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High risk of fraud detected -- Expereinces

I've had great sales since opening however I have encountered my first "high-risk of fraud" assessment from Shopify's dashboard. I have verified the purchase through phone call and went on to process the order. I was wondering if any of you guys have had a high-risk of fraud assessment and went on with the order. Have you had any problems?

Today by Danielle Waters
Selling on Facebook on mobile devices

I set up the shopify store on our business Facebook page but users on mobile devices don't see it. HELP! 90% of my customers shop via their cell phones and iPads.

Today by Bridgette Mitchell
Website feedback requested

Hello fellow shopify business owners! I'm having some trouble with sales in my site ( I have none yet)and I wanted to enlist the help of the community since many of you have overcome simular issues. Any assistance you can provide, or pointers you can lend mewill be helpful! Thanks in advance!

Today by verrrb
Need image upload / crop fuctionality for users

My shopify business will ideally allow users to upload images, crop them, resize them, and apply filters.We will then print/ship them fromour facility. It must be cross platform. Is there an app or plugin that can do this at the beginning of the checkout process so that a finalized art file is saved somewhere for us to retrieve? I spoke with a dev from elance and he claimed that this is impo...

Today by Danielle Waters
A Peek at the Raw Numbers of an Ecommerce Business

Click here to listen to this entrepreneur's story In this episode you’ll hear from Thad Peterson, owner ofYouCantFakeSweat.com, a crossfit enthusiast that came up with a brand while working out. Thad reveals all the raw and sensitive numbers you want to learn about in this episode, don’t miss out! In this episode you’ll learn: A behind the scenes look at th...

Today by felixthea
Business name font

So I want to change the font size and typeof my business name andI've tried using the article that pops up on google, but when i use the control alt i command, the tool doesn't come up. I've also tried searching the liquid do make the change but haven't been able to find it. If someone could point in the direction of a forum comment that addresses this or send me some instructio...

Today by Ciggies
if variant standard size then input hidden

I have added the following to my product.liquid: <p><label for="monogram">Custom Engraving (100 character limit):</label></p> <p><input type="text" id="monogram" name="properties[Custom Engraving]" maxlength="100" /></p> For each item, I have two sizes: standard and large I only want the '...

Yesterday by Matt Seabrook
Having problems with SKU being inaccurate in results

Hi Shopify Community! I was wondering if someone could help me with something? I am having an issues with our reports giving inaccurate results because we used didn't titles for different products? Basically we didn't label our products correctly using SKUs. Does anyone know how we can go back into past placed orders to correct the SKUs? Thanks David

Yesterday by Matt Seabrook
Show message when a certain currency is selected

Hi, I have implemented the 'show multiple currencies' customization in my Shopify store and I would like to know if there is a way to display the following message only when the currency has been changed from the default shop currency. <p> {{ shop.name }} process all orders in {{ shop.currency }}. While the content of your cart is currently displayed in <span class=&q...

Yesterday by Matt Seabrook
Will ShopPad be closing their Shopify app?

Hi there, Does anyone know if the guys at shoppad are going to close their app on shopify (https://apps.shopify.com/shoppad)? I intended to install and use it it but just found out that they are now focusing on a new product, an instore shopping app (http://bgr.com/2014/12/15/apple-pay-partners-notifications-chameleon/), that has nothing to do with shopify.... I truly hope they'll at ...

Yesterday by Aaron
Digital downloads and CDs

We sell music and nature recordings, and would like to give the customers a choice of purchasing an mp3 download, or a CD. Is this possible? Using the Shopify APP, I Set up digital downloads, but can't figure out how to set up the choice for the customers. I went through the shopping test, and received a download link, as well as a CD order confirmation. Thanks for your help. :) M...

Dec 20 2014 by Maureen Hubert
Will Shopify work for my wife's business

My wife has an embroidery/custom sewing business that is a few years old. We paid someone to build a website but the fees and maintenance were too much. And we really didn't see much benefit from it. Right now my wife has two retail locations (consignment stores) that she displays merchandise in. The retail locations collect all the money and give her a check at the end of the month minus r...

Dec 20 2014 by David
NO traffic. Zero. Zilch

Prior to signing up with Shopify, I did my research. Their Alexa rating is excellent, which is why I thought I would not have to drive traffic on my own. I no longer understand what I am doing or just what it is I am paying for. I feel as though my shop has entered a cyber black hole. I'm not talking about lack of sales, but actual traffic. No one can purchase if they don't visit my sho...

Dec 20 2014 by Raye Stiles
New sales Idea ?

Love this forum, thank you for all the free advice and opinions. Been developing ideas for a sales type business. I know I want to go with a kiosk or retail cart as a display platform. I have seen a few cool carts and kiosks at(cart-king.com, Cart-King, http://cart-king.com etc)coolpeople to talk to. But I want to know if anyone had any thoughts on wheather to go with a coffee cart type setup o...

Dec 19 2014 by david214p
services and products

I would like a way toget a store that provides both services and productsAny steps on how to do this

Dec 18 2014 by Effie
E-commerce Media Buzz // Filtr8 Magazine

Hi there, I hope this Filtr8 Magazine will be useful for e-commerce enthusiasts here. I personally learned a lot about the current state of affairs from this digest. You can easilycreate your own curated magazines on any subject using Filtr8 app we've recently launched - and embed this magazineinto your store to engage, retain and educate your visitors.You can learn all about it here....

Dec 5 2014 by Michael Ozeryansky
Need apps for ecommerce website?

MailChimp Custom Popup Subscription application is an amazing email subscriber apps which allows the site Admin to create Custom Popup, place YouTube/Vimeo embed videos, image or any sort of HTML/custom content in the subscription popup and the Visitors can Subscribe their email to the MailChimp subscription list. It is flexible, best and simple way to subscribe email for newsletter. Admin can ...

Dec 19 2014 by jesicalussy
Glitch when adding to cart on "Single Delivery" option, Blockshop theme ...

Hi there, I have a subscription based company that also gives the option of a "Single Delivery". I use Recurhub for the subscription option. Whats happening, and I'm told it's because Ihavethe Recurhub App, is when you're on the "Single Delivery" (http://whitetsupply.com/products/single-delivery )page and "Add to Cart" it will bypass the little &q...

Dec 18 2014 by Hans Vlasveld
Appearing on Google

Does anyone know how long it takes after launching a site when Google ranks you and you appear on searches? I've read between 3-6 months. Is this true? Does anyone have any experience, insight based on prior experience regarding this?

Dec 18 2014 by We Lead Apps

G,day, I want to open an online retail store "Australia" (200+ items) i need it as automated as possible, be able to manage inventory, create purchase orders & have automated invoices so when i click print "invoices" i can use them to pick, pack & ship with. Is this possible with shopify? If so, which package should i sign up for? Any usefull advice would...

Dec 18 2014 by vapematrix