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Shopify now has SSL!

Hey everyone! If you're interested in learning about our new SSL certificates for all stores. check out our post here:https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussion/t/shopify-now-has-ssl-323119 As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post in the threador reach out to our support at1-888-329-0139orsupport@shopify.com. - Alex

Yesterday by Patricia Lardy
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Just Around the Corner!

Hey everyone, How are you preparing for BFCM coming up? I know that as an avid online shopper,I'm pretty stoked to be able to score some sweet deals and see what types of promotions everyone is running. Do you have any sort of deals you're running? Any questions about prepping for BFCM? Share them here! Be sure to take a look at this awesome 26-point checklist to prepare your b...

May 2 2016 by Hivewyre_Dave
Should you send users straight to cart after clicking add to cart?

Hi there - I am surprised to find little to no information on the following topic, so I'm hoping this forum can provide some input. When the user adds soemthing to their cart, should they be immediately sent to their "shopping cart" page, or is it more effective to let them add to cart "asyncronously" with a suble success message so that they can continue shoppping? ...

Today by Mircea Piturca
Which is the best platform for a small business?

Hi, I’m really new in online business, so I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice. I’m trying to build a new shop for a small business. Which platform is very suitable for my business? If you have any suggestion as to which is the best solution for a small business?

Today by Anne M
Any advises on my website no sales ?

HI, I justlauched my website but I am doing whatever going on instagram anf facebook getting 500 likes on my pages in two days but still no sales... I got 150 visits on my webiste but I relay want to make this first sale and get advices from this coummunity so please this is my website ! www.bebou-home.com

Today by melody cymbor
Stock take - how complicated can it be?

Hello, I hope someone out there can help me with this. What I want is so simple and basic, and should be really easy. But I have yet to find an easy way to do this. All I want is to make a monthly stock take for my accountant. I only need the product name, and quantity. I have tried to download various apps, I have of course tried to export this from Shopify, but I end up with an csv-file ...

Yesterday by Beate Siljan
Have you ever driven traffic to your site just to retarget them?

I have been speaking with my FB ad rep at Facebook. We discussed the strength of retargeting customers. No one questions that. But what surprised me was his suggestion of making blog posts, articles, etc for the sole purpose to retarget. The blog posts of course should be relative to the brand, but may not be about pushing product. Does anyone have any insight on this technique? I retarget a...

Yesterday by Hivewyre_Dave
Creating a Paper Coupon (Thank-you / Promo)

We sell experience tickets (tourist steam train and riverboat rides) via shopify. We'd like to create a paper coupon for customers who purchase online tickets - so that customers who purchase tickets online can print out a coupon for a freebie item (in our case, an appetizer) redeemable during the ride.

Yesterday by Jude Russell
First time building a brand. My year in review. Would love some thoughts...

I’m Michael Anthony. I am a professional photographer who started a clothing brand called CLICKGEARCLOTHINGltdhttp://www.clickgearclothing.com/I started this with zero idea of what the hell I am doing and zero expectations. Approaching a year later I think I am on to something but, still have no idea what the hell I am doing as a clothing brand owner and need some guidance. I have been in...

Yesterday by Hyde
I am getting this js conflict on one of my Shopify sites:

I am getting this js conflict on one of my Shopify sites TypeError: $(...) is null $('#addToCart').removeClass('disabled').prop('disabled', false); Is this something you are familar with?

Yesterday by Amar
How to find and understand reddit.com referrals?

Help fellow shopify pros. My store has been getting traffic from Reddit! Like a lot. How can I find out which URL / post is generating the traffic? at-lotus.myshopify.com The URL referral report just says reddit.com like it would read pinterest.com Is there a way to figure out where the traffic is coming from, share and interact with the post?

Yesterday by Anne M
Product registration questions

Hi all, I'm working on a web/app project that allows sellers to manage online product registrations. I am hoping to ask some simplequestions in order to help with the project build. If anyone on this forum would be kind enough to participate then please reply with your name and email and I will send the questions with a brief introduction to the project. Sadly I can't offer ...

Yesterday by Anne M
Custom cart/order field - how to allow customers track order status usin...

I have in-store (brick-and-mortar) order#s that customers get when they place them. I would like to be able to: 1. Store such order reference # at the cart/order level (we enter such orders into the site ourselves) 2. Would like to allow customers to track their orders using their email address and the new custom field. Any way to do that?

Yesterday by Anne M
Facebook store prices different to actual store prices?

Hey all. Just a quick problem, we've been running with a facebook store tab through shopify, however it appears that the prices are completly different to those which are published on our website. Does anybody know what can be causing this? Thanks.

Yesterday by Anne M
Sales Leads Plus Multi vendor Store.

I want to builtan open market where sales leads can be bought and sold in real time. Like the way amazon work. I tried lots of solutions, Like made multi vendor using woocommerce, donken andDC marketplace plus tried megento too. The things I am stuck is the image that every tool above requerie. Now what I believe is what should be a image for all leads. If I will use default image. All looks sa...

Yesterday by Anne M
Cyber attacks from Sweden - anyone else?

Hi I am getting what appear to be small denial of service cyber attacks ostensibly from sweden. Anyone else? Are they likely to be anything else? I am getting some thousands of extra visitors per day from Sweden (which I don't market or really sell to) - with no sales and they don't appear in my Google Analytics. Which means they are not hitting pages with google tracking code ...

Yesterday by Anne M
[Option Pricing Strategy] Plain price vs increment ( Blue[$15] or Blue [...

Hi all, I've made some research the past few days on this question, but if the pricing strategies are quite developed by many experts, they barely talk about options that modify the product price. So the question is : What is better, use the plain price in the option dropdown/radio button, or just increment the difference ? Plain price : Better UX I believe, as it makes the price ...

Yesterday by Jordy
New Warehouse, need to know best Inventory Management software to use in...

We currently are set up for Amazon FBA, but will be opening our own warehouse to handle certain products, so we will have multi channel fulsillment, I would like to know what software to buy to use in our new warehouse that will easily sync with shopify as a secondary fulfillment option. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,

Jan 15 2016 by Jorge Albornoz
Think I dodged a scammer today.. How common is this?

So, I woke up this morning to an email which had been submitted via my "Contact Us" page on the website. This email claimed to be from a swedish store who wanted to purchase some items from my store to re-sell. A few quiet alarm bells went off in my head (and, I was tired.. so didn't want to deal with it just yet) so I left it alone for a bit. The things that made me go &quo...

Yesterday by Andrew C
How to create a track Your Order page

Any way to create a Track Your Order page for customers who do not want to register? (i.e. require order# and some other form of authentication like zip code or email address to pull an order status up?)

Yesterday by Jamie