like to be able to get a simple transaction reports (more accounting related).  Is there a way to do this with the basic plan?thanks!!chantal 

Oct 29 2014 by Chantal Dupuis
The use of discount codes

Hi AllI would like to give out discount codes to some friends but i only want the codes to work on products that are not on sale already. Is it possible to have the code only working on products that's not on sale?Thanks

Oct 29 2014 by Michael Burnley
POLL --> What are the 3 most valuable apps you've installed in your Shop...

With so many apps in the app store, it's a bit difficult to find the ones that are really valuable. Let's see if this poll helps. Thanks for your answer :)

Oct 29 2014 by Audrey Sopive
What Do I Do? Where Do I Start? How Do I Start?

I am totally green. Would like to start an internet business now as my husband with early onset Parkinson's I fear will need my fulltime care in the future. I am trying to learn about trending,keywords, etc. and want to choose a product based in trending vs. my passion. Then I need to find a supplier - do I use dropshipping or develop a relationship with a manufacturer? And then website bui...

Oct 29 2014 by Shelley
Products Not showing up on Facebook Page

Hell TeamI have activated Facebook ap for my shopify website, but still the products are not showing up on my Facebook page. Can someone please help? 

Oct 27 2014 by Laura Waddington
Traffic but NO Sales

We have a Bricks & Mortar retail Children's Clothing Boutique that does well. We recently ventured into the eCommerce world with out much success. We are have done substantial backlinking with relevant sites and are setting up additional social media accounts. Facebook has been good to us as we have over 3K followers and growing. The website currently gets around 200 visits per day...

Oct 28 2014 by Bill Marmaduke
Anyone not Receiving Some Notification Emails?- outage?

We have 4 shopify stores and have 5 recipients on the order notification list.We have noticed since Thursday that some of us on the order notification list fail to received notification emails. It seems to occur 30% of the time and it is random as to who receives notification emails. ie. Sometimes everyone will receive emails, other times only 3 of 5 or 4...

Oct 28 2014 by Chris White
services and products

I would like a way to get a store that provides both services and products Any steps on how to do this

Oct 27 2014 by frank uccello
Inventory app

Hi. Does anybody know of a good inventory app to sync my dropship suppliers stock levels and discontinued products. I have been looking at eCommHub and stock sync? Thanks

Oct 27 2014 by Chris Miller
HIMT College

HIMT was established in 1998 by a Merchant Navy Chief Engineer. HIMT is the training hub of India and offers a wide range of courses right from pre-sea training courses for officers and ratings, through senior officer certificates of competency and advanced courses for all ranks of Merchant Navy. HIMT also provides courses dedicated to the offshore oil and gas industry and specialized Value add...

Oct 27 2014 by himtcollege
Does Shopify support single sign on functionality now

I am having a website to which I want to integrate shopify but I am confused at the integration on our requirement if shopify provides all support on the following points:1. We want to have shopify running externally to our application and perform functinality like:1.1 - When a new customer comes to our site and do signup, at one step we take the "Payment Information" in b/w the signu...

Oct 27 2014 by Billi Zhu