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Set up Google Analytics but still not working

I followed all the instructions for setting up Google Analytics (http://docs.shopify.com/manual/settings/general/google-analytics) , but the Overview still displays nothing but 0s. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Yesterday by Veronica C
Looking for Advince or Help with Affiliate Sales

Hello Everyone, we are looking to setup an affiliate sales program, does anyone have any recommendations on one that they belong to currently?Kind Regards,Devonwww.bikiniluxe.com 

Nov 22 2014 by John Cothill
Looking for ready software for B2B website

Hi Guys    I am from india, i want to make online website were i can connect buyer with seller.  Any one know where i can find ready software ? or anyone interested in developing this field.  

Nov 22 2014 by Fenil909
Images loaded into AccountSetting/Files are not being recognized in Prod...

Hi, I've uploaded images into AccountSetting/Files, and am now trying to use those images for individual products. I go to Products/Images and click on "Add images from the Web", paste in the URL from the Files page, and get "An error occurred while trying to download the image: The image does not exist". I tried it with several images with the same result.I also tried u...

Nov 21 2014 by Ryon H
Has anybody had any luck with Live chat?

I installed Live chat and am having no luck. I think there are so many ways to get hold of us these days it might be a bit antiquated. I'm getting plenty of emails from them in my gmail account, but customers just don't use the live chat box.. It is installed in the bottom left hand corner of the home page. http://roystuart.myshopify.com/ I'm wondering if there isn't a more...

Nov 21 2014 by standoutd
No sales!! Please help

Hello. I have had my site online for about a month now. I am using google ads at the moment to drive traffic until I can improve organic SEO. I have only had two sales so far this month. Averaging about 50-70 site visit's a day.I know my site needs work!! But I'm lost on where to start, and I always enjoy getting a second opinion. So I am hoping you could please take a look and tel...

Nov 21 2014 by John Cothill
Marine Placement Services In India

In campus placement Facilities Marine Engineering Colleges in India - List of Top In campus placement Facilities We deal with worlds leading shipping companies.http://himtcollege.com/placement.php

Nov 21 2014 by himtcollege
How can I get ranked in Google fast?

Hello,I am wondering on average how long does it take to be ranked in Google? My site has been index by Google and been submitted to Bing. My seo has been checked by Shopify  I have strong social media and strong site content. Has anyone got some tips or advice? This is my website http://www.alexjakeclothing.co.uk Thank youDamian

Jul 15 2014 by Jess Lee
Importing Customers

I have approximately 300,000 customers that I'd like to import into shopify.  I found the documentation on how to do that, but I couldn't find any maximum number.  Is there a max or is it unlimited? Thanks

Nov 20 2014 by Samantha Saldukas
payment processors

Hi everyone. I'm about to launch my Australian website. I set up a CommWeb account, only to find out that Shopify doesn't speak to MISC in the back end. I now have to choose a payment gateway. Everything seems so expensive when you have to add on the % fees and transaction charges to what Shopify already charge. What are other Australian online stores using? I'm looking at Eway Smal...

Jul 23 2014 by Jason
How do I block a country?

I have a fraudulent buyer that keeps using stolen credit cards to buy from Tunisia. I cancel all of his orders but he makes new accounts and buys again it is getting annoying, I want to block Tunisia. How do I block this country but leave every other country? If you are not able to block countries, why not?

Jul 3 2014 by Joseph Ross

HelloI chose Shopify as a plataform to my ecommerce here in Brazil and I am trying to set up checkout and payments. I've been trying to work exclusively with PayPal because they have great deals now and they are trying to conquire the market here in Brazil, since PagSeguro is stronger here, but they are not giving much benefits as PayPal are giving now. So with PayPal, my clients ...

Jun 28 2014 by gopi
permalink order attributes not being saved with order

Hi, when I use a link like http://www.mystore.myshopify.com/cart/351233686:3,351233954:6?attributes[fundraiser_id]=8&attributes[srn]=145&attributes[student_id]=5619&attributes[last_name]=Thornton&attributes[first_name]=Billy%20Bob,none of the attributes are being saved or shown in the details page for the order.  Is it possible that having the payment gateway in t...

Jul 1 2014 by Matt Gold
How do I create a subpage under Catalogue?

I'm using the template called, Simple. I want to have about 5 sub pages under Catalogue, so it's easier to shop according to category. Please advise. Thank you.

Jul 11 2014 by Jess Lee
Which is secure payment?

Please tell me which is the more secure method for payment process.

Jul 15 2014 by Xue-Ney Lee
Variant images with a group of 4 photos (product.liquid)

Hi all,I exhausted all possibilities but I couldn't find a way to solve it. So basically I will display 4 photos with different angles of a specific product (the featured one and the 3 small ones). The thing is that I will offer  3 different colors for each product; which means that when a client select a different color (drop down - and I already worked o...

Oct 1 2014 by Ariana Jastua
Adding Currency changes to site

Hello,I want to add the option for a customer to change the currency on my site, unfortunately it doesn't work.  Can someone help?My site is: www.utcoinwallet.com

Jul 15 2014 by Jess Lee
The Rise of E-Commerce!


Jul 11 2014 by BradleyLeonard
Employee Self Service

Please let me know the details of Employee Self Service. 

Jul 16 2014 by Alexedathirinji
Do you work alone?

Hi, I was wondering how others organize and separate duties to team members (or by yourself?).Those duties could be Sales, Accounting, Social Networking, Customer Service, etc etc...Thanks

Sep 19 2014 by Laura Storey-Hodgins