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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone, How are you preparing for BFCM coming up? I know that as an avid online shopper,I'm pretty stoked to be able to score some sweet deals and see what types of promotions everyone is running. Do you have any sort of deals you're running? Any questions about prepping for BFCM? Share them here! Be sure to take a look at this awesome 26-point checklist to prepare your b...

Feb 9 2016 by Kavita
How to center logo and menu

I'm looking for how to center my logo and menu. I currently am using the BrooklynTheme. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Today by Jennifer Poppiti
Charity Checkout App

Hello, I would like to partner with a charity so that wen customers buy a product, a precentage of this sale will go directly to a specific charity. Customers should see that on the checkout.I browsed through the available apps on Shopify butcould not find exactly what I'm looking for. Also,I don't want that thisprecentage isoptional. Is there any way tointegrate this? Thanks f...

Today by Fabienne Liechti
New site but few conversions! All advice is very welcome!

Hi all, I have recently opened by store (approx 3 weeks go) https//www.sterlingtimepieces.com but have only had a small number of conversions. I have been very active on social media trying to drive sales, especially on instagram with a number of active followers but this isnt leading to conversions. I have also used facebook and instagram ads to drive traffic to the site. This has been succ...

Today by Thomas Morris-Ric...
How to create a dual column section on product page?

Hi everyone, I recently read the article from Shopify about "6 Bulletproof Ways to Improve Conversions on Your Product Page" and at the top of the list was adding a FAQ. I thought that was a great idea, I should implement that myself. My only problem was trying to replicate the example they gave from Skinnyfatties. I can't find a good solution to make a dual column section on a...

Today by Colin Pischke
how do i start?

this is hard but i need a good mentor or one that is capable to answer all my questions will be good.Building a business is hard work, however, no matter how much workyou put in, the smalldetails as outlined in this post can sabotage your efforts and hard work, and ive seen so many gadgets dealers like the Ankaka, etc. i want to learn more from you guys. any advise that can help me boost my con...

Yesterday by Jeremy Robinson

Hi, I'm looking for usa men clothing wholesalers, i plan to open up my store this week now. Prices are negotiable. Email me at danielolarte007@gmail.com or comment below. What i'm looking for: Good quality, Luxury clothing, fast shipping and dropshipping, All season clothing, USAlocations only, not overseas.! Thanks You..

Yesterday by Banana Melons
Redirecting URLS

Hey, We are currently in the processes of switching over from a Magenta site to Shopify and need to redirect all the URLs. We have the site map with the URLs from our previous site. When redirecting the URLs, is there a way to redirect all the URLs from the sitemap at once, or do we need to do it individually? Thanks!

Yesterday by Angie Rivera
Legal Question Regarding Blog Posts

Hello all!! So excited to be inching closer to an official, official launch of my store. I have a question regarding a blog I'm starting up on my site - it's supposed to be like an informational blog giving background info on the products/companies I'm selling. Does anyone know if I need to worry about the legality of using 3rd party google info to put together these posts? Th...

Yesterday by Jane Lee
WARNING for PayPal users

If you use paypal to collect your payments check your account BEFORE shipping. I trusted Shopify when they notified me that a payment had cleared. DO NOT RELY ON SHOPIFY TO BE CORRECT!! I foolishly depended on Paypal to CORRECTLY relay payment information to my websites, but someone dropped the ball and I'm out $138. and product shipped to a deadbeat. When you receive an order on ANY of the...

Yesterday by KelleyMack
Help... Brooklyn Navigation Text ("why merino / account icon / shopping ...

I believe the dropdown code I've added is creating a confussion. I've added a little code to hold the colors on the Home page, but all the other pages change on rollover still. Code added which fixed Home page: .site-nav__link{ color:#ffffff; } Any idea how I can extend this to All Pages?? Little help would be really appreciated. Thanks!! CW

Yesterday by Colin Wischweh
Anyone else experiencing the same?

Hi everyone My site has been live for over 3 months now, and sales aren't great but I believe (preying) my concept in this trade will work. Recently something weird had happenedwith all my sales that have made since launched. Most of my sales werejust before Christmas and just this week every one of my customers filled a chargeback. Which I don't know why. Before I fulfill any orders...

Yesterday by joe chan
Placing your picture on your website- good or bad for business?

Hi everyone! My name is Chris. I've been a shopify member for about one month now and just last week launched my website inventorboardgame.com. I'm a little curious....Does adding a picture of you to your website (like in the About Us section) increase sales and credibility? Or is that not the case? I know that tons of professional photographers put their image up on their website...

Yesterday by Ainsley Aiken
Safe Harbor - European Store

Good morning, we just started the process of setting up a new store with your platform when the safe harbor agreement between the US and the EU has been cancelled. Unfortunately we didn't see the impact to us at this time and continued to build the shop. Now we are pretty much finished but are facing problems with privacy agreements. Did you already adapt to the new restrictions and p...

Yesterday by Ivona Parsic
Shopify to ShareASale - Need help on how to get my product feed easily o...

Hello! I'm looking for an easy way of getting my store's product into a cvs file that contains all the necessary information. Some years ago my company had a developer help us out with this matter -he created a specific collection when previewed in our online store was copy+paste-able into a excel file. However we now have a different theme and I'm looking for a way to get all...

Yesterday by Anne M
Coming soon page - can you add your own image in the background?

Hi: I am starting up a clothing line in about a month and have the standard "coming soon" page up. I was wondering if there is a way (an easy way as I'm not at all versed in code) to change the picture in the background? Also, this is a really stupid question, but why is the storefront"password" protected? All of the ability to edit the web page in general should ...

Yesterday by Nicholas O' Fegan
Open a week and no conversions?

Hi Guys, My store has been open a week and still no conversions from the good traffic coming through. Could you please give me some feedback back on my store! www.modernman.nz Thanks Luke

Yesterday by John O
Looking to add social network likes buttons on each category sections as...

We are looking for a CSS code that will enable Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc like buttons on each category sections as well. With our Shopify theme, likes buttons already come within each item page, but not on category pages or even on main home page. So, we would to display very same icons on category sections as well as home page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank ...

Yesterday by ATA AZIZ
"Build a product" app?

Hey guys, I am looking for an app which will allow my customers to choose 3 products from a certain collection to create a custom combo pack? Ideally, it would be one product page that has 3 dropdowns to choose 3 different products. Any ideas? Thank you!

Yesterday by John O
Inventory question

Hi. My inventory is currently in TidyStock with accounting reporting done in Xero. Our retail interiors business needs to record wholesale product sold at retail, wholesale products combined and sold retail (chairs and cushions, dining chairs with a dining table) and composite materials manufactured and sold retaild (fabric, inners, manufacturing costs produces cushions). Can anyone tell me if ...

Yesterday by Ben Calvert