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Shopify Coupon / Discount codes

I amevaluating Shopify to migrate from WooCommerce and looking for specific solution with regards to coupons on Shopify. Any experts out there, please do contact if this can be achieved wtih custom work. - create a coupon that offers $ off + free shipping or free gift + free shipping - use more than one coupon for an order It's imperative we get above features built in Shopify to c...

Yesterday by Kevin King
Off the wall question

The company I work for wants to create an ecommerce site for internal ordering. This would be different from your run-of-the-mill site, as there would be no payments as such, just purchase order numbers. It this something that is possible with Shopify?

Yesterday by Kevin King
Getting loads of traffic but no sales? could anyone have a look at my w...

Hi There,Our website has been live for about a month and we are generating loads of traffic started to get up to 100 visitors a day but as yet no sales, people are getting to checkout but then not purchasing, I'm wondering if my website isn't appealing? there is something wrong? would anyone be able to review it let me know you thoughts? or any tips on how to turn traffic into sales? An...

Mar 5 2015 by CheshtaBose
Traffic but NO Sales

We have a Bricks & Mortar retail Children's Clothing Boutique that does well. We recently ventured into the eCommerce world with out much success. We are have done substantialbacklinking with relevant sites and are setting up additional social media accounts. Facebook has been good to us as we have over 3K followers and growing. The website currently gets around 200 visits per day but w...

Jun 11 2015 by Sterling Jones
Discount codes - let customers enter code before checkout?

Hi,I am wanting to know how to let customers enter discount codes before payment page. My payment gateway is PayPal.Is there some sort of code to add?-Thanks :)

Jul 9 2015 by Alex Krolick
Buy one get one free?

So right now Im doing Buy one get one free. And im having people send me a note as to which product they want free. Its becoming a hassle. Does anyone know of a better way? I guess UpSell or whatever that app is can do it.. but my shop is new and with the monthly charge for shopify itsself and my overhead im not looking for an additional monthly expense. Help?

Jul 21 2015 by Dave Foreman
Manufacture: overseas or domestic

I'm planning my start up, and i'm now deciding where to manufacture, overseas or domestic. I wanted to get imput from you guys already doing this. What i'm really wondering is from your experience, how much do customers really care about products being made domesticly? Will it really add to my value proposition if i do this? Will "Made in Canada" sell better than &qu...

Jul 31 2015 by Jon Fontane
Product Variants at Category Level

Hi Guys. I'm wondering if this can be done. I have a clothing shop that sells sweaters. Each sweater has about five colours. I have fantastic imagery of each colour and would like to be able to showcase each colour variant at category level as opposed to customer having to go into each product and then seeing the colour options. Any help much appericated. Peter

Jul 31 2015 by standoutd
Mobile phone notifications with POS

Hi, We have been using the iPhone Shopify app with the notifications turned on to signal when we made a web sale. Now we have installed POS, we get notified whenever a sale goes through in our store, which is massively annoying. We only want to be notified when we have a web sale.There seems to be no option on the iPhone app to choose Web Only. I have tried to add a new notification in th...

Feb 3 2015 by rossjacika
Shopify Colombia

Hi, My store is based in Los Angeles, but I have some stock in Colombia (Latinamerica) so I'd like to know if shopify works over there. Anybody knows?

Jul 28 2015 by RskWan
Products Per Row Showing Differently - Minimal Theme

I don't know how to delete this discussion. I figured out a way to work around my issue.

Jul 30 2015 by cendere cndere
Banner VIDEO instead of banner IMAGE?

Instead of the banner IMAGEin the top of my shop, can I add a banner VIDEO? I want to add a welcome video in the top of my shop. Hopefully a video that will play right there. Alternatively I could put in an image of the video, with a PLAY botton on it, and when people click it, they will be taken to a page where the video is located and set to autoplay. But I prefer the first option. ...

Jul 30 2015 by David Facer
Paypal express checkout page- Show card details

Hi, I am currently using Paypal Express checkout, I'm wondering how to show that we accept credit cards as well? I'd like the option to put card details in to show on the checkout page, At the moment it only shows the paypal logo. People who don't have a Paypal account have been abandoning checkout not realizing we accept credit/debit cards. Any help would be apprecia...

Jul 30 2015 by Dane
I need help making my logo bigger for my brooklyn Theme

I know that shopify aoutomatically scales down the logo so that it may not be pixaleted but I want my logo to be bigger. Can any one help?

Jul 29 2015 by Amadeo Garcia
Platform to bulk edit products across multiple stores

Hello, I have several Shopify stores (10+) that all sell the same prodcuts. All of our inventory is drop shopped, nothing is store in house. I was wondering if there was a platform out there that would allow me to upload one master data feed, but would update products throughout all store fronts? As you can imagine, it is very time consuming going into every shopify store instance and upload...

Jul 29 2015 by Chelsea Greco
Sync real time Product stock from your Dropshipping supplier to your site.

Hi Guys, I am doing investigation into starting an online eCommerce site and want to use bigger suppliers who are willing to dropship my orders. Is there a way to keep my stock up to date as close to real time as possible with my suppliers stock? I dont want a situation where a customer orders from my site only to find out later that my supplier actually ran out of stock for that specific pr...

Jul 29 2015 by Kevin King
Newsletter/Mailchimp Integration 404 Error

When I test the 'subscribe' feature in the footer of the site www.BestChoiceParent.com, I'm getting a 404. It's utilzing the mailchimp app, and all links have been added on the backend where needed to direct to the list specifically for newsletters. I followed these instructions. https://docs.shopify.com/manual/configuration/store-customization/communicating-with-customers/accou...

Jul 29 2015 by Kevin King
Can SHOPIFY use outfit pics for user to select and go to order page to ...

I'm setting up a new e commerce site and client has individual pics of items and also pics of outfits. Say shirt shoes shorts in one pic. They want these 3 items pics to be under the individual order page in an area "you might also like" If user presses on pic it takes you to collections for those 3 items and the are broke out so client can order 1 or all Can SHOPIFY do this

Jul 29 2015 by Kevin King
Survey for Business Email Platform for Shopify Users

Hi guys, I'm currently conducting a survey and would like your input, What platform do you use to read your business email? 1.) Gmail for business 2.) Email from your web hosting company Thanks for the reply guys

Jul 29 2015 by Bayview Prep, LLC.
Which is the best Multi Vendor Ecommerce solution similar to ebay and Etsy?

I need Multi Vendor eCommerce store like eby and etsy but don't have that much budget. Please share your views where I can find cost effective ecommerce solution for my Online store

Jun 3 2015 by Abhiraj