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Shopify Store Design-advice please

Hi,I am a new entrepreneur and I am just about ready to launch my online store.  I hired an agency to design my Shopify store for me so I could concentrate on the other tasks involved with launching my business.  I purchased a template for the agency to massage into a storefront that is fitting of my brand and product offering. I had given them a budget of $3000 which I thought was ge...

Today by H
Key Stroke Error on URL name

How do i change my shopify URL?Account should ready ADH-Products not AHD-Products

Today by Jason
How do I add more than one conversion tracking at checkout?

I use the built in "Additional content & scripts" box to track all Google AdWords, but I need to add Facebook and Bing Ads to the conversion tracking. I have each snippet copied into the box but only Gooogle AdWords is tracking properly.

Today by Chris Anderson
Outlook Password Reset 1-844-798-4390 Outlook Customer Support

The code comprises randomly generated numerical numbers that are generated on the spot by Outlook and are not pre-decided. So, when you initiate the Outlook Password Reset process and choose to verify via the code, Outlook generates the code right away and sends to your selected mediums. So, there is absolutely no other way of getting the code than receiving it on the listed phone number or the...

Today by myrahpattinson
Shopify App Developer

I seeking a really good Shopify developer who has a developer account with Shopify to asset with the build of an app. Look forward to hearing from you.

Today by seventyfourdsgn
blog issue,how to add links to other webpages in content section

Hi FolksHaving an issue with adding links to other webpages in the the blog content sectionIm using<a href="URL of the web page to go to">Text that will be the link</a>but it wont workIm also using it in the title section of the blog and theres no issue,can anyone helpThanks in advancePadraigh <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:LatentStyles DefLockedState="false" Lat...

Today by Padraigh Dermody
Hotmail Forgot Password 1-844-798-4390 Forgot Hotmail Password

Being the owner of the hotmail account, you can resolve this issue. The security settings in the Hotmail account are pre-set by the owner/user during and after the sign up process. Password recovery settings in the security settings of the account are specifically listed for this purpose. These settings can also be used in case of an account hacked issue because in that situation as well, the u...

Today by myrahpattinson
New Standard Theme: Drop-down menus not working on mobiles

HI, I have recently installed the new standard theme and everything is working great from a desktop computer but the drop-down menus are not working when I access my site from my mobile (it's an android phone - Samsung).  I'm not sure if it works from other phones?? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Also, when accessing my site from my phone the page constantly ...

Today by Nicola Grover
Manage multiple, different, SKUs from a single stock pool

I know it's possible to have the same SKU (colour / size specific variant) belong to two different products and that Shopify will adjust the stock for both SKUs regardless of which product sold that item, BUT..........is there a way (or an App) to allow you to have multiple, different, SKUs that all share stock from either a "master" SKU or are just linked in a...

Yesterday by HunkyBill
How to Increase My Sale

Hello friends  i have a  shopping sites and i want increase my per day sale any body tell me how is possible  

Yesterday by Ashleigh H
Search page - SEO

Hi, I'm trying to change the title of my search page in google:This is how google shows it but the problem is that my store is in french...so I need to be able to change the title " Search - PlumeChocolat" to "Boutique érotique PlumeChocolat - Rechercher"Search – Plume Chocolatwww.plumechocolat.com/searchLivraison rapide et gratuite à l'...

Yesterday by Ashleigh H
Anyone know how to add 'notify when back in stock' for 1 variant only

A workaround or simple form for sending a prefilled email to me if they fill in their email would be great

Yesterday by Ashleigh H
Instalment payment option

Hi there,Good day.I would like to provide my customers a payment by instalment option.How can I create one on my payment page on my online shop?Many thanks in advance.Cheers,City Chua

Yesterday by City Chua
an eCommerce domain for sale!

4 years, 216 days old domain. 100% SEO friendly domain name.for sales you can mail  us on send sales@myhomestores.in or bid at http://bit.ly/1qrFDZvThanks

Yesterday by Danny Sattar
Modify Navigation Bar

Hi fellow shopifiers, I am currently working on making a website but I can't seem to modify my navigation bar to the left side and delete the gap where the navigation bar currently is. I would love if anyone can help me out here. My webpage is www.nalashirts.comPW: haicke

Aug 30 2014 by Imran Chowdhry
Need a little help starting up.

I live in New York, and i already have a idea and name in mind to start drop shipping.A few questions i haveWhat kind of paper work do i need to make this all legal?What does it matter if the manufacture is in the UK or US?What kind of question do I ask if i find a company that drop ship and making sure they are legit? These are just a few a have a million more but these are what i need to...

Aug 30 2014 by Nick
How to increase sales by 240% with a 5-minute trick (for free)

Dear Shopifiers, if you are at the early stage of your business I'm sure that your biggest challenge at the moment is to drive quality traffic to your store. But how to do it if you do not have at your disposal thousands of dollars to run quality marketing campaigns? I have tested on my own online store  and on the websites of my clients a very cost effective trick that ...

Aug 30 2014 by Tatiana
After changing my primary domain name from .com to .co.uk what else do...

I would like to change my primary domain name from .com to .co.uk (I already own both) i was just wondering if I have to change any thing on my google analytics or google adwords accounts, as at the moment all my adwords campaigns are set up using a URL with the .com for the landing page.Or does Shopify automatically handle this.Thanks in advanceSteve

Aug 30 2014 by Tatiana
Limit Discount to customers from a specific country

Anyone have any idea how to offer a discount only to customers buying from a specific country.We sell worldwide and would like to offer discounts on specific country holidays. JUST REALISED I POSTED THIS TO THE WRONG FORUM AS IT IS SHOPIFY SPECIFIC AND SHOULD NOT BE HERE>.

Aug 30 2014 by FGM
Pains and frustrations with ecommerce?!

What are the major pains and frustrations that you face as an ecommerce store owner?

Aug 30 2014 by Aqua