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How do I advertise a site discount on my website?

I am new to shopify and just want to test out a discount. I did the back end set up but how do I advertise it on the homepage or in the product pages?

Today by Mega Tag Media
Are Vape Pens allowed to be sold on Shopify?

Hi, Im new to shopify and I would like to know if Vape Pens and accessories are allowed to be sold on Shopify? Is there a restricted items list available? Thanks Newbie for Shopify :)

Yesterday by farid chatur
I would like to create an IF statement for displaying certain attributes...

Hello, i am not a backend coder and need some help. we have access codes that need to be listed in one of our emails. how do i display each access code per product listed if the access code is {{ attributes.activation_code1 }} for the first item, then {{ attributes.activation_code2 }} if they purchased a second one, and so on. the list starts like this and i don't know how to get the cor...

Yesterday by Bonnie Palmer
help with facebook link...new shop

....and I'm trying to work out some kinks! Can someone help me figure out why the facebook link takes my customer to the Shopify page? I'd like to take them (duh) to my own Facebook Page/Shop. I know Shopify offered for me to create one, but I had one already made. How do I do this, please? Thanks!

Yesterday by Angélica Geronimo

Hey Y'all, You may or may not know about Google Trusted Store Program (GTS) but it is nowa MUST have program for successfulecommerce store owners. But there is a hitch > there is NO integration with Shopify .... In fact Shopify ended beta testing on integration in 2013 - whenGoogle Trusted Store Program was in its infancy - but now GTS is a MUST have program. So lets create an o...

Yesterday by Angélica Geronimo
Display non-variant thumbnails while simultaneously hiding variant thumb...

Hello: I have product-specific images that aren't variants (example - showing the size / scale of the main product by comparing it to a coin), and I would like these non-variant images to behave like variant thumbnails and appear next to the main product image. In short, when you click on the non-variant thumbnail, it becomes the main image, and you can zoom in / move around various area...

Yesterday by Oink Oink!
Adding a Contact widget on your storefront for better customer support

Ever wanted to have a Contact widget in your store front (like the one below, that's customizable)instead of having customers navigate to a contact form? A dedicated page with a contact form is a thing of the past, and sometimes can frustrate your customers especially if it's hard to find.. There's also a self-service mode that lets your customers search your knowledge ba...

Mar 23 2015 by Reamaze
How can I widen the Sidebar in the Liquid Theme?

I've looked through all the Liquid templates and I don't see anywhere I can adjust the width of the sidebar. Does anyone know? Thanks Andrea

Yesterday by Andrea Wasik
How to Hide Wholesale Products from Search using Liquid Code and Locksmi...

I realize this has probably been covered in previous discussions but we are still having issues with addressing this specific issue. Issue: We are trying to hide wholesale items from our ecommerce searches. We have installed the Locksmith App to lockdown certain pages and products from non approved users. The problem is that these same locked downed items show up in searches. Through read...

Yesterday by ka-boom
advice on credit card gateway for italy

Hi all, Can anybody share his/her experience about integrating an e-commerce plugin in you shopify site? Would you suggest one gateway (cheaper or faster ) for credit card transactions? I read that not all the gateways in the list are actually supported by shopify.. Your advices are welcome regards gb

Mar 26 2015 by giorgia brunelli
Web order notification for POS

One of our main issues we have since running POS is that we can no longer getjust web only push notifcations on our mobile phones. The only way we get notified of an order now is by email. We only have one stock count for both our bricks and mortar store and our website. They are one and the same. This was the only reason for choosing POS over anything else, as it would allow us to control t...

Mar 26 2015 by Ariel Whalen
Polyvore clipper does not work with Shopify stores??

Great that Shopify suggestedusing Polyvore to promote a store, but the Polvore'sclipper does not work with Shopify stores. Specifically, the clipper does not recognize the price of theitem selected, nor can the price be added manually. Any fix-it solutions?

Mar 26 2015 by C. Madden
Referral Generator for a Dealer-Only Website, or suggestions

I manage a dealer-only bow brand (archery). Our bows must be fit to specific customer needs, so we dont sell them online, only through pro shops. However, we showcase our bows and specs on our website, so we get a lot of traffic as people research. We are concerned that we lose A LOT of potential customers who come to our site to see our bows, but never make it to a retailer. We would like t...

Mar 26 2015 by himanshu
Shopify integration with Exact Macola

Can anyone tell me if Shopify intagrates with a software called Exact Macola I am looking to pull the current software one of my companies is running on the front end called " BirdDog " and replace it with a shopify platform, but I need to ensure that intergration is possible. Thanks Marc

Mar 26 2015 by Damon Tepe
Create a hire tab on a new website OR create 2 sites with linking tabs l...

I plan to launch a wedding decor business. Half the items will be for sale within Australia, half will be for hire within Melbourne, Australia (to start with). Should I add a HIRE tab on the main navigational tab of site A and under thant, show items for hire (and later on, do a 301 redirect etc) OR should I create two sites A (sales) and B (hire) from the beginning, and have links to ...

Mar 26 2015 by cyberchick

I sell T-shirts and when my product link is shared on Facebook the image displayed on Facebook is the top half of the product image resulting in only the top half of my T-shirt logo being displayed. I think this is because FB prefers landscape photos with their 1.91:1 ratio. I uploaded a second product image onto shopify that is cropped, but I don't know how to force FB to display the secon...

Mar 26 2015 by James Lehner
Access Product SKU's in the Cart and ThankYou Page

Hi everyone, I've been racking my brain in figuring out how to loop through the product items in a cart and then put them into a single array. I know cart.total_price will bring out the Cart's Total. I did eventually find a work around see below. Ps Thanks GITHUB! cart.items is the source of the item, and is the most important part of the process. Then you can access any...

Mar 26 2015 by Mark vd Bergh
Domain choices

How important is it to have a .com to target Americans?Will Americans shop at a .ca website? Is there any reports/data on this?

Mar 26 2015 by RefurbIO Admin
Selling to Americans

Will Americans shop from a .ca and prices listed in CDN dollars? Is it important to have a .com ecommerce site to sell to Americans? Does anybody know where there's research/data on this?

Mar 26 2015 by AshleyH
Shopify SEO grader

everything is great...except it comes up saying We recommend you use Google Analytics to better understand your customers. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to understand your website's traffic, including where customers come from, what products they look at, etc. I have google analytics enabled...dont understand whats going on here.

Mar 26 2015 by Clive Saul