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Hello everybody,The pink "sale" graphic you see on my website is part of my theme, iprint-online.myshopify.comSometimes, I would like to delete it (even if i have a compare price) or delete it pemanently (just the icon, not the function, because when i change a price, and i want the customer see the old and the new price, it is not automatically a sale!)Could somebody do it ...

Today by Pole Com
Is there a good Inventory / Cost of goods sold app?

Looking for an App that will allow us to print a stock report showing the total QTY of "PRODUCT" and the cost of that product Then we can have access to data such as - You are sitting on "50K"worth of stock and be able to look up a product and see the bottom cost price all int he same system. .. Things like that. Our old site had it and there doesnt seem to be a good al...

Nov 19 2014 by longint
How to create a product image that changes when user rolls over with mouse?

I'd like to recreate this effect to showcase a product shot and then a model wearing the product? Reference:http://www.solidandstriped.com/collections/women-swimwearPlease let me know if you have any suggestions, code, tips?

Jun 24 2014 by Julianne Johnson
How Do We Take a Partial Payment or Deposit?

We scan old photos, slides, movie films and video tapes.  Customers estimate the number of scans they will have, put that estimated amount in the shopping cart, then box up everything and send it to us. It's next to impossible to get the exact total amount correct--especially with movie films--since some film may be too far gone to scan.We would like to set up our shopping cart to acce...

May 26 2014 by Divya Pahwa
Wholesaler discount gate?

Hi everyone! First post here. New Shopify user but I do have a lot of experience with e-commerce and web design.My bosses have started me on a project handling and building a site to wholesale product to B&Ms. They want every sale behind a required log in by the customer and they want different levels of discounts dependent upon log in. So, for example, one tier of stores would log in ...

May 24 2014 by Robin Regnier
Own Website vs. Shopify

I do have my own website that I maintain, and do what I know what to do in terms of SEO.  What are the benefits to adding a shop on Shopify to my business?  In others words, what will a shop in Shopify do for a business owner that they can't do or may not know how to do on their own.  I'm hesitant on signing up if there aren't any advantages beyond just having another...

Jun 20 2014 by Jeanette
Any tips to help conversion?

My site traffic is increasing daily but conversion rates are still a little low. Any tips or ideas to help improve my site? www.EndlessSurvival.com 

Jun 6 2014 by Elyse Gagne
Have eBay sales... appear in Shopify

Of course there are apps that import products from eBay,but what about sales of those products on eBay?There has got to be a way to do this. Well, there are actually 2 ways, but nobody's done them yet. Do you know any different?Method 1) eBay has an API, an app could simply fetch all outstanding eBay orders. Naturally it may be fetching orders for products that don't...

May 27 2014 by nchannel
Conversion rates

Hi everyone,I'm just trying to figure out what sort of conversion rate I should aim for? Any ideas?Thxwww.littlerooms.co.nz

May 30 2014 by Boni Satani
Looking for a theme to customize outfits

I'm creating a clothing store. I would like this theme to allow customers to create their own look:To choose among different existing outfits and accessories but without the human model.Select an outfit and be able customize the outfit as desiredEach item of the outfit can be customized by selecting the item and make the changeOnce the item has been custom...

Sep 19 2014 by Melissa Tarbutt
Anyone not Receiving Some Notification Emails?- outage?

We have 4 shopify stores and have 5 recipients on the order notification list.We have noticed since Thursday that some of us on the order notification list fail to received notification emails. It seems to occur 30% of the time and it is random as to who receives notification emails. ie. Sometimes everyone will receive emails, other times only 3 of 5 or 4...

Oct 28 2014 by Chris White
CNAME on manage.opensrs.net for Zoho

When I try to add the info needed for Zoho, in the manage.opensrs.net CNAME is constantly fails - I sense the reason is that in the directions for Zoho, it says  Name/ Host/ Alias/ CNAME add the code generated in Zoho zb********In the Value/ Points To/ Destination field add domain.zoho.comBut with manage.opensrs.net  you have the only options of your subdomain.mywebsitename ...

Today by Carlyle Doherty
Can't view pictures Shopify mobile app or POS system

We have a showroom for our products and would like to use Shopify mobile app or POS app to check out buyers.  When I load either one of the apps and download my store, the product pictures don't display.  If I download it on my phone, I can see the pictures.  I know the mobile app is meant for iphone users, but the POS app is mean for ipads.  I have the most recent IOS o...

Today by Alex Missett
Adding Columns to Multi-level drop-down menus in Atlantis Theme - Menu t...

Hello Shopify Universe,I am currently having difficulties adding columns to my drop down menu. At present we have over 12 items and the drop-down menu is to long for effective product navigation.Have tried to implement the code with in this string but can't find the correct Nav UL to amend in styles.css.liquid,https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/drop-down-navigation...

Yesterday by Alex Missett
Ecommerce Related

How can I connect to more than one social bookmarking websites via link?????  Rebid

Yesterday by Alex Missett
Providence Theme

Hi Everyone,Who out there is using the Providence theme?  What are your thoughts - good and bad?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.Thank you!

Yesterday by Carlyle Doherty
Most Efficient Way To Upload Products

Greetings, we are setting up a drop-shipping eCommerce site on Shopify with quite a lot of vendors and products involved. What have you found is the most efficient way to upload a large amount of product info ?For example right now we found a way of extracting information from suppliers sites ( like images, titles, product description etc etc ) But there is still a lot of information that we ma...

Yesterday by Carlyle Doherty
Checkout including customer attachment?

Is there an app for requiring a customer to attach a document before checking out? I need to collect a PDF or docx from my customers with every transaction.

Jun 3 2014 by Ambroise Debret
Which is the best Multi Vendor Ecommerce solution similar to ebay and Etsy?

I need Multi Vendor eCommerce store like eby and etsy but don't have that much budget. Please share your views where I can find cost effective ecommerce solution for my Online store

Oct 8 2014 by Marc
Resizing Product Images

All of my product images are different sizes and makes for a tacky look on my site.  I have tried editing the photos in Aviary after they are uploaded to my site but It is not seeming to work.  Is there an app or coding that I would need to look into in order to get all of my product images the same size? I just want a clean look to the store.  Thank you 

Jun 6 2014 by Lily