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Hey Y'all, You may or may not know about Google Trusted Store Program (GTS) but it is nowa MUST have program for successfulecommerce store owners. But there is a hitch > there is NO integration with Shopify .... In fact Shopify ended beta testing on integration in 2013 - whenGoogle Trusted Store Program was in its infancy - but now GTS is a MUST have program. So lets create an o...

Jul 2 2015 by Nancy Nasr
Editting the html / liquid for an individual product page

Hello, I'm trying to access the html / liquid for an individual product page so that I can edit metafields and add in links to the description etc. Where can I do this please? I can find the liquid for the product page template but not edit indivudal products' pages. Where can I do this please? Many thanks. Craig

Yesterday by Craig Osborne-Goodson
Sick of features not working!

I make a new collection. Add tags to it. Then when I click on it, it says not products to display. What in the hell is going on here. How am I supposed to sell my products if they dont even show up when I tag them. I am about down with shopify this is turning into a serious joke! Take a peek at my best products of 2015 and watch the magic of no products show up. Its a pretty simple process I ab...

Today by Jason
Please help! Customers are adding items to their carts but not buying. Why?

We cannot figure out why customers are not buying from us. Reports show items are being added to carts and reaching check out but the purchase is not being completed. Thoughts?

Yesterday by Chris Verbakel
How To Improve The E Commerce Business?

How To Improve The E Commerce Business in india

Yesterday by Chris Verbakel
Provide pop-up or identical info on each product to get customer to take...

I need customers to fill in their wedding dates before adding products to cart as I even though I provide the turnaround time, sometimes they will require it more urgently than is possible (I will get some code done for a calendar which will save their date if entered, but block off dates prior if production is not possible but can't do this right now). So they are "required" t...

Yesterday by Chris Verbakel
To anyone who started a clothing or t-shirt store, how long did it take ...

I was wondering because it is been about 3 1/2 weeks since I opened up my store. I haven't made one sale yet. I'm getting a little discouraged. So I wanted to know what your experience was, or is like? Thanks.

Yesterday by Amir Ahmed
No Sales, Any Advice?

Hello, I opened my shop on March 9th 2015 and I have yet to receive any sales. I have read the blogs and tips, I have social media (Facebook, Pintrest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google +) that I am actively using, I have used Google Ad Words (with their small business help program), Facebook Ads. I ship internationally and have expanded my marketing with it but that doesn't seem to help. I k...

Yesterday by Sara Ford
Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics completely different

Hi guys, My website is built on Shopify - www.mosevic.com I have Google Analytics set up and Shopify also has its own analytics. However, Google regularly says that I have had half as much traffic as Shopify does. For example, yesterday Google says I had 81 sessions (62 new users) and Shopify says that I had 176 visitors (156 unique). These 2 statistics are so far apart that I don&...

Jul 2 2015 by Jack Spencer
Shop E Mail

Hi, Newbie questions, please excuse my ignorance: I purchased a domain name during the shopify sign-up process I go to configure the email address that customer sees when we send any email I discover that the domain was a resold by shopify who get from opensrs.net Online chat help tells me no email linked to mydomains possible via shopify, e.g. me@mydomain.com I am offered eith...

Yesterday by Gary Miller
Which is the best Multi Vendor Ecommerce solution similar to ebay and Etsy?

I need Multi Vendor eCommerce store like eby and etsy but don't have that much budget. Please share your views where I can find cost effective ecommerce solution for my Online store

Jun 3 2015 by Abhiraj
Selling outdoor games ecommerce site.

This is a drop ship site I have setup. I started it in April or May. It has an LLC and quite a few suppliers. I havent been able to put the time in and my other online business is taking off. This is site is a strong niche to do very well! I have a company that sells 600 teams for corn hole, including NCAA and NBA I'm in the process of loading these up but they categories didn't ...

Jul 2 2015 by Amy Wassell
New Product Suggestion counters (database?)

Every month my clientswant to have a list of potential new products for us to carry and allow the customers to "vote". I picture this as a page with checkboxes and a submit button, but how do I keep track of the votes. Can I setup a database or something where I can store the counters? if so, how do I access it. Thanks.

Jul 2 2015 by Gordon
Shopify Alternate Templates (code and styles)

In Shopify I am creating alternate templates for some of my pages, specifically a FAQs page and an Events page, mainly because I want special javascript routines for these pages. I don't see a lot of detail documentation on how to do this. I put the javascript on the alternate template for the page, if I want styles associate with these pages can I add them to the alternate template also. I...

Jul 2 2015 by Alex Missett
New Draft Order - Confirmation emails with discounted line item price

When using the new draft order feature in shopify, we are able to create new orders and apply discounts to individual items (with a reason - optional) and/or discounts to the total order. FINALLY! HOWEVER,In the confirmation emails, how can we display the discounted line item prices? Can we also display the reasons? "Manager promo" , "Lightening Deal"or something Using...

Jul 2 2015 by Ryan Kenneth
Question on Conversion Rates

Hello all -- I'm trying to better understand my store's conversion rate. My problem is that I don't have a good sense of what represents a "normal" fall off. Here's what my numbers look like: Added to Cart -3.82% Reached Checkout -1.74% Purchased -1.04% Does this look "normal" to folks? Or is that high? Frankly, it would be very useful to understa...

Jul 2 2015 by Gordon
Different methods of ordering from my store

Hello everyone, I recently created my business on Shopify and due to its popularity, it's actually become more than I can handle as one person, for now. I am changing the way ordering is done on my store, so that it only opens one weekend of the month, people place their orders and then I make them over the course of the next four weeks. I like the idea of the store being on ho...

Jul 2 2015 by Morgan Bromage
2000 visitors and 1 sale. What is wrong?

Hello, we have opened our shop around 90 days ago, and during these days we had 2000 visitors, and only 1 sale.We have used Facebook ads, much traffic, but no sales. Seems not serious, because most of the visitors from Facebook spends 0.00sec on the webpage.Also started google ads, for e.g. today it costed 80Eur, brought in 100+ visitors- only one aded to cart, still no sales.We are working har...

Jun 30 2015 by Justa Stasiskiene
Finding a Lunch Bag supplier from Asia

Hi; I have an online women's fashion accessories business,http://www.thinkstunning.com/ I would like to receive adviceand information on how to find a manufacturer in China who can produce a sample of my own woman lunch bag design. I have tried Alibaba, following an article from Shopify recommendations but did not get a serious response. I have searched in google and found some fac...

Jul 2 2015 by Nancy Nasr
Combine products

Hi, Is there anapp which allows to combine products to sell as sets? We sell swimwear and want to offer tops and bottoms as bikini sets. We used to create a separate product for a set, but for stock keeping reasons can't do that any more. Couldn't find anything browsing the app store, so I am wondering if it's possbile at all. Thanks

Jul 2 2015 by Rebecca S