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How GemChocolates.ca Blows Customers Away With Custom Packaging

Click here to listen to the Gem Chocolates storyGlenn Knowles used to work in finance and after the financial recession, he took the chance at a formal education in food and gave himself a 5 year plan to try his hand in the food business.  After many awards and recognitions, Glenn is in the 5th year of his plan.Listen to how this first time entrepreneur took a career detour and now owns a ...

Today by felixthea
Page ranking, Seo and using adwords

hi there, any advice on improving page ranking and seo? Im currently sitting way back on rank 44 for 'Eco friendly homewares' according to webmaster. I've used the keywords in my page titles, heading tags, alt tag and body copy, but not too much as I don't want to get penalised. The site has been featured in a few blogs, 1 having a very large following so I though...

Today by leslyn Parker
Rich Pins for Pinterest

Is anyone else not seeing rich pins on their Pinterest accounts yet? (pins with pricing etc on them)Some Examples here,http://www.pinterest.com/BikiniLuxe/http://www.pinterest.com/pin/505036545686595340/ I tried asking the shopify experts live, but unfortunately they do not cover this as it is a subject outside of shopify!! they referred me back to some outdated help page on the subject.Ve...

Today by Micah Johnson
Traffic but NO Sales

We have a Bricks & Mortar retail Children's Clothing Boutique that does well. We recently ventured into the eCommerce world with out much success. We are have done substantial backlinking with relevant sites and are setting up additional social media accounts. Facebook has been good to us as we have over 3K followers and growing. The website currently gets around 200 visits per day...

Today by Ryan N.
Please Remove Shopify Banner Ad from Dashboard

Every time I login to the control panel there is a Shopify banner trying to get me to go with Shopify payments which I do not want to do. I have tried to click the x on the banner to get rid of it and cannot even close it. I feel like as much as I am paying Shopify monthly that I should not have to look at advertising every time I login. I really want this removed from my dashboard.Thank you 

Today by Patti
Think it's time to close my store

Think I am going to give up, sick of spending money and not reaping any sales let alone the rewards.  Have spent 100's of hours setting things up and advertising everywhere I possibly can on the net but still no sales...think I am flogging a dead horse

Yesterday by jennie sargent
Thoughts on This New Campaign?

Hi all,A new, controversial campaign called "Don't Get Amazoned" was launched the other day. I know a lot people have had difficulty competing with Amazon in the Amazon marketplace, so I was curious to see what you guys think about it.dontgetamazoned.com/Hope everyone's enjoying their Thursday so far (happy almost Friday). 

Yesterday by Jen_of_spades
Please help me out - Product overview

Hi All.I would like to have a page with a overview so if a costumer clik on product link (lets say) CARS then he get in on a page with more options and a overview with pictures and titles ... one could be "Tires" amother could be "Car sterioe" and so on... so he from the page CARS can choose more specific whats he is seeking... like a theme overview if you like...Hard to exp...

Yesterday by Peter Christensen
Facebook - Firefox - ad blocker

Have set up my Facebook store but keep getting a message in the promotion sections as follows "Facebook's advertising tools might not work as expected when an ad blocker is enabled in a web browser. Turn off the ad blocker or add this web page's URL as an exception so you can create ads without any problems. After you turn off the ad blocker, you'll need to refresh your screen&...

Yesterday by jennie sargent

Any one Tell Me how To generate more traffic in my site any suggestion please tell me friends 

Yesterday by Alex Burton
Clothing Store

Hello, I just want to know if it is allowed to resell Replicas shoes from China using shopify.  Thank you.

Yesterday by Conrad T
Pinterest Hover Button

I've read instructions on how to use Edit HTML/CSS to create a Snippet for Pinterest code so that the Pinterest button will appear on a product page in a chosen location.  I've only seen Pinterest buttons on images though, not pages, and that's what I'd like to do.  I want to add a Pinterest hover button to selected product photos of mine.  Is there a way to do th...

Yesterday by Conrad T
Duplicate h1 heading

HiThe Shopify grader (and a few other seo tools) suggests I have x2 H1 headings on the home page. However I can't seem to find where it is hiding?Have tried searching on the page source code but still can't find it. Was checking if anyone could offer their advice.Please note: I'm not a coder.

Yesterday by Rheo
Flexslider not working!

Hi there! I did some changes to my codes in order to add Google Analytics and Adwords tracking to my store and I think I accidentally disabled the flexslider on my page. It has 4 images uploaded, but the Slide Show get's stuck on the first image, there is no transition  http://www.empoweringmp3.com/Can anyone please help me get it working again?Thanks,

Yesterday by Rheo
POLL --> What are the 3 most valuable apps you've installed in your Shop...

With so many apps in the app store, it's a bit difficult to find the ones that are really valuable. Let's see if this poll helps. Thanks for your answer :)

Yesterday by Rheo
am new to this forum

Hello Friends, I am Mary, a stay home mom from California. I am new to this exciting forum and looking forward to meet new people and find some great money saving deals in this hard time. With 4 kids in the house, any awesome deal is always welcome. I have always used the traditional mail coupon methods for years for basic groceries and everyday stuff but this is actually my first time being on...

Yesterday by Rheo
I cannot delete images

I am using Safari and Shopify will not let me delete images it just gets stuck on the rotating icon... Any Sugguestions?

Yesterday by Rheo
Help with Lookbook/Gallery App

Hi Guys, Pretty new to this whole ecommerce thing but im having abit of trouble with my lookbook/gallery with Easy Galleries.Some of my shots are portrait size and easy gallerie is cutting off the image rather than re-sizing it.Can anyone help me fix this problem or know any other gallery apps?You can view my problem in 'lookbook' section on my website below.www.outsiders-apparel.c...

Yesterday by Secomapp
remove green footer bar

Sorry to sound so stupid but I'm not a coder.  I've been removing references to social media in my footer.  So far I've removed all social media buttons as well as the "Follow Us" title of the social media footer section.  Now I'm looking at theme.liquid (Customize Theme - Edit HTML/CSS - Layout) trying to find code for the thin green line that demarcate...

Oct 22 2014 by Alex
Most Efficient Way To Upload Products

Greetings, we are setting up a drop-shipping eCommerce site on Shopify with quite a lot of vendors and products involved. What have you found is the most efficient way to upload a large amount of product info ?For example right now we found a way of extracting information from suppliers sites ( like images, titles, product description etc etc ) But there is still a lot of information that we ma...

Oct 22 2014 by Vitaly