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Shopify now has SSL!

Hey everyone! If you're interested in learning about our new SSL certificates for all stores. check out our post here:https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/shopify-now-has-ssl-323119 As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the threador reach out to our support at1-888-329-0139orsupport@shopify.com. - Alex

May 10 2016 by ilan arba
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone, How are you preparing for BFCM coming up? I know that as an avid online shopper,I'm pretty stoked to be able to score some sweet deals and see what types of promotions everyone is running. Do you have any sort of deals you're running? Any questions about prepping for BFCM? Share them here! Be sure to take a look at this awesome 26-point checklist to prepare your b...

May 2 2016 by Hivewyre_Dave
Three Line Menu Favicon on Minimal Theme

Hi all, I'm currently trying to improve my mobile site for www.thecleverbadger.com, our current menu is a bit clunky and does not work too well. Is there any way of adapting the main menu to a three line favicon instead of the current box? We're using the Minimal Theme :) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! All the best, Becca

Today by Rebecca Collier
Add To cart Issue

I can add this(https://us.emma-chloe.com/collections/previous-boxes/products/february-2016-box-the-fire-ring-schade-jewellery) product. I can add add all otherproducts from shop menu.But on the same website When I am trying to add this(https://us.emma-chloe.com/products/monthly-plan-for-gilt-city) product to the cart it will give error:Parameter Missing or Invalid: Required parameter missing or...

Today by Dharmesh Patel
multipacks of pepsi products

suggest me so as to what all should i introduce or suggest as multi packs of all pepsi beverages and state the reason for the same for ecommerce channel.. asap.. thanx

Today by deepanshu05
Apple Pay with Braintree and Mobile App

Hi, We are looking to use Braintree as our payment provider in Shopify, and then use Apple Pay as a payment option in our app. However, Apple Pay seems to fail and we are unsure how the setup should work. Shopify can be setup with an Apple Pay Certificate which uses the Shopify signing request. Braintree requires the same thing for them to support Apple Pay, but using their signing req...

Today by Anne M
Automatic Currency Conversion Apps

Hello, We run a Canadian based store (www.rugandweave.com), and would like some feedback on the best currency conversion apps (automatic conversion based on location)to use. I've looked into several, however, I have the below concerns: a) If I use an autocurrency converter, my US based customers will automatically see my products in US dollars, HOWEVER, when they go to checkout prices...

Today by Stephen T
Best course of action to integrate individual B&M stores with future onl...

Hey there ecommerce professors and peers! Alright, so we have 4 B&M stores that sells traditional chinese medicines egraw dry herbsand chinese patent medicines with ~1,000 skus...we are operating pretty old school...when one shop runs low or out of an item, we have to drive from a separate warehouse to restock. Inventory is a mess and accounting for it is just not as sophistacted as it c...

Today by Anne M
Custom Fields On Buy Button

I'm new to Shopify, so I am hoping that anyone who have the solutions to my problems, are able to provide detailed instructions. I am wondering if you can add custom fields to the Buy Button as I need to use it to add tracking code or reference, which I can then retrieve when the checkout is completed. Thanks in advance for any help.

Today by Anne M
Teenager E-Commerce Help

Hi! I am looking into starting an e-commerce business, but I am only 14 years old. I have always had the spirit of an entrepreneur inside of me, and want to start something new. I am seeking some ideas for a business as wellas some startup advice. Thank you!

Yesterday by Breann Pope
Shopify Cart does not update Shipping Costs in Checkout when Quantities ...

Hi all, We're having a problem if the following happens: - Customerputs three bikes in the cart, each weighing 30 lbs. - Customer checks out - customer fills in Customer information - Customer sees shipping method for weight of 3 bikes - customer goes to payment info, then decided to buy a different quantity of bikes - Customer goes back to cart, adjusts quantity, then ...

Yesterday by From the Farmer
Location-based ecommerce

We are reviewing an opportunity where our products, once sold, will be installed within an hour. The user would share their address or location. We want to start this hyper locally...about 15 mile radius from our office. Is this possible within shopify to only allow users within a certain radius to purchase on the site? We can also have them get notified when the service is available in their a...

Yesterday by Trey
eCommerce Web Design Services [Shopify Experts]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres ...

May 16 2016 by Joe Fleming
Google Analytics integration not working

I have triued to integrate Google Analystics into my store but I have no evidence that it's working. To configure I visited... Sales Channels -> Online Store -> Preferences and then entered my tracking code from my analytics account (the account had been around for a while and works just fine on my main web site). When I save the tracking code I see my UA--- number listed as I w...

Yesterday by Britton Jenner
Considering Shopify. Have Specific Needs

The nature of our business has some very specific needs that aren't usually standard in ecommerce platforms. Really don't have the time to do the full free trial to find out if they exist on Shopify or not. We sell live plants. I'm hoping someone can clarify here. Your input and experience are appreciated! 1) Is there a way to create attributes to products that will integrate wit...

Yesterday by Dan
Download B612 - Selfie from the heart

- B612 has won the "Best of the Best" Red Dot 2015's! Save important moments the naked eye can not see. # B612 B612 will reflect the image as vivid as the clear spring waters. Between strokes bright, radiant harmony with many different personalities, you will find yourself. Please take a moment, watching the faces it's another to feel anywhere near as authentic beauty. ...

Yesterday by Lauren Smith
Shutting for a two-week holiday?

What would you advise I do with tellingcustomers I'maway on holidays with minimal access to email: A notice on the home page that no orders will be processed until x date A pop-up on the home pagethat no orders will be processed until x date An auto-responder emailthat no orders will be processed until x date All of the above

May 22 2016 by Elizabeth Hollingsworth
What have you automated?

I was listening this morning on the way in to the office to a podcast, as I do, and the topic of automating tasks as a means of multiplying your time came up. Obviously this isn't anything new - automating and outsourcing to minimise the time and effort you need to invest in your business has been around for as long as there has been business (I assume). It got me thinking though about what...

May 22 2016 by Stas [99rabbits]
Trying to create panels on website. Can't seem to remove margins on Supp...

Hi. So I'm looking for a sleek homepage look where the panels extend the full width of the screen. I want to create something similar to this webpage:https://www.warbyparker.com/ My site now is lumberlend.com. Is there a way to get rid of the white space, and just have content panels? I'musing the supply theme, but if there is a particular theme that would make it easier, please l...

May 22 2016 by lumberlend company
Examples of successful shops in Germany

Hi everyone, I recently relocated to Germany, and I'm looking to set up a Shopify shop from Germany, serving markets in the UK and USA. Does anyone know of any successful shops based out of Germany? Looking for advice and inspiration. Thanks for your help!

May 22 2016 by DougM