kad Shopify Partner
July 12, 2012

Image adjustments This post is outdated


I'm having problems with updating / adjusting theme images. Here is my shop url / code:

Site - http://violent-green.myshopify.com/

PW - icleum

For instance, yesterday I updated the small arrows on the left hand side menu. Instead of pointing down, the arrows were adjusted to point towards the right hard side. When I view the image in assets, it still displays as pointing right but when I view it in the theme, it stays pointing down. It was fine yesterday but it seems to have gone back when I viewed it today. This has happened to a view images in the theme. 

Any suggestions?

Also you'll notice the left hand side menu has a drop down that opens to the right. I can't seem to raise the drop down so it's level with the collection title, instead it comes out lower than the link. I've looked at the .css but it doesn't seem to have any margin I can adjust so it drops level with the link instead of lower. Is there something I'm missing?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



kad Shopify Partner
July 12, 2012

Okay so the image problem has fixed itself. Not sure how but I've logged back in and the images are fine now. 

Still having the drop down issue though..

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