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Tool to add new Dashboard features (metafields, bulk edits, time saving ...

Since I've been drinking way too much caffeine, I've put some extra awake time into collating all my little JavaScript dashboard hacks into a unified resource. I'm calling it ShopifyFD. Rubbish name, but we are stuck with it now!You can help keep me full of caffeine by dropping a few dollars in the tip jar. I've got a form setup ready to take your feature requests.&nbs...

Today by Hye Jung Kim
Adding Custom Fields to the Shopify Dashboard

What is this madness?In short, a tool to add Custom Fields to the admin dashboard. Since my other Dashboard tools are proving to be to super handy I figured Store Owners could do with a smaller version for adding metafields. Developers (and the brave) should stick with ShopifyFD. Important starting note:THIS TOOL IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME. USE...

Oct 24 2014 by Kevin Roth
Useful and important links for creating your first Shopify theme

Let's move right along.Tools!:Shopify FD Dash Tool: I can't sing enough praises for this bookmarklet and extension. It is the swiss army knife for reaching metafields for everything within the admin. It's amazing. Rock on Jason. Please feel free to add something to his kitty for all the work and effort that went into this tool for everyone to benefit from.Chrome extension here:...

Oct 13 2014 by Cam
Shopify + rich snippets (Structured Data)

Last year, early in December we added the code to our Shopify web-store template to make use of structured data and essentially "rich snippets". Originally we wanted only the rating to be seen in search results (http://schema.org/AggregateRating) but after some research we decided to add product offer (http://schema.org/Offer) data as well.So the code was added and Google Structured D...

Sep 18 2014 by David Deering
You can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!

Hey guys, good news! Thanks to the genius mind of Chris Saunders, you can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!  To use SCSS, simply upload a ".scss.liquid" file to your Assets: http://take.ms/1shoj, and load it up in your theme.liquid file like this:   {{ 'style.scss.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} I have attached a quick and dirty demo theme that uses SCSS fo...

Sep 3 2014 by rickydazla
Product description length missalignes products

Hello, We are very new to this and are using the Masonry template. When the product description is longer than one line, the second line under the product shifts the subsequent product images down. This propogates through the product page and eventually the images are very much out of alignment at the bottom of the page. We have searched the forms and have seen the information about t...

Today by Saul Lopez Jr
Product form not working in alternative Product Template

I've tried making an alternative Product Liquid to use on some small pages.I copy and pasted the code from the original product liquid, and hit save (will make my adjustments once I know if works). However, when I try to use this Template for any products, the variant selection does not work, neither does the mouse-over image zoom.Here's one product with the original Product Template:&n...

Today by Alex
"Checkout Language" editing in new Responsive Checkout?

Does anyone know how to edit the checkout language with the new checkout? I want to change some of the verbiage, not make a new translation. But before, we could put things in our own words. For example, we say "promo code" not "discount code" and I'd prefer the bottom total to read "Your Order Total" instead of "Payment Due."Thanks! 

Today by Patti
[Resolved] Shipping Calculator

Hi, I've been trying to figure out for a while why my shipping calculator isn't working. Finally, I came across this at the very end of the shipping calculator wiki: "They are known incompatibilities between this solution and the following themes: Couture, Expo. Those incompatibilities have been fixed in said themes if you grab a fresh copy from the theme store." http://wiki.shopif...

Today by Fareed Judhani
Product Thumbnails- launchpad-star theme

Hey all!When I add a product using the "launchpad-star" theme, the images I upload get sized on the page to a nice thumbnail size 302 x 302, which looks great! But it's a little large for me. Is there any way I can customize the size those thumbnails get set to?I have searched the forums and internet, but none of the tips I see seem to map well to this the...

Today by Joel Niemeyer
Adding product "add ons" on product pages

Hello!I am trying to add a section on my product pages that offers customers the ability to add "extras" to their product when they add it to their cart.So if I were selling Product A, I'd like there to be check box's above the "add to cart" button that let customers add additional items.Actually, this thread: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-design/t/adding...

Today by Kyle Morley
Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/beetailer_social_widget.liquid

HiThis message has appeared on my storefront and has sent part of that page off centre. How can I resolve this. I am new to Shopify and have no technical experience. any suggestions that would help?

Today by Alex
Extract string from within another string

Hey folks,Scoured the forums, docs and cheatsheet but no luck - could be that I am searching for the wrong thing or that it simply cannot be done... anyhow, worth a try.I am trying to obtain an unknown string from within another string using Liquid. The use case is trying to extract a URL from an anchor, e.g:<p><a href="http://google.com">Google</a></p>And...

Today by iamkeir
Making radio buttons field "required" on product page

Hi there, My theme is New Standard.I have followed this tutorial to add fields to the product page. My intention is to collect extra info about how we should proceed about shipping a specific product. I have added the radio buttons to the product page, above the "add to cart" button. This was a breeze. Here is the code I used in the product.liquid file:<p class="field&quo...

Today by n.landriault.18
Logo in 300 ppi but also small?

Hi Guys :)Im new here and working on a little shop with the Mobilia Theme. Now I uploaded a logo from Illustrator with the size of 120 x 120 pixels. If I export it this way and upload it to the site, it has the right size, but is very "pixelish". If I put the AI settings to 300 ppi, the logo is sharp, but therefore double the size.Do you know how I can get the logo to stay at 120 x 12...

Today by Martin Schöne
intsagram.js - Shopify keeps changing the code

Hi there,http://the-bead-gallery.myshopify.com/Below the 'Follow us on instagram' should be the instagram feed.Im guessing I have done something totally wrong.It keeps being changed to:<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[var feed = new Instafeed({        get: 'user',        userID: 'the_bead_gallery',&nbsp...

Today by Massaad
Mobile Product Page Help

www.DopeSkopes.comI am currently using minimal as my theme. I like the theme for computers and most of it for mobile. I would like use the product page from theme look book only for my mobile.Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?

Today by Vincent Carbone
Hi, how to program issue related products on Product Page? Problem with ...

Can you pls help us why sorting of products by Collections and Tags works on the Front Page, but it does NOT work  on the Footer of the Product PageThanx ;)

Today by Nikolay Grin
Looping through product variants and output available colours.

Hi Everyone, I've been attempting to solve what in my mind should be easily achievable. That being said, I haven't been able to resolve this issue.  What I'd like to do is loop through the available variants for a product and output all the options for the colour variant. The colour variants length is unknown and could change in size depending on the product, so using limi...

Today by liorbardes
Font Size Expression Theme by Clean Themes (Ocean template)

Hello,Does anyone know if you can adjust the font size on the above mentioned theme?  I like the style so I would like to keep the style but the font is too small even on full screen viewing I think.  Perhaps having an option for headers to be in all caps I think would also be a good feature.Also, if any of Clean Theme developers read this perhaps where you list all of the different f...

Today by Heather Jacoby