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Useful and important links for creating your first Shopify theme g6

Let's move right along. Tools!: Shopify FD Dash Tool: I can't sing enough praises for this bookmarklet and extension. It is the swiss army knife for reaching metafields for everything withinthe admin. It's amazing. Rock on Jason. Please feel free to add something to his kitty for all the work and effort that went into this tool for everyone to benefit from. Chrome extension...

Aug 29 2015 by Doug Murphy
Adding Custom Fields to the Shopify Dashboard g10

What is this madness? In short, a tool to add Custom Fields to the admin dashboard.Since my other Dashboard toolsare proving to beto super handy I figured Store Owners could do with a smaller version for adding metafields. Developers (and the brave) should stick with ShopifyFD. Important starting note: THIS TOOL IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME.USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...

Apr 26 2016 by John Carbone
Shopify + rich snippets (Structured Data)

Last year, early in December we added the code to our Shopify web-store template to make use of structured data and essentially "rich snippets". Originally we wanted only the rating to be seen in search results (http://schema.org/AggregateRating) but after some research we decided to add product offer (http://schema.org/Offer) data as well.So the code was added and Google Structured D...

Today by Lena Deen
Tool to add new Dashboard features (metafields, bulk edits, time saving ...

Since I've been drinking way too much caffeine, I've put some extra awake time into collating all my little JavaScript dashboard hacks into a unified resource. I'm calling it ShopifyFD. Rubbish name, but we are stuck with it now! You can help keep me full of caffeine by dropping a few dollars in the tip jar. I'vegot a form setup ready to take your feature requests.The ...

May 2 2016 by Sahil Patel
You can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor!

Hey guys, good news! Thanks to the genius mind of Chris Saunders, you can now use SCSS in Shopify's Template Editor! To use SCSS, simply upload a ".scss.liquid" file to your Assets:http://take.ms/1shoj, and load it up in your theme.liquid file like this: {{ 'style.scss.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} I have attached a quick and dirty demo theme that uses SCSS for those who want t...

Mar 6 2016 by duc nguyen
Halfling -> Better email nofitications for Shopify

From our good friend Lance Sells: http://www.halfling.co/ Fork the repo here:https://github.com/lancesells/Halfling In two flavors.... Hobbiton: AndDul Guldur:

Feb 15 2016 by Marion Alyson Prokop
How to replace £0 prices with Call For Price text in Minimal theme

Hi, I know this is asked alot but the updated Minimal theme CSS means none of the previous answers are valid. I'm looking to replace any item in my store that has a £0 price and replace it with the copy "Call For Price". I know that i need to be looking in theproduct-grid-item.liquid snippet i'm just unsure what to replace / add specifically. I'd ideally als...

Today by Octane
Collections Page- White swatch needs border

Hi all! I have been attempting to make my round, whiteswatch icons on my collectionpage havethin, black borderswithout affecting my main product page swatch (which is a rectangle design). I have attempted to create my own white.png asset with a boder, but the alignment is incorrect on the round icon. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Today by Kyle K
How to change variant text on the product page when it has different stock

Hello guys, I am trying to find a way to display a message when a product variantis on stock and another message when it is on backorder. I guessthat I'll have to touch theselectCallback or the optionSelector but I couldn't figure it out. Does anyone know how to work this out? Exemple on this product :https://anatomicshoes.myshopify.com/collections/catalogue/products/anatomi...

Today by Bryan Cez
Stop price form showing on $0 items

Ive found out from searching how to not display the price in the product, but it still shows in the collection view Using SUPPLY theme. Anyone got any help? Thanks

Today by Octane
Cant get currency to display

HI Using Supply theme and cant get the currency to display Any one able to help?

Today by Octane
When you add an item to cart, how do you update the number counter?

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to update the number on the Cart counter. Right now we have it refreshing the page when you click add to cart so that the number appears but when you look in the cart and increase or decrease the amount in the cart, the number counter doesn't change because we can't figure out how to make it refresh the page. Thanks for any help!

Today by Kyle K
Retrieve sub-domain / URL in Liquid

Hi, We are using a translation app, and we're setting two sub-domains (en.myshop.com and fr.myshop.com). I'd like to slightly modify the output based on the domain (removing one block), and I'd like to know if it's possible to retrieve the subdomain or at least the full URL. I thought that {{shop.domain}} would return that if the shop is configured to not redirect to a sin...

Today by Kyle K
How to span footer the entire width in Envy?

Hey guys, As per the topic title, just need to span the footer the entire width of the browser. The theme came with the header like that and I can't work out how to mimic it for the footer. width: 100% doesn't do the trick as it looks like it's all inside one fixed width container. Any help would be muchly appreciated! Website is: www.godspeed-store.com pw:Wand3rlust!

Today by Lloyd Stubber
How to customize sidebar icons in the config settings schema?

This is driving me mad. If I want to set an icon in the settings sidebar for theme customizations, how/where is this done? Here is a screenshot showing which icons I'm talking about...

Today by Eli
Render blocking Javascript causing slow page speed?

No matter what theme I get I keep getting this: Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content Your page has 4 blocking script resources and 3 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page. None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load. Try to defer or asynchronously...

Today by Kevin Lamb
Mailchimp group integration

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me? I need to set up my mailchimp form so when someone subscribes they go straight into a particular groupin my list. where would i place the mailchimp form html? in my footer? regards g

Yesterday by garfield hodgson
Pop-up Problems - changes product images to open in new window

I'm using the minimal theme and have created a popup with mailchimp. I found directions that state to create a new snippet and past in the code. When I paste in the code, the popup works, however it changes my product images when looking at each individual product. I have it set to not open a new window and to use the zoom feature on product images, but when I add in the popup sign up form,...

Yesterday by Philip K
Making a banner image clickable

My website ishttp://www.basicallycool.com/ and I will post an image below to show the exact spot but three of my banner images are not clickable. When I right clicked them and inspected the element I was able to add in a line of code that allowed it to be clickable but it wasn't permanent. I looked in the HTML of the theme but I can't find the line of code that registers with ...

Yesterday by Wesley D
Hover over image for slideshow of product images

when looking at a picture of a product,such as the images on the home page featured products (not the actual product page), i need to be able to hover over the image of the product and see a slideshow of all the images of that product. I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me to figure this out? Thanks in advance!

Yesterday by Philip K